Thursday, 24 June 2010

Canuck PM Harper: #1 Kikester Stooge

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Canadian Slime Minister Stephen Harper, who long ago pawned his moral franchise to dark and sinister forces, this week went into one of his customary Hitleresque style frenzied barking and spitting attacks as he castigated NDP House leader Libby Davies in a vehement diatribe after she questioned the outlaw state of Israel’s right to claim Palestine as ‘their’ country considering the 'outlaw refugee' manner they stole it via force of arms and mass bloodshed in 1948 from the rightful historic owners – the Palestinians.

Harper turned on Ms Davies, referring to her as an anti-Semite extremist and then compared her to the Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebells – finally going totally overboard with his fanatical fractured logic by labelling her a Holohoax denier and a self-hating LGBT dyke rug-muncher – and a Presbyterian.

Harper, a career sycophantic toady and apologist for the Zionist rogue state, has become infamous for his oddball zealous support for the criminal regime running the Knesset regardless of how many children the IDF blast to smithereens in Gaza – or the number of Turkish freedom flotillas they attack – or the bad press such actions generate even in the shylock-owned media. Hence his well deserved and derogatory ‘Israel First – Canada Second’ reputation.

Yet, the truth be known, the Canuck-based Bronfman crime family consortium, in collusion with Abe Foxman’s Anti-Defamation League, have long had Harper by the balls for his past blackmailable criminal offences of kiddie fiddling and other assorted ‘indiscretions’ involving dodgy single-sourced government contracts and outright bribes – plus a reputation for frequenting the company of celebrity sexual perverts and sodomites of various persuasions.

In his asinine verbal assault on Libby Davies, Harper showed his true colours as a lickspittle political whore and a hypocrite when he compared her to Helen Thomas, the long-time Shite House correspondent who was forced to resign recently over controversial remarks about Israel – thanks to Barky O’Barmy’s Kikester-in-Chief Rahm Emanuel – who, alike Harper, is totally brainwashed to promulgate the disingenuous Children of the Covenant myth and refusal to recognize Palestine's right to exist.

Harper’s sophistry led him to demand that her boss, NDP Leader Jack McScrunt, fire Ms. Davies, a Vancouver MP, who is also the party’s deputy leader, over the remarks she made that questioned Israel’s right to exist during an interview at an anti-Israel protest earlier this month.
Her comments, also published in the Intifada Gazette, quite factually state that the Israeli occupation of Palestine began in 1948 and only continues to this day due the kikester-controlled politicians of the West, such as Harper himself, being career Israeli apologists who have accepted ‘tainted coin’ and are forever besmeared with the blood of innocent Palestinian children.

Always a problem with the Truth. While, unlike lies, it never fears exposure to the light of day, its exacting presence is oft an embarrassment.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies and misaligned references.

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