Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Tories Plot Criminal Indemnity for MI5/MI6

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The UK’s pro-Zionist ‘Friends of Israel Club’ member and incumbent Foreign Secretary, Willy ‘Closet Case’ Vague, up to his usual scheming tricks – with all designed to work against the best interests of Broken Britain’s voting public - is rumoured to be backing plans that will restrict ‘cat out of the bag’ type information relating to the misdeeds of the MI5 and MI6 security services being revealed in open court – and hence prevent the government getting into deep shit for sanctioning their criminal activities.

If Vague and other Big Brother dystopic state fanatics comprising Posh Dave Scameron’s Zillionaires Cabinet get their way, then sensitive national security information – such as MI5/ MI6 responsibility for the 7/7 London underground tube train bombings and the assisted suicide of whistle-blowing weapons inspector Dr David Kelly – plus an extensive catalogue of similar crimes - would be heard in closed courts or ‘camera’ under the proposed scheme.

In a House of Conmans speech later today, Vague will further commit to "drawing a line" under disclosing the involvement of UK security agents in torturing hapless Muslims suspected of plotting Wallace and Gromet style pantomime terrorist attacks using such ridiculous components as the castor bean toxic extract ‘ricin’ to poison every infidel fucker and their heathen dog in Georgi Markov style umbrella attacks - or blend black pepper and peroxide over the kitchen stove to create an arsenal of sub-nuclear fireball weapons.

Vague’s proposed ‘sub rosa’ courts legislation has copped for lashings of criticism by human rights and wrongs campaign groups such as Ox-Rat and Amnesty who still maintain the UK’s security services were responsible for snuffing Dr Kelly in the Grassy Knoll Woods – and silencing Mohammed al Patsy and his three Muslim stooge accomplices who were conned into a play-acting role in the 7/7 tube train attacks.

Al Patsy & Co were taken out in a Kratos style assassination at Canary Wharf on the morning of the false flag terror attacks that were criminally expedited by Tony Bliar’s government to further demonise Islam and pave the way for the imposition of additional draconic legislation to achieve a total panopticon surveillance state.

Regardless of Vague’s fascist ‘wish list’ being topped with the absolute necessity of keeping awkward and embarrassing moggies securely ‘bagged’ in a soundproof sack, vexatious claims of the UK's alleged torture role have emerged in civil court cases.

One stellar example quoted by Ox-Rat is the case of Achmed al Ka-Boom, a suspected Jolly Jihad shaheed suicide bomber, who was actually an innocent Bradford milkman – (whose worst crime was selling past-shelf-life yoghourts) - being flown out on a CIA extraordinary rendition flight to Guantanamo Bay in 2002 and was there subjected to both physical and psychological regimes of torture which included getting buggered by the prison camp Dobermans, being made to shower and shave every day and force fed bacon butties while on hunger strike.

Such public disclosures of this type of criminal activity represent a source of acute embarrassment to the pro-Zionist Tory-dominated coalition government, which Vague wishes to eliminate the possibility of with his ‘secret courts’ proposal – and thus maintain the hypocritical fa├žade that, in his own duplicitous words - quote: "The very making of these criminal allegations serves to undermine Britain's standing on the global geo-political stage as a country that observes the statutes of international law and abhors torture. As a government we understand how important it is that we not only uphold our values and international law, but that we are seen to do so."

Hmmm, yeah, right on Willy – same as you do with this mockery of supporting self-determination and democracy for Mid-East and African Third World shitholes, yet turn a blind eye and deaf ear to the plight of Bahrain’s Arab Spring pro-democracy protesters – and too the dispossessed Palestinian populations of the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip – besieged behind the Israeli’s Great Apartheid Walls in the biggest Nazi style concentration camps on the planet.

Excuse me while I throw up as the term ‘double standards’ doesn’t even enter into it when this pathetic excuse of an Israel-First Tory government is so beholden to it kikester Rothshite crime syndicate bankster bosses for patronage and political funding.

We fucked up badly enough in 1917 with one Foreign Secretary, Arthur Balfour, (yet another fudging faggot) being so stupid as to scribe out a private memo to Lord Rothshite that was so propagandised and conjured by the Ashkenazi Zionists to take on a Busby Berkeley spectacular life of its own as a mandated approval by the British government that served to justify the 1948 theft of Palestine and the illegal founding of the criminal state of Israel.

Hence we raise the question - why now are successive British governments still pandering to these Satanic Khazar Jews of convenience out to make their ‘forged’ Protocols of the Greedy Bastard Elders of Zion a manifest reality in the establishment of the globalists’ New World Order?

Oh well, at the end of the day, FS Vague’s simply another gopher, following orders - like the Nazis before him, who pleaded that same excuse – to no avail - at Nuremberg.
Willy’s out to put the block on the revelation of the legions of cardinal sins committed by successive corrupt governments – (Thatcher-era Tories, Bliar’s New Labour – now this Scameron-led crooked Libservative Coalition) - against the very electorate they were voted to represent and protect the interests of.

And what a litany it is too. Conspiratorial involvement in the 9/11 false flag attacks to justify the illegal invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq – and dodgy dossiers on weapons of mass distraction – to name but a couple.

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