Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Arab Leaders Support Sudan’s Genocidal Dictator

Arab leaders have concluded their annual tea and biscuits summit by showing unified support for Sudanese authoritarian despot Omar al-Basher - who is wanted for war crimes by hypocrites and do-gooders from Western nations.

The Arab League said it rejected the International Criminal Court's decision to issue a warrant for al-Basher’s arrest.

President Basher had earlier spoken at the summit in Qatar, and won strong support from his Syrian counterpart Basher al-Assad. (another ‘al’ and a ‘Basher’)

They were among 17 heads of state in Qatar, but some seats remained empty - the most notable absentee was President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt who aides claim had a dental appointment in Geneva.
However, a correspondent from the Ragheads Gazette claims Mubarak is still ‘pissed off’ with Qatar's pansy stance during the recent Gaza conflict.

The Western gutter press, quick to fed grist into the rumour mill as usual, drew attention to the fact that another Islamic nation conspicuously absent from the summit was Iran – fuelling speculation that they had been barred from attending due their nuclear weapons development research.
(Iran- not being populated by Arabs – alike Norway or Holland -is not a member of the Arab League and hence obviously did not attend)

Meanwhile, the BBC's Chlamydia Twatrot reports that Libyan madman and serial tent-folder Muddled Gaddafi stormed out of the Arab League summit after having his microphone confiscated by security guards for bad-mouthing King Scumbag of Saudi Arabia.

Ms. Twatrot claims that Gaddafi was abusing privilege and using the floor to settle old scores, criticising the Saudi monarch and appearing to reignite a public spat he had at the 2003 summit concerning King Scumbag being granted hereditary grazing rights to the reception area carpets of every hotel in the Middle East.

At Monday's opening session, applying his usual head-banging logic, Gaddafi called the king a Zionist running dog and an American puppet.
However the two leaders met later in the bar for a few cold camel milk shakes during a face to face discussion to bury the hatchet – in each other’s heads. The hatchet was eventually seized by a summit security detail.

At the end of the summit a joint statement by the Arab League said: "We stress our solidarity with Sudan’s President and our rejection of the ICC (International Criminal Court) decision."

Earlier in the day President Basher al-Assad of Syria announced to the summit assembly that those who had "committed massacres and atrocities in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon" should be arrested first” - starting with Binman Nuttyahoo of Israel and the Bush and Bliar administration delinquents such as Bush and Bliar themselves and cohorts including NWO Zionists Donald Bumsfelt, Dirty Dick Cheney and a host of others whose names are entered into Pan-Islam’s Day of Vengeance scroll.

Hector McScrunt of the Atrocities-R-Us website claimed the Sudanese tyrant was flouting an ICC arrest warrant to attend the Arab League summit – and Qatar were obliged to uphold said warrant.

However President Omar al-Basher told the assembly he appreciated their collective support and understanding that a few hundred thousand deaths in Darfur wasn’t really genocide – or significant - as there was nothing to eat or drink in the province anyway and the odd massacre or a spot of ethnic cleansing and population control was what the New World Order mandated.

He further claimed that his troops had been acting out of humanitarian concern, only shooting people who were in agony from starvation, and putting them out of their misery. Al-Basher stated they only bludgeoned refugees to death with rifle butts if ammunition was in short supply.

The combination of decades of drought, desertification, and overpopulation are among the causes of the Darfur conflict. The Baggrat nomads searching for water have to take their livestock further south, to land mainly occupied by Black African farming communities.

The ethnic cleansing towards the non-Arab population by the Janjaweed militia has reportedly reached a death toll between 400,000 to 500,000, while al-Basher’s government has denied this, saying the number of people who are killed in the conflict are less than 10,000 – with the other 490,000 dying of thirst or starvation after their credit cards were cancelled.

The Sudanese government has been accused of suppressing information by jailing and killing witnesses since 2004, and tampering with evidence (such as mass graves) to eliminate their probative value.

In addition, by obstructing and arresting journalists, al-Basher & Co. have been able to obscure much of what has gone on when government troops have held regualr turkey shoots to get rid of refugees, dissidents and other landless peasant fucks.

UN Secretary-General and Zionist Muppet Ban Ki-moon (a non-Arab) initially attended the summit for a free lunch but deferred from performing a citizen’s arrest of al-Basher in the interests of global harmony (and self-preservation).

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