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Kikester Organ Theft Black Market Exposed

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In the first ever federal conviction for illegal transplant organ trafficking, Rabbi Levy Izhak Rosenshite of New York’s St Shylock’s Synagogue for Latter Day Meshuggenahs, entered a plea of ‘doing God’s work’ – claiming he was performing life-saving services for severely ill people.

The Rabbi admitted in a Trenton, NJ federal court to brokering scores of illegal organ transplant sales for wealthy members of his congregation and their friends in exchange for payments of US$120,000 upwards – depending on what actual spare body part they required – heart, liver, pancreas, lungs, corneas, kidneys, testicles – or a bundle of fresh foreskins for cosmetic surgery procedures.

Rosenshite, a self-deluded paragon of corruption, also pleaded not guilty to hundreds of conspiracy charges of running an illegal trade in transplant organs - buying specified items in Israel for $10,000 via the Jerusalem-based Organs-R-Us website and flogging them off in the U.S. for $120,000 apiece.

Trenton District Attorney Mohammed al-Hisbah, prosecuting for the state, informed the court this illegal trade obviously constituted a most profitable diversion from Rabbi Rosenshite’s customary involvement with usury and snipping the ends off cocks, and was a typical display of kikester avarice - making a quick buck out of any activity – criminal or otherwise.

Rosenshite, employing a calculated blend of brazen arrogance, chutzpah, gross hypocrisy and blatant hudaibiya, stated for the court record that he was simply assisting desperately ill people by sourcing organ donors in Israel.
At this point DA al-Hisbah interjected that tests on the seized organs in cold storage at the St Shylock’s Synagogue – and too those intercepted at the Kennedy International Airport’s customs, arriving from Tel Aviv and being smuggled in disguised as frozen matzo, all proved to contain Palestinian Semite DNA and not a trace of Israe;i Khazar-Ashkenazi mongrel genes amongst them.

The 69-year-old Rosenshite was collared two years ago following a huge investigation into corruption in New Jersey, with the probe resulting in hundreds of arrests, including a score of villainous rabid rabbis. Rosenshite was personally nabbed when Shovrim Shtika, an FBI informant pretending to be a moneyed Jewish businessman, approached the black market organ syndicate to source a new liver for his alcoholic Granny.

Rosenshite was then caught on tape boasting that he brokered 'shitloads of illegal transplants’ – and all guaranteed to be healthy organs, freshly harvested from Palestinian children – confidentially justifying the practice, from one kikester to another, as “So what, these are Muslim scum, they’re only goyim cattle and there for our use”- a piece of misguided rhetoric over logic taken straight from the pages of the perverted Protocols of the Greedy Bastard Elders of Zion.

This sting operation led to an international investigation into the Israeli source of the illegal transplant organs, which finally pinpointed the IDF’s Facility 1391 interrogation and re-education centre for Palestinian detainees - a former Tegart fort on route 574 between kibbutz O’chel Batachat and kibbutz Rosh Tahat in northern Israel, maintained at ‘full occupancy’ status by the combined venal efforts of the Yassam riot police, the IDF’s Hafganat Koah Brigade and Mossad’s Kidon Ratsach snuff units.

Regardless of vehement denials by Yetzer Hara, the Israeli Minister for Black Propaganda, Facility 1391 has been labelled as the IDF’s own version of the US Guantanamo Bay torture ‘resort’ - though a more fitting metaphoric comparison for the place would be with one of the infamous Nazi death camps - such as Belsen or Auschwitz-Birkenau – as the hapless Palestinians entering the prison can be made to disappear, potentially forever - no different from the jails run by a legion of despotic Third World dictators and their outlaw regimes – or Hitler’s SS.

Presiding Judge Achmed al Thar, directing the jury to find Rosenshite guilty on all counts, commented that the case was better matched to the Invasion of the Body Snatchers than an illegal transplant organ syndicate – and he personally found it quite an amazing eye-opening exposé of the crimes that God’s Chosen People seem to get themselves involved with – especially so these Jewish holy men – stricken with stifled consciences.

Rosenshite faces a maximum five-year prison sentence on each count and a fine of up to $250,000 – plus the forfeit of $420,000 in property that came from the illicit organ sales. Hopefully he’s up to spending the remainder of his mortal days in one of the US’s sodomite paradise penitentiaries - playing the role of some psycho thug’s suck n swallow bitch – and taking it up the arse ten times a day.

Well, for a change we see justice being meted out due this case being tried by a Gentile ‘goyim’ judge and not one of the rabid Rabbi’s fellow kikesters. Plus no Divine Intervention by Jehovah for the Rabbi in this case – or a get out of jail free card - as he’d doubtless have copped if tried in one of the Rothshite crime syndicate’s Israeli courts.

Hmmm, and these paranoid tossers have the blatant audacity to complain that people hate them. Well, apart from having Jesus Christ murdered – consider the crimes against humanity they continue to visit on the hapless heads of the usurped Palestinian populations of the occupied West Bank and besieged Gaza Strip. Disregarding the customary howls of anti-Semitism aimed at the authors of any form of criticism, these Jews of convenience running Israel are not a nice people, hence little wonder the world is waking up to the fact they are pariahs who have no place in polite society.

To quote their kvelling (boasts), and hasbara (propaganda / spin) Pavlovian soundbite mantra: “Israel is the Middle East’s shining Beacon of Democracy. What utter bullshit – more like the Beacon of Hypocrisy.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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