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Mad Dog Israel Snubs Mid-East NPT

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Despite the international community managing to recruit a staggering 189 politically independent minded Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty signatories and reaching a unanimous agreement for the establishment of a nuclear weapons-free zone in the Middle East - following a month-long round of talks at the UN Headquarters in the Big Bad Apple - and the abortive pressuring of a most dissenting rogue State of Israel to sign the NNPT – the disastrous ‘Hope & Change’ US President Barky O’Barmy has reacted in typical kikester puppet fashion by towing the AIPAC line with his customary slavish obedience and condemned the agreement.

In a press statement issued on Friday from behind his new bullet proof teleprompter President O’Barmy moved his lips while Rahm Emmanuel manipulating the strings and declared the agreement reached at the 2010 NNPT review conference picked on Israel in a classic display of anti-Semitism.
"We strongly oppose efforts to single out Israel and will boycott any and all actions that jeopardize Israel's national security – such as demands for International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors to be allowed access to the Dimona nuclear facilities and take an inventory of their nuclear bomb stockpile – which they don’t have," the Kenyan cuckoo informed a reporter from the Warmonger’s Gazette.

The slightly long-winded 28,000-page draft statement compiled by the NNPT members called on all Middle Eastern states to attend a conference due to be held in 2012 – including the nuclear weapons-equipped Pakistan and India – and North Korea which isn’t exactly anywhere near the Mid-East.

The controversial report went on to highlight the importance of calling a halt to Israel’s hypocrisy in demanding that Iran cease and desist from their domestic nuclear research programme while they are nuclear weapon-equipped, thus accede to the treaty and the placement of all its nuclear facilities under comprehensive IAEA safeguards.

However, after signing the agreement at the UN, Washington copped for bucketfuls of sharp criticism from AIPAC and Tel Aviv for endorsing it and allowing any mention of the Knesset’s ruling war criminals (kikesters) in the statement.

If the AIPAC kikesters were angered by the mention of Israel being a criminal state then they were further frustrated by the refusal to mention Iran, an Islamic nation they accuse of developing nuclear weapons with the primary purpose of destroying the outlaw Israel. Further, as decisions have to be made by consensus, Iran has virtual veto power hence Washington not Israel was unable to single it out for violations of UN Security Council resolutions.

The US and other Western nations had also wanted much tighter inspections on civilian nuclear programmes such as Iran's, something for which there was widespread opposition from non-nuclear weapon states – especially so since Iran has now cut a deal – precisely the deal the US had originally demanded – to exchange their uranium stockpile for enriched fuel rods and medical isotopes.

This negative reaction comes as Israel is widely believed to be the sixth-largest nuclear power in the world and the sole possessor of a nasty nuclear arsenal in the Middle East – which for 40-plus years, with the covert assistance of the Shylock-dominated US government and military, Tel Aviv has successfully pilfered hundreds of kilos of enriched weapons grade uranium and plutonium from US stockpiles – and further prevented its undeclared arsenal of approximately 300 atomic warheads from becoming public.

Okay, let’s just take a step back for two minutes for a reality check. Does any fucker or their dog believe for a single second that the outlaw State of Israel and it’s Khazar impostor Jews are ever going to give up their nuclear arsenal? Wake up boys n girls – it’s never going to happen before Hell freezes over. That the kikesters might well kick start a nuclear war –quite possibly – but decommission their illegal nuke stockpile – never.

However it must be remembered that the final ‘toothless’ NNPT declaration resolved to hold a Middle East conference in 2012 not to establish such a nuclear weapons-free zone, but to begin the process of establishing one – with this dubious piss-ant achievement being the end result of weeks of tense negotiations.

Thus as it is now 2010 and they intend to hold another conference sometime in 2012 – a good two years down the road – obviously no fucker or their dog is in any rush to achieve the objective – Pax Vobis. Well, as this bone of contention has been kicked around, chewed over, buried, dug up and chewed over again, then by the time it ever gets taken seriously Israel will probably have kick started WW3 by attacking Iran, thus mobilising Pan-Islam into an anti Zionist Jihad against the Great Satan - and the entire once-fertile crescent will glow in the dark and make a Geiger counter buzz like a bluebottle on amphetamines.

So, ask the optimists, will this hard-won declaration actually make the world a safer place? Que? Gimmee a break, just read today’s online news concerning Israel’s ‘peaceful intentions’ towards its Mid-East neighbours.

Three Israeli Dolphin class submarines (Sharlila, Rosh Tahat and Zayin) all equipped with nuclear cruise missiles are to be deployed in the Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea close to the Iranian coastline.

The first has been deployed in response to the perfidious Israeli claims that ballistic missiles developed by Iran, Syria and Hezbollah could hit sites in Israel, including their nekesher banks and Great Apartheid Walls.

The vessels can remain at sea for only 50 days maximum (due the Shylocks having big conks and using up so much air) and stay submerged at a depth of 1,150 feet for a week – plus all the cruise missiles equipped with the most advanced nuclear warheads in the Israeli arsenal.

The flotilla’s commander, identified only as “Colonel Orla Guerin”, told an Israeli newspaper: “We are an underwater assault force. We’re operating deep and far, very far, from our borders ready to strike at the heart of the Islamic monster.”

Hence we have a permanent – and thus belligerent – criminal yidster presence in the Persian Gulf / Arabian Sea with the sole intention of intimidating the Iranian (and Pakistani) population – to live in a state of 24/7 psychotic paranoia as they do themselves in Israel.
Well, I reckon you’d have to adopt that type of mindset knowing full well you stole another people’s country some 62 years ago by force of arms and drove them out of their rightful historic home – and you’re forever looking over your shoulder lest they decide to take it back – by force of arms.

So, does this dispel doubts concerning Israel’s nuclear arsenal – which they may or may not have?
Of course Israel has an extensive arsenal of nuclear weapons – fission and fusion. How else did Mossad and Co manage to atomise the central steel core of the WTC 1 and 2 buildings on 9/11 and initiate their total ‘talcum powder’ fountain collapse? – with micro nuclear devices staged up the central steel cores and detonated by computerised firing sequence single coded radio squirts.
Nope, sorry folks, it wasn’t aviation kerosene burning nor thermite – nor super-thermate - nor a DEW (Directed Energy Weapon) / HAARP – alone – but a combination of the whole schmiel.

How else did they manage to blast the massive crater in the Rue Minet al Hosen in Beruit in February 2005 when they assassinated Lebanese Prime Minister Rafic Hariri with a supposed car bomb – the micro-nuke was under the road.

How else did they cause the blast outside the Sari Bar in Bali that brought about Aussie compliance to their illegal Zionist wars in Afghanistan and Iraq? What else could cause such a crater in the road but a micro-nuke secreted in the monsoon drain (car and truck bombs do not leave craters).

Further, what else could cause such ultra-violet flash burns on the bomb victims and simply vapourise blast victims within a 30 foot radius? What else could delaminate the concrete exposing the rebar core of building 100 feet away from the epicentre but the blast’s overpressure wave. Further, in all three false flag attacks – 9/11 included - what else could produce the EMPs that cut car engines, caused instances of the Hutchinson Effect and slashed all communications – radio and cellphone - in the pulse radius?

But with Israel and micro-nukes, the dirty deeds list goes endlessly on. So, what do you do with the criminal enterprise that constitutes the outlaw state of Israel? Well, what do you do with a mad dog that would bite all in its rabid frenzy? Simple - put it down.

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