Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Eurozone States Fall to Technocrat Putsch

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Established now as more at truth than wild rumour, Italy’s technocrat Prime Minister, Super Mario Monti Python (aka Three Card Monti has formed a cabinet composed of non-elected officials with zero political or government experience – and is the second to achieve a civilian ‘putsch’ for Brussels’ fascist hierarchy – following in Greece’s footsteps. So, is this going to be the way for all of the EUSSR’s 27 member states – or at least the 17 euro currency members – dictated to by a series of technocrat juntas?

Time for a spot of advanced guessology: who’s next for the ‘silent putsch’ – Portugal or Spain or Eire - the toothless Celtic tiger - to end up being dictated to by despotic and repressive unelected regimes, dishing out draconic austerity measures on hapless civilian populations – the merciless likes of which would have Stalin and Mao filing human rights abuse complaints with the UN?

Talk about achieving a silent, open door putsch – here as a classic example we have shit-for-brains Egypt, whose Bolshie peasants kicked out the Mubarak dynasty’s criminal kleptocrats with their People Power Arab Spring revolt and ended up with an obnoxious ‘military junta’? Que? WTF? And these thick tossers are supposed to have mastered the Golden Mean and built Giza’s pyramids?

And now the moronic populations of Greece and Italy are allowing it to happen before their very ‘myopic’ eyes – the Rothshite / IMF technocrats at the helm of power in their respective Parliaments - all high in oath and at full gallop to maintain the status quo of the doomed euro currency against all odds.

But, as Broken Britain learned with the hapless John Major’s fatally-flawed Exchange Rate Mechanism fubar - halting the inevitable surge of the tide of change didn’t work for King Canute and it doesn’t work today. The euro’s fucked with a large capital ‘F’ and it ain’t gonna recover – no matter how much ‘quantitative easing’ gets thrown at the problem.

Conversely, in the fascist mindsets of Krautland’s manky Merkel and the French mini-troll Sarkozy, those to blame for causing the eurozone’s current crisis are the countries that have inexplicably gone bankrupt – and too those on the verge of doing so.

So, for their unintentional states of insolvency, these ne’er-do–well peasants must undergo a harsh regime of austerity measures – a collective punishment – as per the sort the Israeli psychopaths are currently dishing out on the hapless Palestinian populations of the occupied West Bank and besieged Gaza Strip for having the audacity to petition for recognition by the Zionist-dominated corrupt United Nations assembly as a sovereign nation.

Ah well, while there is no such thing as ‘conventional political wisdom’ there does exist, and is all too frequently displayed, ‘conventional political stupidity’.
Albeit, this past couple of weeks has provided a learning curve for spectators – mainly in Greece and Italy –where we’ve been treated to a glimpse of the EUSSR’s ‘Gameplan 666’ as it slithers along the path laid down by the conjured eurozone crisis – the fatally-flawed single currency that has fucked up Europe’s fiscal systems like a soup sandwich.

Now Brussels’ next move to maintain the euro single currency will be to force the concept of ‘Federalisation’ onto the current 27 member states – declaring that national identity and sovereign independence no longer matter and are obsolete in the drive for achieving an all-powerful EUSSR with an economic system founded on the notion of hyper-inflationary Debtocracy.

Okay, it’s all a matter of rhetoric over logic to we poor sods comprising the ranks of the common herd - but for the tyrannical technocrats, driven by ideals that amount to more scent than substance, they can seldom see the wood for the lumberjacks.

Acting on orders from their New World Order ZioNazi fanatical eugenics-obsessed bosses they are bent on the creation and maintenance of a dysfunctional European community and to dictate that local cultures adopt each other under a policy of forced indigenisation.

The wholesale disruption of global society is on the agenda – with the four major collective forces of Race, Religion, Family and Nation - the four iconic pillars of our human identity – targeted for dissolution – if we sit tight and defer from standing up to be counted and shout from the rooftops “NO MORE!”

At long last humanity is awakening to the fact they can use their numerical potential to throw the big finger at the system and cease to cooperate with their own enslavement – as per the realisation and declaration to the pondscum bankster elitists of “You are the 1%’ – we are the 99%” and the Occupy protests.

To misquote the French ‘Age of Enlightenment’ philosopher Denis Diderot: “There will never be socio-economic equality – and peace and harmony on Earth until the last of the Zionist banksters is strangled with the gutted intestines of the final corrupt politician.

Thought for the day: Thanks to the UK’s reluctant membership of this fatally-flawed continental European disaster of a community we can no longer buy a 100 watt incandescent light bulb and are stuck with toxic mercury ‘energy savers’ that are so inefficient you’re better off with a candle. And all to minimise our collective carbon footprint? Nope - all to profit some twat with a lightbulb factory.
Fuck Brussels and the euro – and the EUSSR - and the Rothshite crime syndicate’s New World Order.

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Tony said...

Spot-on about these new bulbs Rusty, they are hopeless. I have a small stash of incandecent remaining thanks for reminding me I am off to get some more on eBay. A man can never have too many proper lightbulbs in my opinion.