Saturday, 12 June 2010

TV-Conditioned Brits: Islam = Extremism

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Obviously all the xenophobic false flag sectarian propaganda that was force fed to the British public via every form of media available – television, radio, movies, video games and even the gutter press’s red top tabloids - since 9/11 and 7/7 et al have worked perfectly according to the results of a recent independent survey carried out by the Raving Bigots Gazette.

95% of all Britons – including Muslims - now link the religion of Islam with radical extremism – with most of the UK’s gullible population conditioned, a la the Pavlovian big brown dog syndrome, to associate Islam with the sound of gunfire and bombs going off, the repression of women, sweaty turbans, smelly camels, sex with goats, Osama bin Laden, Semtex waistcoats, and the infamous Afghan terrorist brothers Taliban Dan and Big Al Qaeda.

So the Tavistock Institute’s hate-mongering scheme to turn Brits into fanatical jingoists has not only succeeded in demonising Islam as a religion but also equally – and wrongfully - besmeared the myriad racial and cultural types that comprise the ranks of the global ‘Muslim’ community – brown, black, yellow and white – with the same stigma.

Additionally, since the bogus ‘Ricin Plot Scam’ and shooting some hapless Paki’ bloke for being in bed, the numpty Brit’ public now believe that anyone with a perma-suntan is a bomb-toting Muslim out to bring down Western civilisation simply because they’ve got a personal problem with our democratic freedoms and claim British cultural values – such as bacon sandwiches for breakfast and taking a bath once a month whether you need one or not – are an insult to Islam.

To cap this, the Raving Bigots Gazette survey further revealed that since the Met’s CO19 Armed Clot Unit mega-tapped and snuffed Jean Charles de Menezes with illegal hollow points at Stockwell Tube Station in July 2005 during the panic and frenzy of ‘Operation Kratos’ (read ‘Operation Kill Any Fucker’), nervous British housewives are shying away from Brazilian coffee, Cadbury’s Wholenut milk chocolate and are demanding to see jobbing electrician’s passports and baptismal certificates before they’ll let them near a fuse box.

Interviewed for their opinions during the survey ex-Met police chief Sir Ian Bliar – recently elevated to the rank of Lord Shoot First in the dissolution honours list – blamed the fact that any negative perspectives linked to ‘ or ‘Brazil nuts or coffee – or South American electricians’ being linked to Islam was the sole fault of Scotland Yard’s Assistant Commissioner Cressida Dickhead who was ‘Gold Commander’ in charge the control room during the operation which led to the illegal killing of the Mr de Menezes.

In response Ms Dickhead expressed a personal opinion that Lord Bliar was an utter back-stabbing twat and it was hardly her fault that Arabs and Brazilians looked alike.

Do you have any dodgy one-eyed / hook-handed Muslim mullahs living in your neighbourhood? Do you associate catching malaria with mosques and mosquitoes? Have you ever been to a mosque in Moscow?

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Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies and mis-spoken references.

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