Friday, 18 November 2011

Robert Green Trial: Scotland’s Undying Shame

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For the purported crime of ‘Breach of the Peace’ (no, not drunken cavorting and brawling outside a pub in a mini-kilt – but canvassing for public office and handing out election campaign leaflets in broad daylight) committed in the middle of Scaberdeen during February of 2010, Robert Green was arrested and held incommunicado while his south of the border Warrington home was raided and ransacked, and personal files and computer equipment confiscated as ’evidence’ - more to the point to seize and suppress the documented evidence concerning his investigation into the Hollie Greig sexual abuse case and the murder of her Uncle Roy.

So, here we have a Breach of the Peace charge against campaigner Robert Green that has so far cost the taxpayers’ purse in excess of half a zillion quid – excluding VAT. A case that has so far resulted in a ‘baker’s dozen’ hearings in the backwater Sheriff’s court of Stonehaven over the last year and nine months – with a total, to date, of sixty-one witnesses being listed to appear for the prosecution and/or defence – several more than appeared at Nuremberg for the 1946 trial of Nazi elitist Albert Speer – who coincidentally was also up on breach of the peace charges relating to his part in causing World War Two.

The Catholic Inquisition pursued, imprisoned or burned countless scientists and philosophers at the stake during the ‘enlightened’ Renaissance Age for acts of heresy – daring to shout Eureka! concerning provable facts that conflicted with the Vatican-mandated status quo. For stating the Earth is not the centre of the Universe – and that the our pale blue dot orbits the Sun - and not the other way round.
Persecuted and condemned to the flames – for their pursuit of the truth - for telling the honest truth.

And here we have Robert Green on a mission to do the same in seeking justice and closure for Hollie Greig and many other special needs children who were sexually abused by this paedophile ring comprised of ranking establishment figures belonging to Scaberdeen’s officialdom.

As of last Monday morning at the Stonehaven Sheriff’s Court this Kafkaesque ‘pantomime’ turned into a Whitehall farce directed by Wallace and Gromet when the Procurator Fiscal was informed he couldn’t prosecute the case as he was listed as a witness – which has now resulted in yet another delay – not helped by Mr Green’s legal defence team having a virtual sea change of mind and purpose in advising him to plead guilty – then upon receiving a negative reply decided to withdraw their services.

Hmmm, pantomime isn’t in it – I think we’ve seen better organized riots – and all to prosecute a breach of the peace?

Albeit the word 'prosecute' should be replaced with ‘persecute’ - for this better represents what is manifested by the Crown Office's draconic attempts to silence an honest man, Robert Green, via this concocted charge of breaching the peace. ‘Whose peace?’ is the question that requires answers. Disturbing sleeping dogs best left to lie, and rattling skeletons in the cupboard, perhaps? Disturbing the stifled consciences of those in the know of who the guilty parties are – and might just be prompted by Robert’s investigation into righting a long-ignored wrong. Oh yes, as the old maxim goes: loose lips sink ships.

This attempt to silence a man who speaks a very inconvenient and unpalatable truth concerning the graft and corruption permeating the very fabric of the Scaberdeen establishment and associate officialdom is fraught with the spectre of unintended consequences – for all concerning and not just the apathetic and corrupt Plod Squad.
The next conspiratorial sore thumb is the Crown Office staging this legal travesty of justice at the remote Stonehaven Sheriffs’ Court, then disallowing the man a fair trial before a jury of his peers – plus a most suspicious virtual media blackout has descended on the proceedings.
Hmmm, something stinks in Holyrood – and it isn’t Alex Salmond’s socks.

Ach mein Gott, there’s got to be some very worried – and too guilty – people involved with this scandal for them to pursue such despicable and illegal tactics to silence an honest man from revealing the truth and seeking justice for a disabled girl - systematically and ritually raped for years on end – along with many other ‘special needs’ children – by these pariahs of civilized decent society - this cabal of ranking Jocks in Frocks homosexuals and kiddie fiddling pederasts who have stooped to murder to conceal their collective sins.

Though this venal conspiracy to obstruct, obscure and silence the truth has run its day, as public opinion, both domestic and international, against the suppression of the Hollie Greig paedophile sexual abuse scandal is gathering strength at a geometric rate and will eventually reach a critical mass state where the moral backlash reaction against the continuing crimes of the Scottish establishment will manifest as an eruption of Biblical proportions.

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