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The New World Order’s ‘Agenda 21’

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While the base genius of Tesla went to a greater extent ignored until the military applied his research to their advanced scalar weapons development programme to produce HAARP and other directed energy devices that caused the WTC Twin Towers to collapse via the medium of ‘molecular dissociation’ in an Alka-Seltzer fountain of talcum powder - and directed Hurricane Katrina right onto Lake Pontchartrain in 2005 – plus the Haitian earthquake in January - Brobdingnagian advances in electronics and nano-technology since the 1950’s have also enabled political science manipulators to envisage and devise techniques involving propaganda and psychological warfare for the moulding of mass opinion via the mediums of TV, video games, cult music and movies.

Such schemes have manifested as the Oklahoma City micro-nuke bombings, the 9/11 false flag terrorist attacks and the ensuing demonisation of Islam and its Muslim adherents that continues unabated to the present day to serve and support the insidious agenda of the Zionist kikester’s Project for a New American Century – a euphemism for Neo-Colonial Imperialism.

These tools of mass manipulation have now far surpassed the dogmas of the Catholic Church that once held sociological sway over the purposely uneducated ignorant and superstitious populations of Europe to dominate and control each and every aspect of their lives – their daily existence – from the cradle to the grave – for in excess of fifteen centuries - based on the disingenuous fantasy that a Jewish wood butcher was the son of God..

Oh yes, the task of the First Estate – to maintain the lie and thus the continued power and established position of the Second Estate – the parasitic nobility of inbred mongrels that has foisted itself upon us under the guise of Divine Right to rule – the mutant monarchies. They were no more than political and commercial opportunists misusing and abusing stations of official position to achieve personal gain.

Darwin and Yuri Gagarin put an end to the Church’s domination – now they depend on selling their scientific creationism scam and ontological proof of the existence of God to lure the sheeple back into their temples of spiritual heresy.

So our technology moves on, to an extent that we can be micro-chipped and tracked – and too controlled, mood or health-wise, anywhere on the planet – our on/off switch if we ever succumb to ‘wear’ the mark of the Beast.

The power to manipulate the masses – the common herd of humanity - has passed from one cabal or sect to another over the millenniums with the rise and fall of the fortunes of empires and dynasties – political and sectarian.

Yet today’s technology has presented the current sinister Zionist oligarchs and plutocrats with a route to unlimited wealth and thus the tools and mechanisms to manipulate successive governments into ruining the more-at-scent-than-substance Capitalist global financial system by way of their insidious Central Banking cabals and the IMF; a source of energy through oil dependency - and genetically-modified seeds to eventually control the food chain.

Such is evidenced with perfect clarity by the perfidious kikester agenda contained within the pages of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion – this class act ‘forgery’ was scribed and compiled by the latter-day Sanhedrin after the Rothshite and associate shylock ‘nekeshers’ gained a foothold on the upper reaches of the control pyramid a couple of centuries back..

There we have it – nigh on the entire global political system is now controlled by a Satanic religious cabal of kikesters (Khazar / Ashkenazi Yid gangsters) whose primary cultural activity throughout history has been back-stabbing the competition, money lending - and extracting usurious interest from counterfeit currency.

That’s them, adorned by their traditional cloak of brazen hubris – the so-called Illuminati – with their unholy alliance currently dominating the world's leading petrochemical-pharmaceutical-biotechnology- armaments consortiums – all profiting greatly from death, disease, military conflicts and environmental destruction. The Military-Industrial-Bankster cabal – the Brotherhood of the Snake.

The official name for their current program of total control is ‘Agenda 21: Sustainable Development’. Actually it is titled “Agenda for the 21st Century via Food Control & Depopulation” and constitutes the overarching blueprint for a six billion mass extinction level event decimating the planet’s human population that results in a 500 million – max’ - world-wide micro-chip controlled (on/off switches) compliant slave / drone work force dominated by a totalitarian global government of sinister dystopian and Kafkaesque proportions that will make Stalin, Hitler, Mao and Pol Pot combined look like Santa Claus.

There is no question about the veracity that we, the Goyim, are targeted for mass depopulation by these scumbags. Every bugger and their dog can recall last summer’s / autumn’s paranoia and propaganda storm concerning the deadly Sneezy Pig flu virus that was being spread via the medium of Baxter’s – etc et al – toxic and purposely spiked vaccines – which luckily – owing to the same technology that enables the Satanic Ones to develop such bio-weapons also – via the internet – allowed the global dissemination of their foul plot.

Fortunately we peasants are a canny folk, who are fast re-evolving our suppressed sixth sense and the habit of smelling a rat a mile off, and thus refused to get jabbed with the toxic pre-infected vaccines - which proved only partially successful in the Ukraine where the Porcinella-Gruntitis flu was spiked up with the Dengue haemorrhagic fever virus by the genocidal criminals at Baxter Healthcare to achieve a Black Death type mortality rating.

