Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Rothshites Dominate Asian Carbon Credit Trading Market

Rothshite Gidday Inc. (Australia) and E3 International (E3 – ‘Environment, Economics and Ethics’ – er ‘Ethics’ – in the same breath - is somebody taking the piss?) are set to become key controllers in the international carbon credit trading market, an emerging commodity gambling bourse that nobody but it’s greedy creators understand, but which gyppo pikey astrologers estimate could be worth a US$750 billion annual turnover by 2012.

In a move that will re-shape the fledgling nasty toxic emissions trading market, Rothshite Gidday and E3 International have announced their intention to launch the Carbon Sting Consortium – yet another dodgy investment vehicle that will replace the burned-out sub-prime mortgage markets and provide myopic companies in the Asia Pacific region with a brand-spanking new innovative way of losing all their money while scratching their heads and learning about the risks of investing in the ‘Al Gore-inspired’ global warming scam’s bullshit carbon credits exchange market.

Currently there are five exchanges trading in carbon allowances: the Chattanooga Choo-Choo Climate Exchange, the Exocet Climate Exchange, the Pol Pot Pool, Power-Bonk and the Manky Mallard Energy Exchange.

However the Carbon Sting Consortium is the first of its kind in the Asia-Pacific Region, and is the pioneer in a series of dodgy investment vehicles that Carbon Sting Pty Ltd will launch in coming years to milk investors dry as long as the money keeps flowing into the scheme and doesn’t go tits up too soon.

The Consortium should appeal to companies that are faced with a greenhouse liability and are significant users or producers of anything emitting the toxic gases that currently make the world go round : from firewood to power stations to crude oil to cow’s arseholes.

The entire carbon trading market is a jealously guarded preserve, cloaked in purpose-built banking and environmentalist jargon such as Kyoto Protocols, Marrakesh Accords, acid rain programs, flexible mechanisms, carbon footprints, emission allowances, clean development instruments and certified emission reductions.

Hence, for benefit of the thick-as-a-plank numpty-dumpty layman, the following explanation of “what der fuck’s a carbon credit?” and the marketing investment strategy involved might be required.

Someone like Tahiti, who produce sweet fuck all but coconuts, breadfruit and postcards would have a surplus of carbon credits, which they can sell, or trade, to a heavy industry polluter like North Korea, so they can keep on conducting nuclear weapons tests and pumping out mega-tons of nauseous carcinogenic toxic fumes into the atmosphere without breaking their industrial advancement in mid-stride.

(China, currently the world’s worst industrial polluter, has told the United Nations carbon assessment agency to ‘go fuck spiders’ and have wisely refused to waste precious money by participating in the pointless exercise.)

Thus the Rothshite / E3 Carbon Sting cabal intends to go around farting little postage stamp non-industrial nations who are awarded mobs of carbon credits, buying these up at ten to the dozen in lieu of dubious future mega-bucks investments then selling them on for major profits to the industrial polluters of the world.

Requiring an initial investment of US$100,000.000 just to join the Zionist-Masonic-controlled ‘Greenies’ club, of which a portion will be returned to investors in the form of environmentally-friendly hedgerow cuttings (hedge fund) and dried seaweed semi-organic compost (Monsanto-FDA approved), Carbon Sting is designed to become the latest and greatest money-grabbing scheme in the Asia-Pacific’s devastated derivatives market.

About Rothshite

Rothshite & Sons (Banksters) has been at the centre of manipulating the world’s financial markets, inciting pogroms and causing wars for over 250 years. Today, the firm is the biggest global loan shark who owns the City of London, Israel and controls governments, corporations and individuals worldwide through a network of no-nonsense door-kicking bailiffs and professional assassins.

About E3

The E3 Group is a Wallace & Gromit designed investment vehicle / asset-free fall-guy organisation set up to take the wrap when the Carbon Sting project falls on its arse and is declared insolvent.
The principal operating company in the group is E3 (Golden Parachutes) Galactic Pty Ltd. SA, which has its registered headquarters on the Moon.

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