Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Italy Cops Greek Tragedy Virus

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As the euro currency epidemic goes viral, democratically-elected political leaders are getting tossed out like the baby’s bathwater – along with the baby – and tosspot technocrat banksters, trained in the dodgy field of debt juggling and speculating on derivative futures sans the use of a crystal ball, installed as Prime Ministers.

Last weekend a modern day Greek tragedy was enacted in Athens as Lucas Papademos, the Rothshite crime syndicate’s ex-European Central Bank gopher is ‘anointed’ – via the tried and tested ‘3-B’s Doctrine’ selection process – Bribery, Blackmail or Bodybags - to become the Debtocracy Coalition Party’s latest leader.

Greece’s new Prime Minister Papademos, who is not an elected MP, informed one press hack from the Insolvency Gazette that the priority of his incoming coalition cabinet is to seek unity to keep Greece in the eurozone – hence pop goes ex-PM George Papandreou’s promised ‘in or out’ EUSSR membership referendum – right out of the window – with the baby’s bathwater.

So Greece is up shitcreek without a paddle – with a cat in hell’s chance of borrowing one from Italy - who are now in exactly the same boat (no pun intended).
Talk about out of the frying pan and into the fire – this is a cluster-fuck economic derailment bar none as the Greek bankruptcy virus goes pandemic and no toxic vaccine from Baxter’s Euthanasia Division can immunise against the predicated onslaught as the whole of Europe gets infected – with the corruption–ridden EUSSR kleptomaniacs in Brussels bound for a mass grave – and the 2008 Bankster Bailout Act flushed down the crapper.

The weekend also saw Italy’s senile Sleazo ‘Tony’ Berlusconi resign in disgrace, with the Rothshite-nominated former EUSSR commissioner, Super Mario Monti Python – another talentless technocrat - assuming the tainted role of Prime Minister following a brief tête-à-tête with the 96-year old Italian President, Grafto Corruptioni,

Rumour holds that Super Mario is also an ex-Gold-in-Sacks director, European Chairman of the Trilateral Commission, a long-term Bilderberger gopher – and regularly has the opportunity to personally kiss Baron Ja’akoff Rothshite’s kikester ass.

Following his meeting with President Corruptioni, Super-Mario held crisis talks with parliamentary leaders on setting up a new government of technocrats – who arrived looking like a bunch of rejects from an audition for Mutant Diaries 2 – and departed several hours later in an even worse state - resembling the cast of Zombieland.

Thus Prime Minister Monti Python is set to sort out Berlusconi’s debt-ridden Italy with a vengeance – slashing civil service posts, salaries, pensions and welfare benefits like Freddie Kruger after a major amphetamines hit - and introducing such harrowing austerity measures that would make a Spartan special forces warrior cringe.

Taking his oath of office before two magistrates and a bishop, and swearing on the body of a dead heron, Super Mario pledged that, unlike his whore-mongering predecessor Berlusconi, he’d be keeping his eye on the ball and finger on the nation’s pulse etc - and not spend his entire time conspiring to evade court subpoenas to face charges of corruption and investigations into his cash-for-sex kiddie fiddling activities.

Thought for the day: Both insolvent Greece and Italy have a Third Option – copy Iceland’s stellar example and tell the derivatives-addicted casino banksters to go fuck a pig and stuff their debts as they ain’t getting paid out from the public purse. Then scrap the kikester-owned Central Banks and start printing their own interest-free drachmas and lire – or go back to a system of barter – and bollocks to Brussels and the EUSSR.

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