Monday, 21 November 2011

IAEA Joins Coalition of the Perjurers

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Well, Fortress Israel’s ruling Ashkenazi Jews of convenience have done it yet again – as has been the perverse historical wont of these scheming disingenuous psychopaths since the time of Abraham.

Now the Chosen People pariahs have Russia and China fronting up against the kikester puppet US of A and nutty NATO for the biggest Mexican stand-off military clusterfuck in living memory over self-determination for the Middle East.
Here lies a grim future that will not be decided by a bunch of the London-based Rothshite crime syndicate’s stooges and associate dog wankers in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv – nor AIPAC-dominated Washington - as their post-Libyan holocaust battle plans unfold for the military conquests of Syria and Lebanon to put Hezbollah out of business as they make ready for their pre-emptive strikes on Iran – then Pakiland from Afghanistan in the north-west as India moves in from the south-east to claim Kashmir – and a few other odd bits and pieces.

And the excuse for the belligerent invasion and regime change in Pakistan? They’ve got the only Islamic nukes around.
How about Iran - a tactical shift from humanitarian intervention alibi this time around, perhaps? Now it’s going to be based on yet another bullshit dodgy ‘weapons of mass distraction’ dossier - a conjured report put together by the IAEA that’s more full of 'porky pie' perjury than the 2010 High Court trial record of the Congenital Liars Club.
Hopefully their weapons inspectors keep schtum and don’t end up ‘suicided’ in the David Kelly Memorial Woods at Grassy Knoll Park.

The gospel according to one report in Friday’s Pound of Flesh Gazette states: “The United Nations corrupt Zionist-dominated IAEA nuclear watchdog has passed a resolution expressing deep and increasing concern over Tehran's nuclear program and also calls for Iran to intensify dialogue with them to resolve the dispute over atomic weapons development – to which Iran apparently relied rather sarcastically “We’ll sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty the same day that Israel does.”

The IAEA announced the agency could no longer dismiss evidence that Iran was involved in weapons research as a joint CIA/Mossad report, a copy of which appeared in this week’s Hasbara Review, provided hard evidence that Iran had carried out research relevant to the building of nuclear weapons – specifically President Mahmoud Ahmadashell and his cabinet had recently rented copies of ‘The Day After’, ‘Dr Strangelove’ and Jumping Jack Bauer’s ’24 – Season 6’ from Blockbuster Video.

Iran's IAEA envoy, Dr Ali Bongo Soltanpepper, told one press hack from the Shylocks Daily News that the resolution was a travesty of political manipulation, conjured in an attempt to justify and legitimise the illegal invasion of his country.

He further strongly criticized IAEA Director General Fuckio Alarmclock for the ‘unprofessional, unbalanced, illegal and politicized’ release of confidential documents relating to Iran's nuclear program to the permanent members of the UN Security Council, claiming that the measure has severely worsened the already smeared reputation of the agency as a kikester-run cabal mired in graft and corruption.

“This is all politically motivated by the Zionist’s corporate-fascist controlled media and Israeli’s al Jazeera propaganda and spin media machine - and just another excuse to forward the venal ends of the Protocols of the Greedy Bastard Elders of Zion and their world domination plot to turn all the goyim into their slaves. Neither the chauvinist cult of Zionism nor the existence of the illegal rogue state of Israel can be defended - ethically, morally or intellectually.”

“These Khazar kikesters in the Jerusalem Knesset, PM Bobo Nuttyahoo and his cabinet of homicidal maniacs, they should not forget that we are the Aryans of Greater Persia and ruled a majestic empire long before Abraham’s tribe made this questionable covenant with their false god Jehovah-Saitan and started snipping the ends off their sheeny cocks.”
“If they chose this path to strike us then, to paraphrase their Tanakh’s Book of Jeremiah: ‘We shall bury them in Topet until there is no place left to bury’ – and the illegal state of Israel shall be Palestine once again.”

Hmmm, a great pity the UN / IAEA – or the good ole US of A global bully – didn’t pay such scrupulous and diligent attentions to the rogue state of Israel’s covert programme to develop a nuclear arsenal in the 1950’s and 60’s – expedited via espionage and theft of nuclear materials from their best mate America.

Further, and to the point, while focusing their condemnations and venom on Iran, is no-one expressing concerns that the only nation insane enough to actually deploy strategic nuclear weapons in an act of war (to date) has been that Shining Beacon of Democracy (or is it Hypocrisy?) the good ole US of A.
They, purposely and with malice aforethought, targeted Hiroshima and Nagasaki to observe ‘real time’ the maximum fatality head counts that could be achieved with 15 / 20 kiloton uranium and plutonium core devices respectively – plus see how much damage to the civilian infrastructure they could do in a ‘live fire’ test.
(That’s disregarding the post-9/11 US / Israeli false flag deployment of tactical micro-nukes – such as in a drain opposite the Sari nightclub in Bali).

Now here lies the crux of the problem. Iran, despite its fledgling nuclear program, threatens neither Israel nor the Great Saitan. The problem for the international banksters and globalists is the fact that Iran is not a vassal state mired in poverty and misery like many of its Third World neighbours – not does it take orders from the Rothshite / Payseur crime syndicates running Wall Street and the City of London.

Iran’s strength lies in its strict moralist Islamic faith – plus a boosted GNP through greater agriculture production and higher oil prices. The country has no kikester-controlled Central Bank, hence is not troubled by the same engineered recessions as Europe and the US – nor is indebted to the IMF’s banksters like the rest of the known Universe.
Plus President Ahmadashell and the Mullahs refuse to kiss Israel’s arse – hence the whole place has to be brought low, reduced to rubble and a puppet regime installed – along with a couple of the US global bully’s permanent military bases.

So, as the UN-mandated imposition of medieval sanctions is having zero effect on Iran, then the game plan changes to hammering them with an avalanche - a veritable bombardment - of strategic black propaganda, like Iraq and Libya before them – and the Israeli-US ZioNazi plot is to totally devastate Iran’s civilian infrastructure and utility services and reduce the country to a Stone Age condition, much the same way Iraq was levelled in 2003 by the Coalition of the Psychopaths in Operation Kill Every Fucker – and too Libya in the name of humanitarian intervention.

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