Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Sarko the Sayanim on Mossad Shit List

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The midget troll of a French President Nicolas Sarkozy is knee deep in the shit with his Rothshite crime syndicate bosses for committing a massive faux pax last weekend. This heinous act of political incorrectness - caused as usual due opening his mouth before engaging brain - and within the hearing of a gaggle of back-stabbing paparazzi - might just amount to a career auto-da-fe – or with the diminutive sayan being discovered propped against a tree in the David Kelly Memorial Woods of Paris’s sprawling Grassy Knoll Park – wrists slashed with a blunt pruning knife, a gut full of co-proxamol tablets – and an assisted suicide note pinned to his chest, hurriedly scribbled on Dignitas Clinic notepaper in his own blood.

According to media sources attending the G20 summit, poison dwarf Sarko and the Kenyan cuckoo US President Barky O’Barmy were in a side room, supposedly engaged in a private conversation while snorting a couple of lines of top grade Columbian snow and forgot their collar mikes were still switched on – and were overheard by several journalists while dissing the outlaw state of Israel as an international bully and political pariah.

News reports in La Merde and Haaretz state that O’Barmy was taking Sarko to task for voting in favour of the Palestinian petition for full membership of the UN cultural organisation, Unesco - a bid that was approved despite the Yanks being ordered by Tel Aviv to veto it.

As the assembled journalists pricked up their ears and activated their voice recorders, Sarkozy replied that he was sick to the teeth of Israel’s whingeing and demands, stating unwittingly for the public record: “Their Prime Minister Bobo Nutyahoo is a right lying cunt, and I can't stand the Ashkenazi bastard any more.”

“He's a real kikester shitbag – just like that other Shylock prick Olmert was - always on the phone at all hours of the day and night giving me orders – same as that other twat Ja’akoff Rothshite in London with his blackmail threats to make public a few of my minor indiscretions from years back – having sex with children and the odd farm animal or two.”

To which O’Barmy replied "You may be sick of him, Sarko but me, I have to deal with the arsehole every day – and his fucking AIPAC scumbag Fagin lobbyists control the entire Senate and Congress - they’ve got the lot in their pockets – and threatening to do this, that or the other if I don’t dance to their tune. Blackmailing me over sucking Larry Sinclair’s cock in the back of a limo’ and snorting a couple of tracks of coke while he butt-fucked me. It’s all a pile of entrapment crap cos it was Mossad’s boy Rahm Emanuel that set me up for that gay date at our Rub n Tug bathhouse club in Chicago.”

“No shit, the kikesters rule the US – all the shitty Shylock banks, and Wall Street - the entire media system and Hollywood too. They’ve burrowed their way under the skin of American culture and infest the place like vermin. We ain’t composed of 50 states anymore – we’re just an annex of the Rothshite’s crime empire capital of Israel.”

After being privy to this accidental yet imprudent critical discourse, the international press were hot off the mark, labelling Sarko’s remarks, those of the nation’s leader, as expressing the sentiments of the entire French population – all sick of Israel’s demands – and the Le Merde red top tabloid running with the headline ‘Sarko the Gobshite’.

Le Merde’s political correspondent, Jacques Debile opined that Sarko and O’Barmy’s remarks, taken jointly, indicate an obvious breakdown of trust with the Israeli leader which could have wider implications for the illusionary, non-existent Middle East peace process between the bully boy kikester state and the dispossessed Palestinian populations of the occupied West Bank and the besieged Gaza Strip.

“Sarko seems to have a difficult relationship with several world leaders – especially the ones that are taller than him – which covers the lot really – including Angela Merkel and that little bloke from Japan.”
“But that’s our Nicky – an arsehole from start to finish that you can take anywhere twice – the second time to apologise. I’m surprised he and the Kenyan guy back-stabbed old Bobo Nuttyahoo like that – even in what they thought was a private conversation, as all three of them have so much in common. They’re all lying shits, renown for their unqualified arrogance, adore having their egos massaged by fawning acolytes - and pontificating on their favourite subjects – themselves.”

German Chancellor Merkel, advised by a Der Scheisse reporter of the Sarko-O’Barmy eavesdropped indiscretions, simply laughed the issue off with “Ah, silly Nicky and his big mouth - but he’s so cute and reminds me of one of the little gnomes sat around my garden fish pond.”

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