Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Wickedleaks Spotlight Iraq War Crimes

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The shit has truly hit the proverbial fan concerning the ‘blood price’ revealed in the 391,832-odd documents just published online from a secret location out in the farthest galactic reaches of Cyberspace by the international human rights and wrongs watchdog Wickedleaks.

These contain damning revelations on the human toll of the illegal war in Iraq - and US involvement with trampling on the statutes of the Geneva Convention and committing Nuremberg class war crimes there during the 2003 invasion and seven year occupation (courtesy of arch-kikester Donald Bumsfeldt) - the publication of which will most certainly further add to the incumbent Iraqi government’s massive lack of credibility.

So too that of the remaining 50,000 US forces from the 21st Cannon Fodder Regiment - still hanging around like dogshit in the cleats of a trainer sole - and now a bunch of lard-arses become due eating junk food, smoking dope and burning their nostrils out on snort or chasing the dragon with cheap imported Afghan heroin.
50,000 human targets, all ready and in place for the grand slaughter of the Great Game – to end up as body bag fillers when the White House and Tel Aviv psycho’s kick start the land invasion of Iran.

Unfortunately for the US military and too White House administration, the burden of the Wickedleaks allegations cannot be ignored simply as they all bear the hallmark of verisimilitude – with the most damning being the revelation of the existence of Frago 242, an order issued in June 2004 stating that coalition troops should not investigate any breach of the laws of armed conflict.

Wickedleaks director Julian Blancmange, an Australian internet activist and computer hacker who founded the subversive ‘WTF Cobber?’ website, told a reporter from the Warmongers Gazette “Of course the Iraqi PM and US military administration are pissed off – mostly by the war crime implications that the documents expose, more so than embarrassment.”
“Let’s face it, what military dictatorship has ever been embarrassed over torturing people and committing summary executions? Not one, ever - until details of such ended up being leaked by persons of moral conscience, sickened by what they were forced or coerced into being a part of. Until these documents were publicised by an alternative media source – one not owned or controlled by Rupert Murdoch and the Rothshite crime syndicate – and the Masonic-Zionist kikester lobby.”

Iraq's Prime Minister, Istimna Manuke Khara, criticised the release by Wickedleaks of the once-top secret US military documents, accusing the moral ethics watchdog website of trying to sabotage his bid to form a new kleptocratic government by telling the truth about the human rights abuses and war crimes. “This is not how Middle Eastern politics are played – if this Julian Blancmange fellow were here I would have him thrown into Abu Ghraib Prison and buggered senseless by Ba’athist sodomites. How dare they mention the nation-wide depleted uranium contamination - or the white phosphorous bombing of Fallujah and running children down with tanks. That is all so very top secret.”

“I mean to say, who are these so-called interfering Wickedleaks do-gooders who cannot keep their noses out of our own business of cultural barbarity? Stirring up trouble for us just because we torture and execute a few thousand of Saddam Hussein’s dissident Sunni Ba’athist scum.”
“Who are these people that would deny us the right to tread the path of political self-determination and establish our own brand of Democracy through the historically tried and tested methods of ethnic cleansing and civil war?”

Alas for the Iraqi PM and the US military sadists, Wickedleaks and its moral conscience whistleblowers exist to exercise due diligence and correct the profound observation of the Greek tragic dramatist Aeschylus, who once stated around 500 BCE: “Truth is the first casualty of war.”

Allergy warning: This article was written in a war crime-infested area and may contain traces of extraordinary rendition.

Oh, and by the way, fuck the kikester Neo-Cons and their Project for a New American Century - and their Zionist New World Order.

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