Tuesday, 22 June 2010

A Nuclear 9/11 - Will the Kikesters Go That Far?

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Whenever the Masonic-Illuminati-controlled criminals currently running the illegal State of Israel Corporation franchise get the nudge that it’s time to advance the Protocols of Zion agenda a couple of notches to achieve domination of not only the Middle East but the entire region of Central Asia (er - they already control the EUSSR and the United States of AIPAC) – they reach into their big bag of dirty tricks and something nasty goes BANG! with a large capital B – and the CCTV cameras capture some convenient conjured footage of Mohammed bin Patsy up to his usual tricks again.

Seriously, for a supposed super-smart intelligence organisation, Mossad’s false flag op’s are getting pretty hackneyed. Some fantasy land Jolly Jihad terrorist group with no planning ability, no logistics and no influence or history of being able to move men or materials, show up on doctored CCTV tapes - getting pissed in a lap dancing bar, buying return tickets for their suicide trip – and leaving Korans and “Suicide Vests for Dummies” manuals lying around in hire cars.
New York, Bali, Jakarta, Madrid, London, Mumbai, Detroit or Dubai – plus countless times inside Iraq and Afghanistan.

The false flag signature is always the same, with these ‘terrorist’ attacks occurring on some propitious occult date – 9/11, 12/10, 3/11, 7/7, 26/11 – and all timed perfectly to advance the Rothshite’s Satanic New World Order agenda.

So, with the word on the street from those in the know, these foul and foreign Islamic terrorist who hate our Democratic freedoms so much they could spit, now have access to one or mores dirty nukes and are planning to detonate it / them in some European and / or hapless North American city. Thus, with ‘three’ stolen nuclear weapons in play, 50 kiloton devices machined at Dimona and Yodefat, and assembled in 1975 at Pelindaba in South Africa by Israeli technicians mentoring their ultra-apartheid Boer counterparts, we have cause again to pause and ponder “Would Israel actually go this far?”

Well, according to the dark and sinister precepts of Game Theory we have to raise that inevitable question - would the kikesters be prepared to – even dare to - go that far? And the answer is - Absolutely. Definitely. Of course they would – without one moment’s hesitation or reflection on consequences – or moral dilemmas concerning the mass slaughter of their goyim victims. They didn’t exhibit any reticence or compunctions over exploding a false flag micro-nuke in the monsoon drain outside the Kuta Beach-based Sari Club in Bali in 2002 to galvanise the Aussies into joining their Coalition of the Coerced in Operation Never-Ending Warfare against the Islamic states of Afghanistan and Iraq. Nor will they over detonating a strategic 50 kiloton nuclear device in a major Western city.

It’s all part of their sick psychotic paranoid nihilistic mindset. To them it’s just ‘business as usual’ – yet another false flag op’ to blame on the hapless Muslim Jihadists patsies and thus advance their insidious agenda. No matter if it’s C4 going Ka-Boom! under passenger trains in Madrid or London’s Tube system – or a micro-nuke in a Balinese storm drain – or under a Jakarta hotel lobby, or super-thermate slicing the I-beams of the WTC Towers 1 and 2 – or a chain of micro-nukes exploding in a 'vertical down / series parallel' detonation pattern along the tower’s central steel cores – or a directed energy scalar beam weapon turning the concrete into a fountain of talcum powder via molecular dissociation.

This ultra-nationalist brazen hubris that manifests itself as ‘Kikesterism’ has evolved around a Hobbesian ‘State of Nature’ philosophy since 1948 and seen them become ignorant of, and unhampered by, any and all of the legal, moral and ethical restrictions that govern civilised societies.

The three stolen nukes from Pelindaba are part of the original ten weapons, Uranium-235 based, machined in Dimona and Yodefat, then assembled by shylock technicians in South Africa. The first one was tested on 22nd September 1979 in the Indian Ocean and the blast picked up by an array of seismic sensors and satellites.

Israel’s AIPAC lobby in the US suppressed any official negative reaction and kept the story out of the yidster-owned press and media. However the story of these illicit nuclear weapons is now a well established fact within international intelligence network circles and, as usual, all roads lead back to Yodefat and Mossad.

