Friday, 18 November 2011

Filipinos Protest: Yankee Go Home!

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Howling and scowling protesters were out on the streets of Manila in their legions yesterday, demonstrating once again their latent capacity for displays of People Power – this time giving the big finger to the rug-munching US Secretary of Sleaze, Hilarious Rodent Clinton and her entourage of war-mongering scumbags.

Super-Dyke & Co were there on a flying propaganda mission to mark the 60th anniversary of the signing of the one-sided Philippines / US Mutual Defence Treaty.
(Que? WTF? – as if the Philippines is going to go rushing across the Pacific in a fleet of banka boats with outriggers to defend the good ole US of A – lol’s).

The protests kicked off big time following the highly symbolic ceremony aboard the USS Babykiller, a guided missile cruiser docked in South Harbour on a courtesy visit from Guam to facilitate the occasion – while on its voyage north to be stationed off Iran ready for the forthcoming pre-emptive attacks on the Mad Mullah Republic by the US-led NATO Coalition of the Global Bullies.

The demonstrators pursued the rabid Rodent’s convoy through Manila, splattering the black Chevy Suburbans with a veritable barrage of red paintballs and hurling their protest placards as they drove to Malacanang Palace for a meeting with President Noynoy Aquino - the son of Marcos’s nemesis: the Yellow Peril ‘Cory’ - to ratify the contentious Visiting Forces Agreement, which indemnifies the US’s psychopath troops from arrest and prosecution for any ‘misdemeanour’ they might br inclined to commit while guests in the Republic of the Philistines.

You name it, they’ve done it. The full spectrum of the criminal code – from Arson to Zoophilia. Assault, GBH, theft, gun-running, drug dealing, kiddie fiddling, sodomy, rape and murder – all so well evidenced by a backlog of unpunished crimes when troops were stationed full time at Clark Base and Subic Bay – and Wallace and Sangley Point - up until the early 1990’s when the Mount Pinatubo eruption blanketed Clark with volcanic ash and drove them out – along with a spot of help from an obstinate Philippine Senate.

However, since the US and Israelis self-engineered the 9/11 false flag attacks on the Great Satan in 2001, so as to demonise Islam and declare every Muslim and their dog a potential ‘terrorist’ on the grounds they don’t eat bacon sandwiches and apparently abhor our most questionable ‘democratic freedoms’ – the Yanks have been squirming their way back into the 7,100 island archipelago via the excuse that Abu Sayyaf – yet another Western al Qaeda style Muslim terrorist creation – is simply months away from building their own nuclear weapons down in their Southern Sulu Sea jungle hideaway and getting ready to overthrown civilisation as we know it..

Oh yes, that’s the gospel according to the CIA and Mossad anyways – disingenuous as it might be. For fuck’s sake, the Abu Sayyaf rag-arses can’t even organise a dentist for themselves down on Basilan – never mind conjure up an arsenal of nukes.

So Mang Pinoy made his point with a barrage of red paintballs - jolly good show. Not that yesterday’s protests will have any effect on the Rodent. That thick-skinned muff muncher, alike her ZioNazi bosses, doesn’t give a shit about the nationalist sentiments of any fucker – especially a bunch of ingrate Third World peasants.

And by that same rule the hapless, long-suffering Filipinos have had a gut-full of Western domination. The Sleazy Spics were there for 350 years – and had the cheek to bring Catholicism along with them – whose corrupt friars beat the Pinoy’s devout animist beliefs out of them.
Then the Yanks came along in 1898 and took over until 1941 when the Japs kicked them out – then back again in 1945 until Independence (sic) was granted in 1946 – with more strings attached than a Maypole. But that’s the Yanks – like termites – a bitch to get rid of.

President Manuel Roxas once stated, referring to the brutal Spanish colonisation, followed by the half-century presence of the obnoxious Yanks.
“We’ve had 350 years in a convent – followed by fifty years in a brothel" - and - "I’d sooner have a Philippines run like Hell by Filipinos than one run like Heaven by these Americans.”

Thought for the day: How times, and too sentiments, change. The old protest call by Pinoys outside the US Embassy on Roxas Boulevard when Fred Marcos and his Kleptocracy Party were in power was Yankee go Home! – (and please take us with you).

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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