Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Brit’s Want Jobless Immigrants OUT!

More than three-quarters of Britons, from grandma’s with galloping dementia to school children who can spell ‘chauvanism’, believe jobless immigrants should be tossed out of the UK (and straight into the English Channel if they refuse to board a boat) according to a new poll by the Xenophobia Weekly Review.

The same sentiment was also expressed by gainfully employed immigrants who don’t mind working for a living.
Twatsup O’Dinga, spokesman for Refugees Anonymous, told the media “These unemployed foreign types are giving all us user-friendly immigrants a bad name. They’ve picked up some real shitty habits from those lazy-arsed Brits who live off social security benefits and spend all day in the bookies and the pub.”

“These numpties have no idea how well off they really are in the UK. Back in Darfur I used to get paid the equivalent of £2 a month for shovelling garbage and assorted body parts into mass grave landfill sites – and spent half the day watching out I didn’t tread on an effin’ land mine.”
“Here in Peckham I gets paid £1,200 a month take home pay with me overtime and recycling allowance for just emptying wheelie bins - and a monthly performance bonus to boot – and I gets child tax credits ‘and’ working tax credits as well. God bless New Labour.”

Ninety per cent of adults in Britain who took part in the Xenophobia Weekly Review’s survey not only opposed the entry of foreign economic or asylum-seeking refugees, but also the right for citizens from other European Union countries to work here.

Outspoken BNP shadow immigration minister Titsy McGammer claims that the Government, despite years of tough talking on immigration, is still full of shit and that the UK now has more immigrants living here than Brit’s.

McGammer told the media “The poll figures are not a surprise. They are, in fact, fucking dreadful, and significant as the public don't believe anything these lying bastards in Brown’s government say anymore.”
“The central goal of any immigration policy should be to provide the assurance to the public that we know who's here and who's not here - and in all truth we haven’t got a fucking clue.”'

Immigrants from Eastern Europe were originally generally welcomed by people in Britain as they were seen as slap-happy semi-skilled tradesmen and women who, at best, filled gaps in the workforce doing shitty little low-paid jobs that no one else wanted – and hence didn’t really pose a threat to the country’s overall premier employment opportunities.

However, since the international financial system crashed in 2008 through the gross incompetence of greedy bankers and due their flawed fractional reserve system reaching critical mass and causing a chain reaction that saw the entire economies of the known Universe going tits up and kicking off a galactic recession of Biblical proportions, redundancy and personal insolvency have become everyday household words once again.

The survey’s findings have raised fears that the neo-Nazi Fascist British National Party is prospering politically at a geometric rate due the deepening recession as unemployment figures get set to soar far beyond the three million ‘Make or Break’ mark.

With bailiffs kicking down front doors on a daily basis and the repossession of mortgaged homes by bankrupt building societies causing the evictions of whole families to become street dwellers -living in cardboard boxes – it doesn’t take a Mensa-level IQ to calculate who the unemployed common herd will vote for to be the next majority party in Parliament when the ensuing civil unrest demands a snap general election later this year and the BNP are swept into power.

With headline banner party mottos of “British Jobs for British Workers” and “When we say it – We mean it !” perhaps history is set to re-open the window of opportunity once missed by Oswald Mosley.

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