Hence with this entire controversy being the subject matter of a recent speech by President Barky ‘Teleprompter’ O’Barmy concerning South Africa’s rejection of a nuclear capability, then denial is a waste of time. But what the Kenyan cuckoo wasn’t made aware of when he thanked SA for destroying these weapons is that three of them went AWOL – following their top secret shipment from Pelindaba to Oman – after being paid for and compensated by the British Thatcher Conservative government of the day, and accompanied to Muscat by guess who?
Why, none other than Dr David Kelly – he of the Weapons of Mass Distraction dodgy dossier fame whom unfortunately succumbed to a fatal attack of assisted suicide in the Grassy Knoll Woods near his Oxfordshire home in 2003 – right after the criminally illegal invasion of Iraq kicked off big time.

Alas, perhaps the only honest man to be mentioned in this farrago of disingenuous deceits and blatant lies - Dr. David Kelly - the man who knew too much!

Kelly was the technician who authenticated and certified the provenance and destructive capacity of these three battlefield-ready nuclear devices and oversaw their purchase. Further it was his purview and responsibility to babysit and ensure their safe sea voyage in three separate containers from Durban to Oman. Receive them, prove their fissionable capability, check their status upon arrival and sign them off as having arrived in Oman in an ‘intact’ condition and therein placed in ‘private storage’.

Nuclear weapons – in ‘private storage’ – and the rogue state of Israel involved? Little wonder Dr Kelly had an axe to grind with Tony Bliar & Co concerning WMD – and little wonder he ended up ‘Grassy Knolled’.

Thus while six weapons were shipped to the US and ‘purportedly’ dismantled, three were in British hands but were reported to have been hijacked and stolen from the ‘private storage’ facility in Oman by Saddam Hussein’s Mukhabarat and later passed on to the Assad’s in Syria - hence the concocted reason for the invasion of Iraq. A kikester lie that finally killed off Israel’s main rival for military hegemony in the Mid-East region – and the same lie responsible for the deaths of 5,000 American troops. But like all lies, if told often enough, will eventually replace the Truth – that the nukes had ended up in Israel all along, for the past 18 years.

Hence, with the 9/11 Truth Movement breathing down the Barky O’Barmy administration’s – and too Tel Aviv’s - necks concerning Israeli involvement with the 9/11 terrorist attacks – (for wherever one turns on this issue there were kikesters by the score involved – from Larry Silverslime to Mossad’s hi-fivers ‘recording the event’ to Israeli ‘art students’ carrying out building modifications to WTC Towers 1 and 2 in the weeks prior to the Al Qaeda ‘attack’) – we are reaching a star-crossed situation wherein another major false flag operation is required to distract the world’s eyes away from the starving beleaguered population of Gaza and IDF pirate attacks on freedom flotillas, and Hamas members dead in Dubai hotels rooms, and counterfeit European passports used by Mossad’s assassins.

Yep, divert public focus and attentions away from their crimes against humanity – and onto the next terrorist travesty carried out by Muslim Jihadist patsies against the West to refresh the Christian public’s hatreds against – and to further demonise – Islam and its adherents.
“America’s a sitting duck – Hezbollah has nukes from Iran – We need to attack them first.” These are the scaremongering fairy stories, the daily fabrications, that the Israeli security forces feed America’s intelligence network and mainstream media via the likes of ultra-kikester Rita Katz of the Maryland-based private intelligence group cum Mossad propaganda front ‘SITE’ (Search for International Terrorist Entities).

Then we have a myriad of Israeli propaganda assets in the US, such as the shylock apologists O’Barmy, Biden and McCain and 15 yidster Senators – including Schumer, Kohl, Lieberman, backed by 34 yidster Congressmen - to the emaciated Michael Chertoff, chief of Homeland Insecurity, to the Shite House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, to the Khazar kike storytellers of Hollywood - the fiction of a rogue Al Qaeda dirty nuke has been firmly planted in the minds of every American – and too European - unable to think for themselves.

Now, with the Sentinels of Conscience of the world issuing International Arrest Warrants against the war criminals running Israel it is getting time to worry, for rabid dogs driven mad and cornered have a habit of biting any and all. Just wait for a series of big bangs and the inevitable mushroom clouds – coming soon to a city near you - courtesy of God's Chosen people.

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Tony said...

Superb post, and very close to the truth. The mainstream media have set the trap, and most of the idiots will simply buy the bullshit.

It's funny because here in the UK many people believe and trust the BBC implicitly, which in itself should be a major worry.