Saturday, 14 March 2009

Bantu Gangs Effect Lesbianism Cure

JOHANNESBURG (Rooters) - Gangs of black South African men are raping lesbians in the belief it will "cure" their Madam and Eve sexual orientations, the women’s aid agency Rugmunchers told the media.

The NGO gay aid group ‘Buttfuckers’ stated in a report titled 'Hate Crimes' that the rise of corrective rape directed at lesbians was increasing, particularly in black townships where homosexuality is considered largely taboo : but everybody and his dog are at it regardless.

South Africa now has one of the world's most progressive constitutions and became the first country in Africa to allow gay marriage in 2006.
However turd burglars and bean-flickers are still widely frowned upon by the prevailing herd mentality and same-sex unions are often decried as ‘not very Shaka Zulu-like’ which might seem slightly odd in a country where sex with, and marriage to, ‘goats’ is socially acceptable.

The brutal rape and murder last year of female rugby player Sapphie Dildodo, a super-butch dyke, threw a spotlight on the testosterone-generated violence directed at female cunnilinguists, particularly the lipstick lesbian variety, and the incurable medical condition that causes their lesbian fancies - ‘Strapadictomy’.

"We get insults every day and beatings if we walk alone. You’re constantly reminded that you deserve to be raped," Feral Beryl O’Dinga, a dominant dyke nightclub bouncer told the Buttfuckers’ gay aid group.
"They yell, 'If we rape you then you’ll go straight and bin your vibrator and start to suck cock and swallow because you will have learnt how to be a real woman'."

The lesbian support group Rugmunchers stated it was dealing with twenty new cases of lesbians being targeted for what it called "corrective rape" every week in Cape Town, committed by gangs of local testosterone-fuelled Tonton Macoutes.

Over a hundred lesbians have reportedly suffered forced ‘three holer’ conversions in homophobic attacks since 2008, but support groups say the actual number is probably much higher because crimes on the basis of sexual orientation are not recognized under the chaotic bureaucratic mess that poses as the South African criminal justice system.

Twatsup Tatswiller, spokesman for the Johannesburg-based AlphaMale publication ‘Testosterone Gazette’ told investigators from Rugmunchers that : “Dese wimmin, dey am all cunts in cunt’s clothin’ – lickin’ de pussy of each other and pom-pom demselves wid eggplants. Dis am very distressin’ for de man.”

Tatswiller further offered an eloquent piece of schoolboy rhetoric to explain the Bantu male’s logic in forming their violent homophobic attitude towards lesbians and women in general.

“Wimmen you know, dey am not wired up right – dey all witches an’ put spells on men – dey go bleedin’ for one week every month and dey never die. Dat is de black magic shit. How can we trust wimmin dat bleed so much an’ don’t die?”

Conversely, groups of irate Zulu Amazon dyke harpys in Lesbotho have started taking revenge by gang-raping Bantu homos with strapon dildos and forcing them to perform cunnilingus in the belief it will cure them of their sexual perversions of shagging other men, and goats, up the rear end.

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