Monday, 28 November 2011

Bumble Was Right: The Law is an Ass

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Anyone remember the G20 protest demo’s in London 2009? April Fool’s Day and the murder of innocent passer-by Ian Tomlinson – sauntering along on his way home and presenting no threat or nuisance to anyone – yet subjected to a gratuitous attack and illegally killed (read ‘murdered’) through the belligerent, barbaric actions of one of the Met’s sadistic psychopaths – kitted out in a black balaclava and full face crash hat – with shoulder ID tabs missing – but later fingered by one of his Grasser’s Club mates as none other than \ Renta-Thug Unit PC - Slimy Simon Harwood.

Harwood, the type of person who gives serial killers a bad name, was described to press hacks by friends and associates alike as being ‘a right shitbag’ - with a history of stamping on ants as a child and pulling cat’s tails.

So, it’s two and a half years gone by since Ian Tomlinson’s murder and after finally getting an inquest in May of 2011 where the jury reached an unanimously verdict of ‘unlawfully killed’, there’s still no closure in the case. The CPS initially set Harwood’s trial date for October 2012 – which has only recently been re-scheduled for June 2012 - by which time the guilty party will have been suspended on full pay for three years of ‘gardening leave’.

June 2012? Que? WTF? If it had been a couple of unemployed juvenile scally rioters with their hoodies up and into a spot of ‘Steal One-Get One Free’ looting around Tottenham in August then they’d have been up before one of Scameron’s emergency 24/7 courts at 02:00am and flung unceremoniously into some overcrowded sodomite’s paradise prison cell before you could say “Bend over” or “Suck this, sonny”.

And what a disgusting display of ostrich head-in-sand delay tactics by the Crown Prosecution Service, hoping this most embarrassing act of arrogant police brutality committed before a cast of thousands in the midst of the public arena - and thankfully captured on video - will somehow resolve itself and go quietly away.

Doubtless the Met’s ruling mandarins, the likes of Commissioner Hulk Hogan, and too the CPS panjandrums, hope the delay will lead to witnesses forgetting what they saw – or end up ‘suicided’ in the David Kelly Memorial Woods up on Grassy Knoll Common. Albeit witnesses aren’t the clincher in this prosecution due the existence of that stellar piece of ‘red-handed’ film footage recorded by visiting New York businessman and protest demonstration aficionado, Christopher La Jaunie.

But what else can we expect when hypocrisy, graft and corruption are prevalent throughout the entire policing and judicial institutions in the UK – and specifically Scotland with their crime and kiddie fiddling capital of Scaberdeen - where truth and justice crusaders are summarily arrested on trumped up ‘breach of the peace’ charges by a uniformed criminal class.

Hopefully such a perversion of justice will not manifest in Harwood’s case. However, this week, as November draws to a close, his defence counsel, Patrick Gobbs QC, will be making an application to the assigned trial judge Mr Justice Jeremy ‘Black Cap’ Crook to have the case dismissed as he believes his client will not receive a fair trial due the saturation level media coverage and You Tube being inundated with ‘Harwood Murders Tomlinson’ video clips.

Thought for the day: Hey, at least the G20 protests gave a fresh definition to ‘crowd control’ – send them off in ambulances or body bags.
So roll up and get your latest X-Box 360 game from Sadists Software - “G20 Protests: Police Brutality 3” - while Christmas stocks last and have the golden opportunity to retaliate as you open up with live fire rounds and a flame thrower on the barbaric likes of the super-thug woman beater Sgt Delboy Stinkie and unconvicted murderer Slimy Simon Harwood.

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