Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Mosley Whinges Over 'In Flagrante Delicto' Shame

Formula One motor racing boss ‘Mad Max’ Mosley has told MPs that a gutter press newspaper article showing pictures of him at an orgy had a 'terrible, sphincter-clenching' effect.
He claims the Screws of the World have stolen his "dignity" and hurt his family by publishing photographs of him involved in a BD/SM 5-whore cluster-fuck, he explained to a highly amused Parliamentary culture, media and sport committee.

Mr Mosley, president of the F1 International Automobile Federation, said the situation was "appalling" for him as now everyone knew he was a dirty old deviant pervert who liked his botty spanked by a latex-clad Dominatrix before getting one up it from her strap-on dildo.

Mr Mosley, 94, whose father was the fascist leader Oswald Mosley, paid £2500 for a five hour Friday afternoon BD/SM session in the basement dungeon of a riverside Chelsea Embankment property, in which he had his flaccid geriatric genitalia fondled and ridiculed before being tied across a leather punishment frame to have his bony arse paddled, cropped, whipped and caned by the blonde Dominatrix wife of an MI5 surveillance officer, and four other kinky whores.

Later, in a role switch scenario, Mosley had the whores dressed in prison-style clothing and bound helpless while he flogged and thrashed them, then gave each one in turn a good seeing-to, doggy style, in a display of deviant and Viagra-fuelled orgiastic fervour that made the Devils of Louden look like an Easter Sunday convent picnic.

Mosley was set up as far as his private and personal BD/SM session was being photographed and video recorded at the behest of the Screws of the World in collusion with the Dominatrix harpy ‘Michelle’, who became known during the ensuing court case as ‘Woman E’.

The Screws of the World was initially contacted and tipped off not by the Dominatrix Michelle herself, but by her transvestite husband – a serving officer in MI5 - who then negotiated a deal with the newspaper.

Mosley himself has repeatedly claimed that his public shaming was brought about by shadowy, unspecified enemies.

Questioned on his reflections of the day the Screws of the World article had been published about him last July, Mr Mosley told the MPs: "It's very difficult to describe if something like that happens completely out of the blue as I had been doing this for 45 years and loved each ass-tingling, endorphin-released orgasmic minute of it.”

“As my wife takes the Screws of the World every Sunday for a good giggle at all the upper class prats getting caught and exposed in business and sex scandals I basically shit kittens at the thought of her reaction to seeing me plastered across a double centre-page spread – bollock-naked and getting my arse spanked.”

Mosley successfully sued the offending scatology journal for breaches of privacy laws and intends to further sue for libel after the newspaper claimed the bondage sex scenario was Nazi-themed – a claim the Screws of the World will strongly maintain even though previously dismissed during the High Court case by Mr. Justice Weedy.

However, Colin Molebonker, editor of the Screws of the World, told the court “Even if the Nazi-theme bit is wrong, why let the truth get in the way of a 'spanking' good scandal.”

No doubt Mad Max will learn to live with his shame for being caught red -? –‘bottomed’ and seek to obtain suitable enforced flagellant penance for those disgusting sexual fantasies and excesses.

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