Friday, 4 November 2011

EU Debtocracy a Basket Case

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The PTB (Powers That Be) aka ‘THEM’ – the kikester Illuminati – are shitting kittens that Greek PM George Popgoestheweasel, struck by a bout of conscience, has announced that to be fair all round (especially so to his own population versus the corrupt self-interests of the Shylock banksters) he proposes to stage a referendum on either adopting the self-harming austerity measures being imposed by the EUSSR and IMF – or to say “fuck it” and opt out of the Eurozone – and too the 27 member insolvent community altogether.

Oh yes, that’s what has THEM ‘worried’ with a large capital W – the Greeks holding a one-off ballot which will obviously return a nation-wide unanimous vote of “Stick Yer Euro!” – unlike numpty Eire where they kept holding repeat referendums until the rigged ballot eventually came back positive.

Really, no wonder the banksters are suffering paroxysms of nail-biting agitation and ballistic diarrhoea with the Greek PM harbouring designs on anything as stupid as letting the common herd decide their own fate.
What would come next if the entire EUSSR community adopted such a self-destructive policy as allowing the sheeple to ‘think’? Pull out of NATO and put an end to the current steam roller campaign of Western neo-colonial aggression across the Middle East - stealing natural resources and demonising all of Islam as a religion inciting terrorism?

That would put the block on the latest batch of imperialist adventures to lever the Chinese out of Third World Africa and instigate a series of military coups to install their own compliant puppet regime despots who haven’t a fucking clue what a looming ecological disaster might be - and think a carbon footprint is the mark your trainers leave after stepping in the fire hearth – but are blessed with the mental acuity to memorise a 15-digit numbered Swiss bank account code.

The latest rumours claim that Greece's finance minister Spando Rigormortis has broken ranks with PM Popgoestheweasel over his planned referendum on whether to ditch the latest mega-bucks bailout package, which will mean the basket case Balkan state racing headlong into a disastrous debt default - (disastrous for the Rothshite crime syndicate’s banksters, that is).

Rigormortis, the type of person you can take anywhere twice – the second time to apologise - issued a statement to one press hack from the Bankruptcy Gazette after attending crisis talks in the back room of a Zurich pawn shop with German Chancellor Angela ‘Sauerkraut’ Merkel and France’s midget troll of a President, Nicolas 'Rumpelstiltskin' Sarkozy.

“The EUSSR leaders fear that should Greece deliver a "no" vote in this referendum it will plunge the country into an even worse fucking mess than it is already and kick start an epidemic of financial contagion spreading like a dose of clap in an Athens whore house to the rest of the fatally-flawed Eurozone community.”

Sarkozy, rumoured to be the product of a genetically-modified organism experiment gone awry – and forever anxious to get his own two-penneth in, added "These Greek merdes must decide whether they want to continue this journey of misadventure down the road to total penury and ruin with the rest of us or quit now and miss the chance of lots more freebie taxpayer bailouts before the shit really hits the fan.”
“Under the statutes of Brussels’ Bankster Bailout Act there’s no way they’re going to get paid the next mega-zillion euros tranche in emergency funds until they wake up and get their act together – back on the same wavelength as the rest of us – and shitcan this referendum scheme.”

Conversely, PM George Popgoestheweasel opined to the media that “All I want for Greece is a peaceful existence, a sustainable future, economic justice and basic democracy – plus my guaranteed pension - and no longer be involved with Brussels’ festering Debtocracy.”

“Everyone here has had it to the back teeth with having this evil military-industrial Corporatocracy forced down our throats at every turn. We have watched how the edicts of the Protocols of the Greedy Bastard Elders of Zion are applied to corrupt sovereign governments and legislatures, then create their own private armies like Slackwater / XE, use the Fed’ to engage in systemic economic fraud, and plunder treasuries and ecosystems – to the detriment of the masses and benefit of the very elite few.”

“These emasculating austerity measures that the Brussels bullies are demanding might be okay for Greece’s Spartan province but it’s not going to go down well with the rest of the country. If I don’t give them a referendum before it all unravels, then I’m going to end up with my bollocks missing and crucified - nailed upside-down to a tree like St Peter before me.”

So, let’s hear it for Greece’s down-trodden masses: “Referendum! Referendum! Referendum!”

Stop press – drop the polar bear swims Channel story: PM George Popgoestheweasel has tonight stated for the public record that after receiving a nasty anonymous phone call asking if he’d like to join the David Kelly Assisted Suicide Club he has now decided to seek a consensus with the opposition on a eurozone bailout - as an alternative to holding a referendum.
Alas, as the old maxim goes: “If treason doth prosper, none dare call it treason".

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