Wednesday, 13 October 2010

EUSSR Set for Indian Immigrant Tsunami

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Under the statutes of a new EUSSR trade deal that contains nothing of benefit to the ethnic Anglo-Saxon population of Britain, zillions of Indian peasants will be allowed into the UK in a move that will overturn the Libservative Coalition's pledge to severely limit immigration.

The planned ‘free trade agreement’ with India, to be signed this December, will give Indian workers, tuk-tuk drivers and prostitutes easy passage into the 27 state EUSSR community in return for European companies being granted unbridled access to India's huge domestic market of 1.2 billion materialistic vampires just dying to get their hands on a couple of Rothshite Bank issue credit cards and run up a whole shitpile of personal debt around the bazaars.

The deal has split some of the most senior figures in the Conservative-Librarian-Dummercrat Coalition. Business Secretary Vince Cobble and Willy Vague, the Foreign Secretary, argue that the EUSSR-India agreement must go ahead as it is worth what the banksters and kike usurers call “Lots and lots of lovely money.”

Conversely, Prime Minister Posh Dave Scameron and Theresa Maybe, the Home Secretary, are opposed on the simple grounds it makes them look like total election manifesto promise breakers and arch-liars.
They, and other Tory MPs, have insisted that the government uphold a high-profile pledge to bring down net immigration, which is currently set at a figure of 176,000 per annum of mixed bag entrants ranging from Islamic radical preachers, Albanian swan roasters, Polacks impersonating plumbers – plus a host of vulgar Bulgars and Roma pikeys going door to door, reading palms, selling pegs and bits of lucky heather - and casing the joint for a likely child sex slave abduction.

On the other side of the Channel – and also a member of the dysfuctional nightmare comprising the EUSSR, we have Hobbit President Sarkozy of the French Shire, kicking out all the illegal gyppo’s and other light-fingered pikey immigrants ten to the dozen, and here we are, in our once-sceptred isle, going back on reducing immigration quotas by throwing the doors open for legions of neck-weaving dodgy Indian dacoits and dalits – and their customary tribes of hanger’s-on posing as relatives.

Home Secretary Maybe told the media “We were striving to bring net migration down to the tens of thousands until Brussels sprung this one on us. While our economy will remain open to the best and the brightest in the world it's time to stop importing darkie labour on the cheap when our own population’s unemployment status is nearing revolution levels and they’re willing to do anything for a job and a few bob in their pockets.”

Obviously no one in this coalition cabinet has yet noticed that the stable door has long ago fallen off its hinges, and the horse (industry) bolted during the inept reign of Maggie the Slag Twatcher. However, they still intend to gather in conclave this coming week to thrash out a policy that lives up to their election manifesto and protects the country from increased immigration without (no laughing please) damaging British industry.
Alas the numbskulls are wholly unaware in their ignorance that British industry was emasculated – bollocks, cock, the lot – by Thatcher and Co back in the 1980’s – when she and her little gang of fudging Tories surgically removed the word ‘Great’ as a prefix to Britain – not with a pecision scalpel, but a butcher’s cleaver.

In contrast, and why the EUSSR have mandated their curent demand, India has insisted on increased mobility for its workers in return for reduced import tariffs on European products and the lifting of some restrictions on businesses bidding for public procurement contracts.

The reason behind this is as obvious as dogshit stuck to the sole of the Pope’s crimson slippers – India’s kleptocratic government is saddled with the worthless Rupee. As per all Third World shitholes they are forever rummaging around for Forex, hence the more migrant workers they have abroad earning £ or $ - or any other worthwhile trading currency, the better their financial position when said workers start remitting salary to banks back in India.

However the paradox lies in the fact that the Lib-Dums and the Tories struck a non-negotiable deal when forming the dodgy coalition that they would set a limit on immigration – while nurturing a wholly contradictory policy of expanding business and trade with India.

Damian Green, the Minister for Bhatra, Dacoits, Dalits & Vashya, informed gutter press hacks that new annual quotas would be flexible enough to allow an ebb tide of Indian immigrants to move to the UK to satisfy the EUSSR’s demands - as more and more British subjects said “Fuck it!” and pissed off abroad in search of lucrative employment and a secure future.

Rumour mill stop press: Reports that Delhi’s Chief Minister Mrs Mingeater Dikshit, is set to dispatch a cadre of bodging Bob the Builder types who recently made a pig’s ear of the Commonwealth Games stadium and athlete’s village infrastructure, to help out with construction at London’s Olympic Stadium venue remain unsubstantiated.

Worrying thought for the day: As India is a multi-cultural sub-continent comprising a variety of religions: Jains, Buddhists, Sikhs, Christians and Hindus (Hindu 800,000 / 80%) and bearing in mind that following ‘The Partition’ in 1947 zillions of Muslims stayed behind (currently 138 million / 15% of population) – is the proposed influx of Indian workers into Europe – and specifically the UK – to include swathes of members of the Pan-Islamic movement also? These radical militant types that the West has been at loggerheads – and war - with since 2001 – the ones who hate our Democratic freedoms?

Hmmm, just what we need, a government-approved invitation for Islamic terrorists to invade and stage a jihad.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies and misaligned references.

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