Tuesday, 1 November 2011

UNESCO Okays Palestine: US Spits Dummy

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Acting on orders from their Rothshite crime syndicate bosses, the Zionist-dominated US government and its Kenyan cuckoo stooge President, Barky O’Barmy (aka the Hope n Change Teleprompter Man) yesterday went into a collective paroxysm of frustration and rage with UNESCO yesterday for having the brazen chutzpah to endorse the Palestinian’s UN bid to be recognised (again – even in such reduced circumstance) as a sovereign state.

And such sovereignty once existed, pre-1948, when the entirety of today’s Israel, the occupied West Bank and besieged Gaza Strip were harmoniously joined as one Arab Muslim state and marked on every map with the name 'Palestine' - before the kikester terrorist migrant gangs scurrying like rats out of a war-torn Europe – Stern, Irgun and Hagana – guided by the edicts of their foul Protocols of the Greedy Bastard Elders of Zion - stole their lands in the Yawm an-Nakbah conflict (Day of the Catastrophe) to lay the foundation stone of their crime empire's Promised Land – the Greater Israel – stretching from Nile to Euphrates and far beyond.

Responding to UNESCO’s embracing of Palestine’s right to nationhood with yet another pathetic display of the vindictive pique that has now become the trademark of kikester-dominated US geo-political policy - so typical of a petulant spoiled brat of a child when they can’t get their own way – the White House announced the cancelling of all funding for the UN cultural body forthwith.

A US law forced through Congress in the 1990’s by AIPAC’s embedded political lobbyist thugs and career bullies bars providing funding in any shape or form to branches of the UN body that admits the Palestinians as full members before Israel has completed building its illegal settlements across the entire length and breadth of Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank - and turns the current Gaza Strip concentration camp into a landfill site.

Speaking on behalf of the rug-munching US Secretary of State, Hilarious Rodent Clinton, her PPA Mingeeter Goedermiche informed gutter press hacks in Washington "We were to have made a $60 zillion bucks payment to UNESCO in November and on the orders of AIPAC that money has now been shifted to our ‘Support More Israel Settlements’ piggybank account.”

Hmmm, a pity Ms Goedermiche doesn’t apply the facility of historical 202/20 hindsight and realise that if the US disappeared up its own arrogant arsehole tomorrow the world would still go on. For a nation so recently born out of revolution a mere 235 years ago, the US - alike Hitler’s Germany and their Thousand Year Reich (1933-1945) before them – seem to know the cure for all the world’s ills and are bent on assuming the role of global bully to implementing their panacea of their PNAC / New World Order via the medium of force of arms and regardless of human cost.

Membership of UNESCO - perhaps best known for its World Heritage Sites work – filling in bomb and cruise missile craters in Afghanistan, Iraq – and now Libya - is viewed by Palestinian leaders as part of their broader push to achieve international recognition and put pressure on a perennially-belligerent Israel to ease up on their policy of slow cook genocide against the marginalised and besieged populations of the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.

In an emotional UN session, China, Russia, India, Brazil and South Africa voted in favour of Palestinian membership – adding them to their Christmas card list - while the US, Canada and Germany voted against - with the prevaricating UK government abstaining – all bowing to the will of the Rothshite bankster’s crime syndicate.

So, the motion was passed by a substantial majority of persons of conscience despite vehement opposition from the United States and Israel – with widespread applause greeting the result of Monday's vote in the chamber. Of the 173 countries taking part, 107 were in favour, 14 voted against and 52 abstained.

One of the first moves Palestinians are set to make as UNESCO members is to apply for world heritage status for sites on occupied Palestinian land such as the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem – before the nutty Knesset’s Jews of convenience, under the thumb of PM Bobo Nuttyahoo’s pro-homicide Likit Party, order it bulldozed to make way for yet another of their illegal settler sites.

The UN Security Council will vote next month on whether to grant the Palestinians full UN membership – with it being a foregone conclusion that permanent members – specifically the Zionist stooge governments of the US, France and Britain will exercise their veto to squash any such aspirations.
Flatbrokes, the UK’s ubiquitous High Street bookies, are giving top odds against any bid by Palestine before the UN Security Council to be more at scent than substance and having as much chance of success as shoving butter up a porcupine’s arse with a red hot knitting needle.

Such is the will of the Jews of convenience running the Knesset in Jerusalem, and typical of the corruption-mired US Congress and Senate – and White House pursuing this self-destruct policy of Israel First - coerced by AIPAC’s ZioNazi lobbyists to do their bidding via their tried and tested Three B’s Policy: Blackmail, Bribes and Bodybags - and now totally owned by the Rothshite’s Ashkenazi neshekers and shulhani merchants.

The Israeli’s UN Ambassador, Yetzer Hara, speaking to one press hack from the Pound of Flesh Gazette in New York yesterday, dished out lashings of hasbara, chutzpah and hudaibiya as he branded the UNESCO vote a unilateral Palestinian manoeuvre which will bring no change on the ground but now annuls any and all possibility for a peace agreement.
“These bastard whingeing Palestinian goyim pondscum – they have initiated this Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign against us and now they want membership of the United Nations so they can demand the land back that we stole off them 63 years ago. Are they mad? Do they not realise we are God’s Chosen People?”

“Just watch for the repercussions that these people will bring onto their owns heads for this audacious display of self –determination. The IDF’s 21st Mosque Demolition Regiment and the Hafganat Koah Brigade will be out tonight, bulldozing illegal olive groves and water wells – then the West Bak and Gaza will have all their crossings blockaded – and for good measure we’ll chop off their telephone and internet services.”

So, this constitutes Israeli munificence and stands as the magnanimous policy of God’s Chosen People? This hypocrisy that postures itself with such kvelling, declaring the rogue state as the Middle East’s Beacon of Democracy - to stamp their jackboots down hard on the aspirations of a marginalised people deprived of their rightful sovereign statehood through Zionist avarice and aggression – and simply crying out for fair play.

Thought for the day. Fuck the US of A and the ZioNazi state of Israel and the Rothshite crime syndicate’s New World Order.

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