Saturday, 26 June 2010

Mossad Kikesters Pushing Drugs in Goa

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In a major setback to the graft and corruption probe against the politician-police-drug mafia nexus in Goa, India, a trial court has this week released the notorious Israeli drug dealer Kvelling Mamzer, alias Atala the Shylock, on conditional bail citing a total lack of a case against him since the police evidence storage facility caught fire last week, and all the prosecution’s witnesses enjoined in a mass communal suicide pact by overdosing with Proxamol and slashing their own wrists with a shared blunt gardening penknife in the secluded Grassy Knoll Woods.

The sitting justice for the Special Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act court, Judge Bimbo Scallywag, released Atala, stating for the record there was no further evidence put forth by Goa’s ‘Honest Plod Division’ to justify his continued presence in judicial custody.

Judge Scallywag also thanked Atala for not having his Mossad contacts kill his family – and for the new numbered bank account in Geneva with lots of money in it. He advised Atala to deposit his passport with Tosspot’s Tours and get his sorry arse out of India as soon as possible before there was any chance of further excrement impacting with the rotating wind device.

Before the original police case went totally tits up in a bucket, Atala had been operating his hard drugs dealership around Goa, marketing top notch Afghan heroin supplied by Mossad via the bent Israeli Consulate in Mumbai.

The Israeli kikester Atala got his sad black arse arrested in March this year (along with six crooked plods, including a police inspector, Ashplant Shitcanned, who formerly headed the anti-narcotics operation) after his Swedish ex-girlfriend Elke Titwank uploaded footage onto the Internet, and the social networking sites Twatter and Fuckbook - where the gobshite shylock was doubly-drunk and stoned on his own product, and boasting of his criminally-corrupt links with Goa’s senior police officials and politicians.

Ms Titwank also alleged that a senior politician’s son - who cannot be named for legal reasons - (Ramjam Jaffacake Jnr) was involved in the drug trade with Atala. However, following her recent suicide she has been unavailable to confirm these accusations, according to Deputy Superintendent of Police Bogbrush Chuckabutty, who spoke to a correspondent from the Scandalmonger’s Gazette.

“It is one of the most determined cases of suicide it has ever been my experience to investigate – that this woman – obviously distraught and conscience-ridden by the lies she has uttered against that nice generous Israeli gentleman Mr Kvelling Mamzer and certain of Goa’s finest police officers – went out and beat herself to death over the head with a claw hammer – then cut her own throat. I think this act of felo-de-se illustrates true penance for her lies and sins.”

Responding to the development, Commissioner Mograt Dongleberry of the Criminal Bureau of Investigation told Pox News that while the Swedish whistle-blower taking her own life was unfortunate and detrimental to the prosecution’s chances of obtaining a conviction, this was to be expected when cases such as these came to court and trial in the middle of India’s annual ‘suicide season’.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies and misaligned references.

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Anonymous said...

Cover up attempt already on; Goa Cops want a Free trip to Sweden to check with witness. [She was in India for over two weeks recently]. Drugs are available freely in Goa. Tourists get drugs planted on them; goto pay to prevent arrest. For a few rupees, the Cops look the Other side.

- Goenkar