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UK Libservative Policy = Hypocrisy Central

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In total conflict to the benign approach accorded to Israeli military officers and Knesset politicos with International Arrest Warrants for Nazi-style war crimes against humanity sat on a Borders Agency immigration desk under a pair of handcuffs waiting to be served if they dare set foot in Britain, the UK’s all-new Libservative government has authorised the arrest and detention of Kyrgyzstan political exile Maxim Bakiyev (a man whose appointment with Destiny has so far been long postponed – even at Blackpool FC) when he landed at Farnborough airport in his private executive jet on Sunday.

Unlike the rogue state of Israel’s kikester criminals who are protected by the all-pervasive corrupt influence of the Rothshite crime family consortium, Maxim Bakiyev, son of the deposed Kyrgyzstan premier, now stands alone – and accused of stirring up violent dissent in his homeland – plus charges of being an utter twat who got his sticky fingers into the national treasury's piggy bank.

Further, and to get Uncle Sam’s attentions focused on the problem, the ruling politicos are threatening to shut down the singular US base inside the country unless Bakiyev Junior, the ex-president's son, is extradited from the UK and back to Bishkek – the nation’s capital – for an interview with the KGB-taught secret police - and a spot of extraordinary rendition as he stands accused of organising and supporting the violence ravaging the country's southern regions between Kyrgyz and Uzbek ethnic factions.

Threats aside, resupply flights into the Manas airbase have not been stopped nor adversely affected in any way despite the violence in the south, with Washington distributing thousands of AK47 assault rifles and zillions of rounds of ammunition through the base since the unrest began.

So, let’s just get this straight. The Kyrgyz government of Premier Roza Oddcuntayeva is threatening to shut down the US base at Manas, its main transit hub for troops and equipment destined for Afghanistan, unless the ex-president's son Maxim Bakiyev is deported from the UK to Bishkek to undergo torture sessions to make him admit to something he may or may not be responsible for – then subject him to a show trial regardless and stand the hapless git in front of a firing squad.

Hmmm, er hang on a minute here – doesn’t this present a bit of a legal / asylum / sovereignty dilemma ?
Well, for William Vague, the new Foreign Secretary, perhaps not – but what’s a bit of hypocrisy between oiks, career criminals and political scumsters.

Willy Vague, a lifetime member of the Conservative Friends of Israel and founder of the Pro-Zionist Tory Toadies Club is currently on a mission to get the laws changed so that Israeli war criminals with International Arrest Warrants issued in their names – such as Tipzi Livid, Ehud Scumbagstein and even the Prime Minister Binbag Nuttyahoo (all involved and responsible for the ethnic cleansing cum genocidal dry run on the civilian population of Gaza during the 2008-2009 Xmas festive season ‘Operation Kill Every Fucker’) – will be able to visit the UK with impunity from the hands of justice.

Hmmm, a noticeable sore-thumb fact that Willy’s ‘personal’ attentions to the Israeli kikesters travel problems viz International Arrest Warrants haven’t been reflected in the direction of the disgraceful extradition order hanging over disabled computer hacker Gary McKinnon – wanted for trial in the good ole US of AIPAC for accessing the Pentagon’s and NASA’s top secret UFO X-Files looking for little green men and discovering their firewalls and security systems were as efficient as the Chinese cash register in a 7/11 Stop n Rob.

Further in the order of specific interest, apparently Foreign Secretary Vague isn’t currently a paid-up member of the Friends of Maxim Bakiyev Fan Club either, Hence where international arrest warrants and deportation requests from Bishkek are concerned, Bakiyev Junior might just be shit out of luck.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies and misaligned references.

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