Sunday, 1 March 2009

Tibetan Monk Shot for Arson Attack

A Tibetan monk who set himself on fire during a protest at Beijing's rule was shot by Chinese police officers for the crimes of wasting petrol and carrying out an arson attack.

The incident happened in the Tibetan-populated town of Scrat Ching in southwest China's Wanking province during a gathering of more than a thousand highly-inflammable monks and Falun Gong practitioners.

The monk, curiously named ‘Asbestos Joe’, is said to have shouted slogans and waved a Tibetan flag, then doused himself with petrol and set himself alight.

China's official Fuk-hu news agency issued one of it’s usual news ‘headlies’ stating a worthless Tibetan peasant had set himself on fire accidentally and was thrown down a well to extinguish the flames then taken to a local mortuary for treatment of his burns injuries.
It later amended the press release, adding that the monk had broken two local council ordnances through the illegal discharge of an inflammable substance in a public place and lighting a bonfire in a ‘no burn / smokeless’’ zone : both of which are crimes that carry the death penalty.

The protest began after more than a thousand rowdy Tibetan Buddhist monks gathered at a temple in the town to celebrate Shrove Tuesday and St. David’s Day : a joint festivals occasion in Tibet.

However, Chinese officials and police arrived and banned the gathering as the traditional al fresco cooking and tossing of pancakes is viewed as an integral part of Tibetan culture and a clear and blatant autonomous snub at Beijing’s illegal totalitarian and intolerant rule.

When local Chinese officials were pelted with stale pancakes – Frisbee fashion – and bombarded with leeks and daffodils, riot police broke the offending monks ranks with repeated baton charges.

It was then that Asbestos Joe doused his head and robe with high-octane premium gasoline and set himself on fire.
As crowds of his fellow monks gathered around to warm their hands and toast marshmallows, singing the Tibetan karaoke favourite of “Burn baby, Burn”, Chinese riot police broke through the circle and shot the blazing monk several times.

Mr.Whirly Gig, chief spin doctor the Beijing government, told the arson correspondent for the Cormorant Garrotters Weekly that the monk had been suffering from acute depression since Tibet failed to win any of the events in last year’s Olympics.


Jana said...

I would like to inform you by asking you to read and post these links below that Falun Gong have never and would never set themselves on Fire.WE do not believe in sucicide .
This was an organised Hoax orchestrated by the evil Chinese communist regime to incite hatred and harm the good reputation and nature of Falun Gong,.
See for your self.
Check out these links

Rusty the Boddington's Badger said...

Rusty replied...
Hi Jana, I didn't say a Falun Gong adherent had set himself on fire.
Please re-read. What I wrote was: "The incident happened in the Tibetan-populated town of Scrat Ching in southwest China's Wanking province during a gathering of more than a thousand highly-inflammable monks and Falun Gong practitioners."
This is a spoof / satire blog that aims at ridiculing totalitarian government authorities : not minority groups.
My mention of Falun Gong was to draw attention to the fact that, like the Tibetans, they too are a supressed and persecuted minority by the Beijing geriatric mafia.
Peace upon your household.

Jana said...

Thanks for you explanation Rusty. There may be others like myself who could have misunderstood your satire. I have Google alerts and that one sentence of yours about Falun Gong being highly inflammable came up in the Google alert .

So I thought I better post the links to the biggest hoax the Ccp ever committed at least in 2001. The bigger hoaxes are now The Olympics and indeed the Ccp themselves pretending to be a legitimate governments .

Thank you for all your good work in exposing the brutal regime for what it is.

Like I say our Governments know, our media knows , Big business knows and now people on your blog know!!
May you enjoy peace and happiness throughout this year!!