So what’s next up their sleeve? Well, total war is simply too slow and indiscriminate, plus some rogue state – like the mad dog Israelis – might just kick start World War Three by lobbing one or two of the thermo-nuclear weapons their US-supplied arsenal doesn’t possess – and totally fuck up the planetary environment for every fucker for several thousand years.

I mean, even this self-appointed elite of kikester scumbags don’t want to be stuck in an underground bunker watching nightly DVD re-runs of ‘Michela’ or ‘Halufa’ until the radioactivity count dissipates 24,000 years down the road.

So what is next? Why, apart from the Nazi tried and tested Fluoride in the potable water systems, GM mutant foods of course. These range from genetically modified organisms used as sweeteners, animal feeds, processed foods, and seeds that will not only devastate our agricultural environments and planetary ecology (forests, rivers, seas, etc) but also wreak havoc on animal and human physiology – both physical and psychological.

This crap is drastically reducing human life spans with only the Big Pharma and Agriculture corporations getting fat off the profits of GM foods and medications to alleviate the myriad cancerous ills caused by Bayer, Monsanto and Syngenta - and their GM Frankenfoods.

With their AGW scam – actually this stands for ‘Anthropogenic Global Warming’ and not ‘Al Gore’s Wealth’ – they turned CO2 from being a chemical – a gas all plant life requires to survive and thus generate ‘our’ life-sustaining oxygen – into a devastating political weapon charged with mega-buck earning capabilities – until last winter when the Climategate shite hit the fan as we were bollocks deep in snow and the weather got colder than a witch’s tit for three months plus.

Now they intend to use of food as a weapon which will prove far more potent than military domination and energy control. And that is the nitty-gritty, the essence of, their treacherous “Agenda for the 21st Century via Food Control & Depopulation”.

So who are these elitist kikester proponents that are currently pushing this Naziesque ‘Final Solution’ eugenics agenda - this Malthusian credo - to decimate the global occupancy of humankind via a mass population cull – these self-proclaiming blue blood Brahmins - these Masters of the Universe?
A Masonic Satanist cabal of Zionist kikesters comprised of slack-jawed inbred mutants now make up the ranks of these elitists that appear to have been swimming for far too long at the shallow end of the gene pool and can no longer recognize their own congenital defects – for Aryan Ubermensch they are not.

An example – two of the main pro-eugenics and depopulation of the human herd proponents are David Rockefeller and his pet dog Henry Kissinger – now what a pair of gross lard-arsed wrinkled physical specimens this pair of arrogant mongrels represents.
Then we have the so-called Crown Heads of Europe – and Prince Virus Man – aka Phil the Greek – the useless parasite husband of QE2 of England. Plus the pariah Rothshite crime clan. The pathetic Bilderbergers. The survivors of the Black Nobility.

All of whom seem stricken with congenital halitosis, hereditary madness, and possessed with bat-ears, ant-eater conks, Cartier eye-bags, prognathous jaws and generally fucked up dentistry that enables them to eat a pomegranate through a tennis racket.

Seriously, do these people comprising this Optimum Population Trust movement ever look in mirrors before judging the quality and worth of someone they consider of lesser social and intellectual rank or unworthy of an equal cut of Nature’s munificent bounty?

A fact that should their plans go awry, as the best laid plans oft do, not a single one of the fuckers would be missed in the greater Cosmic order of things – just as they view the peasants they snuff with indifferent impunity.

The rich and shameless elitists have put themselves in a most undesirable position. Instead of ensuring that the underclass have a roof over their heads and just enough to get by - plus maintain the middle class as the buffer zone - then keeping all the usual distractions in operation, they’ve shot themselves in the proverbial foot.

Their avaricious lusting for power and wealth coupled to their disdain for public opinion, which they demonstrate by their arrogant disregard for what others think; believing themselves to be above the reach and judgment of their own laws that govern those they consider beneath them, is going to recoil with a blood-lusting fury. The Marie Antoinette “Let them eat cake” mindset never goes out of style with those driven insane by vanity and material self-interest.

Hence, while we are still dominated by this elitist fraternity and their absurd sense of entitlement – this minor percentage of the world that uses far more than it needs to live at a higher standard than those they are stealing from – and remain smitten with an exaggerated sense of their own intellects and intrinsic worth - may just be right in their assessment of the fact that 99% of humanity’s not worth saving.
However, just imagine the implications for freedom if humanity used its numerical potential to say NO to the system and ceased to cooperate with its own enslavement – and wreaked a just and destructive vengeance on its antagonists.

Carbon Credit Cap & Trade Exchange (aka Pollution Reduction Scam) declaration: No trees, fish, cormorants, bumble bees or small furry mammals were harmed in posting this message. However, a large number of electrons were temporarily inconvenienced.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies and mis-spoken references.

Oh, and by the way, fuck GM foods, and the Freemasons and Big Brother – and his sister – and the kikester Illuminati’s New World Order.

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