Sunday, 13 November 2011

Enough of the ‘Lest We Forget’ Hypocrisy

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Friday saw zillions of armed forces personnel, civil service and local authority jobsworths, plus a smorgasbord of poppy-festooned civilian types across the length and breadth of Broken Britain observe a two-minute silence to mark the 93rd anniversary of the original World War One Armistice Day in 1918 – and too the same date scrapping of the worst military concept ever to be conjured up by moronic generals – trench warfare.

The symbolic Poppy Day event was – and too still is - designed to play on the common herd’s sentiments to commemorate the memory of those who were slaughtered without good reason in the 20th Century’s two world wars and the myriad of subsequent conflicts – up to and including the 385 UK personnel killed (to say nothing of the scores psychologically traumatized and physically maimed - or the legions of innocent civilians snuffed) in Afghanistan since the 9/11 false flag terrorist attacks in 2001.

‘Lest We Forget’ – a mind control mantra that has stood the test of time and is now what the propaganda spin surgeons refer to as a psychological response ‘soundbite’ – and therein lies the reason for my personal refusal to wear a poppy.

Okay, before the armchair warriors and any other fucker and their dog who’ve never been on the receiving end of a firearm start on the ‘disrespect’ ticket at what they will doubtless label a politically incorrect rant – (but ain’t the truth a pain in the arse at times) – they should review logic and fact over rhetoric.

This minor diatribe is not scribed out of disrespect for the dead – though I hold no respect for their gullibility – sticking their necks out and forfeiting lives for a bunch of kikester bankers and the military-industrial cabals out to profit from conflicts they have purposely fomented.
These people go into the military with eyes wide open – we assume and hope so anyway – and end up on battlefields in foreign lands – so what the fuck do they expect - that’s it’s going to be all water-skiing and chasing tottie and boozing in Malta? Hmmm, well we all learn eventually.

Conversely I am sympathetic to the fact that a series of corrupt governments over the generations have systematically contrived to conscript and/or recruit civilians to do their belligerent bidding with a litany of nationalistic deceits and contrived lies.
Okay, the armed forces recruitment brochures aren’t exactly crammed with pix of dismembered casualties resulting from missile impacts, aerial bombardments with fragmentation ordnance, minefields, IEDs and snipers – but all they have to do is read or watch what poses for a news media and the HSE warning signs are flashing – Danger! Beware - here there be Dragons!

November 1918 – Armistice Day – an end of the four years of order into chaos carnage and politico-military insanity in the ‘War to End All Wars’. Hence the creation of the pithy maxim of ‘Lest We Forget’ – a brilliant and poignant sentiment to bring closure to that era of sanguine conflict.

Lest We Forget indeed. Then 1939 comes along and the Powers That Be ‘forgot’ and did it again with six years of World War Two - and kept ‘forgetting’ again, and again, and again – Korea, Vietnam, Malaya, Oman, the Cod War, Lebanon, the Falklands, the Balkans, Chechnya, Iraq – and are still doing it now – Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia and planning further neo-colonial / imperialist military misadventures as I put quill to parchment – with the natural resource-rich Islamic states of Africa marked for ‘humanitarian intervention’ via the gentle caresses of the US Raptor and Predator UAV drones killing every fucker old enough to bleed.

The gospel according to the goggle box media and gutter press predicts Syria’s next in their sights for a spot of ‘humanitarian intervention’ – another emerging Third World state to end up looking like Libya’s Sirte – a devastated ruin.
Then comes the biggest prize on the Christmas tree - the central jigsaw piece that will link the previous conquests together – the strategically-situated and natural resource-rich Iran.

Warfare under this current and prevailing New World Order doctrine isn’t about standing ready and at arms – locked and loaded - on the beaches of the south coast, waiting for the Vikings, Normans or Nazis to attempt a land invasion across the Channel – it’s all about neo-colonialism – with foreign policy decided by the bankster crime cabals.

The Zionist Project for a New American Century – and whoever’s chucking their two-penneth in the fracas will be there to dole out the spoils of their latter-day imperialist wars of aggression – and squandering a nation’s greatest asset – their youth with all it’s unrealised potentials – ranking so low on the social ladder they’re irrelevant to the elitists – and recruited under the banner of ‘patriotism’ to join the doomed ranks of the 21st Cannon Fodder Regiment - and the term ‘patriotism’ equated with ending up in a body bag.

So, did the ‘Powers That Be' actually forget the ‘Never Again’ pledge? These elitist scumbags supposedly voted into public office to serve the best interests of their nation and electorates? No way, they didn’t forget – they simply ignored the disingenuous and duplicitous blather they preach to the common masses. Lest We Forget is simply the Pavlovian trigger mechanism to keep the sheeple marching down to their local military service recruitment office and signing up to learn how to kill their fellow man – or lay down their lives – for Queen and country.

Thus the Poppy Day hypocrisy manifested by politicians and military general staff gathering around the Cenotaphs for two minutes silence – and all the while knowing that later they’ll be back mulling over their battle plans for the next conflict and what type of false flag op’ will be necessary to kick-start their saturation bombing / land invasion response.

As an ex-military officer and veteran of numerous foreign wars conspired and initiated by the British government – in criminal collusion with that stellar Beacon of Democracy and self-determination - the good ole US of A – I have never witnessed two minutes of silence in the heat of battle – and for anyone who’s ever been in a close encounters firefight, they know that two minutes of silence will never quell the echoes of mortar and grenade detonations, shrapnel whistling through the air, jacketed rounds ricocheting like high velocity pinballs – and the profane curses and hysterical screams of utter despair from wounded soldiers and civilians alike as the Grim Reaper collects his tally.

Thought for the day: To emphasise the depth of hypocrisy involved, UK troops have been committed to the NATO coalition in Afghanistan to safeguard the poppy crops.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a nut-infested area and may contain traces of lunacy and/or squirrel shit.

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Tony said...

Brilliantly put and spot on again Rusty. Remebrance day has been nothing short of hijacked and used by tits like Cameron and his posh elitest twats to pretend they care when they really don't give a shit.