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Davidson: a Paladin for Justice Denied?

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With bonny Scotland’s Crown Office launching their ‘Kick a Good Samaritan Month’ this coming 14th November at Stonehaven Sheriff’s Court, here it is considered prudent to primarily pose an impartial question as we commence this critique of ‘See you Jimmy’ style fair play north of the border. Do new brooms sweep clean, we ask – or simply continue to brush the scandals and corruptions under the same old rug?

Only time will tell – but as of speaking with a senior tout at Flatbrokes, the UK’s ubiquitous High Street bookies, earlier today on the chances of obtaining favourable odds on the new Scottish Conservative leader, MSP Ruth Davidson, wading into the cesspit of graft and improbity that constitutes the arterial life’s blood of Caledonia’s Holyrood Parliament, and aiming her righteous kick boxer boot straight at the wasp’s nest – or can of nasty worms – represented by the continuing ignominious cover-up of the systematic rape of disabled children in Grampian’s crime and kiddie fiddling capital of Scaberdeen by establishment worthies, the reply was a succinct – “Give yer odds even - watch this space and don’t hold yer effin’ breath.”

Davidson, a self-outed dyke who prefers rug-munching to fellatio, with her spiky Dennis the Menace coiffeur, is the first overall Tory leader for Scotland following a shake-up of the party structure and immediately distanced herself from Westminster’s past jackboot control by insisting PM Posh Dave Scameron is not the party boss north of the border – confiding to one press hack from the Sporran Strokers Gazette “I’m the one wearing the pants around Holyrood’s Tory benches now – these other tadger-pulling dog wankers wear the tartan skirts.”

The 32-year-old newly-elected MSP, a former pole dancer at Grangemouth’s notorious Godemiche Club, also highlighted her intended pugnacious approach to policy in the Scottish Parliament. "I'll be pursuing the manifestation of a vision that is right for Scotland and right for the tainted Scottish Tory Party, and I just hope old Alex ‘Six Chins’ Salmond goes along with my thinking and doesn’t make any waves. However, if he needs a foot up his lardy arse, then I'm just the lassie to do it."

So, does this ‘threat’ imply the canny Davidson intends to apply her political clout and belligerent butch manner to finally force the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service – Lord Advocate Frank ‘Aberdeen Aluminus’ Mulholland and Justice Minister Kenny ‘Piranha Teeth’ MacAskill - to initiate the long-denied independent inquiry into the allegations of widespread ritual kiddie fiddling by a cabal of ranking Scaberdeen local authority officials that has been sexually abusing minors with impunity for a minimum of two decades – with all victims either bought off, silenced with threats - or murdered outright - as per the shameful case of one Robert Greig, uncle of Hollie Greig, a Down’s Syndrome sufferer who was sexually abused since childhood by this despicable pederast clan of perverted local worthies?

Well, to date, not only have Scaberdeen’s police and judiciary been dodging the issue every time some inconsiderate sod comes along asking questions – as per the same from the entire Holyrood Parliament’s membership – and too Westminster’s House of Conmans when likewise petitioned – but ex-Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini and Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill have gone to extraordinary lengths to cover up the entire sexual abuse scandal and pursue litigation against any persons of moral conscience who have sought justice for the victims.

Now we come to the nitty-gritty and the scheduled 14th November 2011 persecution of Good Samaritan Robert Green, a south of the border based Sassenach investigative journalist who has, acting as the lay legal representative for Hollie Greig, gone against all odds to instigate an investigation into the Scaberdeen paedophile scandal and seek justice and closure for Hollie and her mother, Anne – and a legion of like child victims.

In February 2010, Rob was running as an Independent candidate in the forthcoming elections for the Scaberdeen South ward – with the intention of launching the long-denied investigation into the city’s systemic culture of officially-approved pederasty from the advantage of political office – when he was summarily arrested, charged with disturbing the peace and any other crime that could be concocted short of treason and domestic terrorism, with his hearings staged miles to the south at Stonehaven Sheriffs’ Court – in camera.

Oh yes, obviously someone with plenty of political clout wanted this man silencing before his extensive knowledge of the sordid affair – a credible expert with impeccable moral credentials - was broadcast across the length and breadth of the media and public arena.

And it is here that the charge of ‘breach of the peace’ (in broad daylight while canvassing for votes on a Scaberdeen street) takes on an air of the macabre when we view Rob Green’s imposed Kafkaesque bail conditions.
News media coverage of the case banned with a capital B. Mr Green was prohibited from contacting various persons against whom he has made allegations – specifically the case’s prime suspect - the notorious kiddie fiddler and cottaging sodomite, Scaberdeen Sheriff Graeme Buchanan.

