Monday, 21 June 2010

Israel Threatens New Gaza Aid Convoy

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As righteous international moral outrage and condemnation continues to be broadcast over the pariah state of Israel's deadly attack on a ‘Freedom Flotilla’ carrying humanitarian aid to the marginalised Palestinian population of the Gaza Strip, the mad dog kikesters once again threaten to halt any ship trying to break their illegal blockade.

In a letter to the United Nations Secretary General Ban Kike-Moonie, Israel's emaciated Ambassador to the UN, Gabriela ‘Kus Zonah’ Shalev – aka Lady Skeletor - called for a halt to fresh aid ships scheduled to set sail from Lebanon to break the siege of Gaza, warning that the rogue IDF military would use "all necessary means" to stop the convoy – letting slip their rabid commandos again – or torpedoing the offending humanitarian aid vessels.

Ms Jenny Cidal, a spokeswoman for the mutant-like Ambassador Shalev, told one reporter from the Bully Boys Gazette that "We are Jehovah’s Chosen People and the Holy Land belongs to us – not some bunch of filthy Palestinian refugees – and we intend to use all necessary means to prevent these ships from violating the existing naval blockade we imposed on Hamas and their Gaza Gangsters."

The warning comes as a group of female Lebanese activists – a stalwart mix of Christians and Muslims of conscience from the Jaysh al-Hisbah (Army of Suffering) – announced their plan to sail an aid ship loaded with medical supplies to Gaza, which has been under siege since the despotic Israeli tyrants started building their Great Apartheid Wall around the beleaguered enclave in 2007 converting it into one of the Nazi’s ‘Auschwitz’ style concentration camps and the biggest open prison on Earth.

According to the flotilla’s organizers, fifty Lebanese and foreign ‘peaceful’ activists would be aboard the first humanitarian aid ship – the MV Kus Ima Shelcha.
The new aid convoy was mobilised after the IDF’s 21st Ratsach Mamzer Commando Brigade stormed the Gaza Freedom Flotilla at the end of May, slaughtering or wounding every fucker old enough to bleed – and arbitrarily tossed dozens of injured activists over the side for shark fodder.

In a typical customary display of Jewish whingeing and posing as the perennial ‘victims’ of prejudice and oppression, Ambassador Skeletor claimed this latest humanitarian aid flotilla was linked to the Lebanese resistance movement of Hezbollah and attempting to smuggle weapons and explosives into the Gaza Strip disguised as medical supplies to restock Hamas’ diminished arsenals.

Conversely, Sheikh Fizzy Al Kaseltzer, the official Hezbollah spokesman in Beirut, denied their militant forces had any links to the mission as they did not wish to provide Israel with a valid excuse to attack the Gaza campaigners – as if the psychopaths in charge of the Knesset and the IDF ever need one when they go into homicide mode.

The warning from the ectomorphic UN Ambassador Skeletor comes directly after the Israeli Minister for Ethnic Cleansing Ehud ‘Zayin’ Barak threatened – with a customary display of Israeli unqualified arrogance - dire consequences against Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s March 14th Alliance coalition government – comprised of Shite’s, Sunni’s and Cher’s, Maronites and Marmites, Druzes and Droolers - if they allowed any blockade-breaking humanitarian aid convoys bound for Gaza to assemble and sail from Beirut.

Are you thinking of getting a small armada of humanitarian aid vessels together to breach the kikesters illegal blockade of the Gaza Strip? Don’t forget the body armour and increase your IATA travel insurance to include shipwrecks and bullet wounds.

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