Saturday, 9 October 2010

Scameron: “Your Country Needs You!”

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During the Tory Party Conference in Birmingstan this last week, Prime Minister Posh Dave Scameron urged people to put public spending cuts into perspective as he confirmed plans for massive welfare changes (read cuts).
The asinine clot - impersonating a Tony Bliar sound bite clone - really believes Britain has a great future and that the public spending and welfare cuts - of up to 40% - may not be as painful as people think. Well, not for him anyways – born with a shiny silver spoon stuck in his slack-jawed gob – and a salary of £190,000-odd quid per annum – plus three helpings of child benefit, car supplied - and free housing in a prestigious London address.

Dave informed a gaggle of giggling press hacks that in his perceived – nay planned – Big Society – everyone will always be better off working.
Hmmm, well we do appreciate that astute observation on your part Dave, but it’s a bit of a fucking problem when there are no jobs to be had since your menopausal predecessor Maggie the Slag de-industrialised the UK and took the Great out of Britain – and ‘her’ raving poofter predecessor Edward Teeth signed up and committed an unwilling nation to our cost-crippling membership of the Common Market / fascist 27 nation state now comprising the evil EUSSR empire.

So Dave, get a better grasp on reality and think again. Who in their right mind is going to be Mr Smiley Face happy when they’re a qualified artisan craftsman or tradesman with an earning potential of £15 quid an hour plus and some mutant twat at the Jobcentre’s pontificating and saying they have to reinvent themselves and take a job licking pavements or shovelling shit for shysters at minimum wage rates of fuck all per hour – or sign up for a silver apprenticeship at 65 and earn less than the minimum wage when they should be retiring.

Now Scameron is urging us all to join the Government in repairing the nation's damaged economy that Labour & Co made an utter balls of, shouting from the rooftops: "It takes two!” This is a call to arms!”
"Your country needs you," the Prime Minister declared, invoking his vision of the Big Society as he insisted that their Libservative Coalition could only deal with the disaster inherited from Labour with the help of the public.

“Your country needs you!” – indeed. The words of the infamous – or more fittingly 'notorious' General ‘Insanity’ Haig – the military leader in charge of Britain’s World War One ‘Cannon Fodder Army’ and solely responsible for such catastrophic disasters as the bloody Battles of Verdun, Cambrai, the Somme, Marne x 2, and Ypres x 3 sets of annual slaughters (1914-1918).

Well, considering the current shithouse state of the job market, hopefully all the Polacks and Albanian swan roasters, Eastern bloc pikeys etc, et al, will heed Scameron’s call of “Your country needs you!” and piss off back to where they came from and belong - instead of malingering around Britain impersonating plumbers and builders – and putting their inept hands to any old crap work for a few bob – hence doing the ethnic Anglo-Saxon population out of a job.

Okay Dave, if it takes two, then here’s a few suggestions: Get our arse out of the EUSSR. Enact legislation to end the criminal kikesters corrupt practice of fractional reserve banking - and too credit card interest usury. Get our military out of Afghanistan and anywhere else around the Third World shitholes of the globe where they might be playing bully boys under the scandalous pretext of bringing them Democracy. Cap immigration at zero influx. Re-industrialise the country and get all your engineering skill back in motion. Scrap the entire concept of the outmoded Commonwealth. (Common Debt more like) Tell the IMF and World Bank to stick their debt up their jacksies – and all MP’s take a 50% cut in salary. How’s that for starters?

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies and misaligned references.

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