Green was further barred from contacting people he has alleged are victims – and from contacting a named doctor whose evidence was integral to the sexual assault case. Too, he was prohibited from making similar allegations against any fucker or their dog in fact - and to cap off the bizarre insult to injury bail conditions – from even setting foot inside the boundaries of the local authority areas of the city of Scaberdeen and Scaberdeenshire – hence denying him the opportunity to further canvass for his electoral bid for a seat in the Scottish Parliament.

Hmmm well, what a stitch up – but it’s a legal dodge that worked okay for Goebbels – and Stalin too – and it’s worked – so far - for Anne Currie, the moronic Area Procurator Fiscal for Grampian, who has bent every rule in the book to obstruct Rob Green’s defence in this case and to ensure that Truth, Reason & Justice are denied – and the conspiratorial shadows of darkness prevail.

PF Currie, due her unqualified arrogance and questionable actions in this case, is a person who doesn’t qualify for a slot in the index of Linnaean taxonomy - and along with the entire Scots judicial system – courts, attorneys, police, media – have all, in the now internationally-notorious Hollie Greig sexual abuse case - collectively pawned whatever moral franchise they once, if ever, possessed and are devoid of all credibility.

Ms Ann Currie – whose ego far surpasses her limited intellect – is known to friends and associates alike as the type of person you can take anywhere twice – the second time to apologise – by her illegal actions regarding the Robert Green prosecution (read ‘persecution’) case fits in so well with Scotland’s judiciary and the political cabals infesting the Holyrood Parliament and too, all Scotland’s local authorities – now so mired with graft and corruption at all levels of government that no part of the venal system is able to operate without them.

At each appearance Rob Green has been summoned to make before the Stonehaven Sheriffs’ Court, the venal PF Currie, obviously instructed by powers above her own, to pursue a conspiratorial agenda in prosecuting the accused, has disingenuously employed faulty rhetoric versus logic and common sense to obstruct his defence mechanisms and deny him legal aid. She has further criminally connived to suppress and subvert a plethora of overwhelming evidence of numerous extraordinary anomalies and contradictions pertinent to the case – or caused such to be prohibited from broadcast by the media.

And with good cause too, for Robert Green is an individual that the SNP and Holyrood fear most. A man of moral conscience bent on a crusade – tear-arsing north across Hadrian’s Wall at full gallop, mud-splattered and high in oath – in pursuit of justice for the disabled Hollie Greig, afflicted with Downs Syndrome, and subjected to ritualistic sexual abuse since childhood by her own father and brother and a cabal of Scaberdeen’s establishment worthies (sic).

The now ex-Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini informed press hacks on appointing the diminutive Ann Currie to the position of Procurator Fiscal in 2008: "With more than 20 years' experience at the Crown Office, Ms Currie brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to the important task of covering up the crimes and misdemeanours of our Scaberdeen-based Scottish Rite Masonic chiefs and can hopefully keep this Hollie Greig paedo’ sexual abuse scandal can of worms shut tighter than Alex Salmond’s wallet.”

The gospel according to the SNP’s Coverups-R-Us website, PF Ann Currie is rumoured to have been bestowed by Scaberdeen’s Ferryhill Masonic Lodge with the questionable accolade of Honorary Bencher of the Middle Temple for her corrupt efforts in suppressing and subverting vital evidence and besmearing the good name of Robert Green during the ongoing breach of the peace hearings at grotty Grampian’s Stonehaven Sheriffs’ Court.

Thought for the day: So, is anyone of a mind to offer better odds than Flatbrokes on the all-new Scottish Conservative leader, MSP Ruth Davidson, possessing the integrity and courage to take up the challenge posed by the issues in the Hollie Greig case.

Whatever, she can’t do worse than Advocate-Depute Gillian Wade who took over at the helm of the National Sexual Crimes Unit in August – an investigative body created two years ago to bring cases including rape, child sex abuse, sheep shagging, haggis dogging and sex trafficking to trial – and has, to date, ignored all petitions and entreaties to scrutinise afresh the conspiratorial cover up regarding the infamous Scaberdeen kiddie fiddling club.

To misquote the old maxim: “If crime doth prosper officialdom, then none dare call it crime".

As Johnson once did pose – “What can be done with a Scotsman if caught so young?” Slap some modicum of honesty and a moral conscience into him – or her, perhaps?

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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