Wednesday, 31 October 2012

EUSSR Membership Ratings Hit Zero

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Recent history has proven the likes of UKIP leader Nigel ‘Indestructible’ Barrage and a legion of other Euro-sceptics as being dead right – with an 81-strong cadre of back bench Tory MPs now in agreement with their political opposite numbers and proposing to field a private Member's Bill to repeal PM Ted ‘Kiddie Fiddler’ Heath’s treasonous European Communities Act of 1972 which sanctioned our once-sceptred isle joining the former European Economic Community, and extricate us from this festering Money Pit quagmire before it becomes a United States of Europe Federation and we end up a Third World begging basket case like Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Eire.

The main mover behind the Private Member’s Bill is the incumbent MP for the Tory’s Claptrap constituency, Douglas ‘Maximus’ Carswell, who spoke to one press hack from the Ripoffs Gazette and likened the UK's continued membership of the 27 member state EUSSR community to ‘being an underage kid, shackled to a fudging paedo on a Viagra-fuelled rape-a-thon and being continually shafted up the arse’.

“This is why cash-flush Krautland and their Deutsche Bundesbank aren’t hampered with the same burgeoning economic problems as the EUSSR’s ‘mendiacnt states’ as they’ve never been coerced into de-industrialising their entire manufacturing sectors as that stupid, menopausal madness baggage Maggie Twatcher did across the UK in the 1980’s and exchanged Britain’s prefix of ‘Great’ for one of ‘Broken’ by outsourcing entire industries to shitholes like India and losing a generation of skilled engineering craftsmen simply due the fact she had a snot on with Old King Coal and the miners - and the rest of the sodding trade unions.”

“But what we have today is a far cry from the Common Market promised to UK voters when they were gulled into backing entry in 1975 - which has now morphed into an economic and political union that’s set, by conjured design through this engineered depression, to become the United States of Europe.”
“Of course you’ve got a bunch of common herd peasants convinced they have to stay in the EUSSR as that’s what the ruling elite and Brussels media propaganda machine has brainwashed them into believing.”

“So we don’t need what Posh Dave Scameron and his Euro-stooge accomplices are proposing - a manipulated multi-options ‘fresh consent’ ballot on continued membership - but a simple one-off ‘In-or-Out’ vote – and we’d like to see this materialise as a reality immediately, if not sooner.”

“Otherwise the creeping tip-toe infiltration of our entire socio-political and fiscal systems is going to see the multi-cultural dilution of our national identity to a mongrel pikey level state of being and us becoming a reluctant member of this proposed EUSSR Federation – and hence a subservient part of the New World Order global government - with its seat of power in a Jerusalem cleansed of Palestinians and Muslims – which of course will see the fulfilment of the Protocols of the Greedy Bastard Elders of Zion agenda.”

The only politico standing out in opposing defiance to the Private Member’s Bill like some proverbial sore thumb was Europe Minister David Lidington, the Tory MP for Aylesbury Ducks, who claimed that while Brussels’ graft and corruption-ridden EUSSR ‘kleptocracy’ of self-serving jobsworths was negatively hampered with a few flaws and drawbacks – (the dodgy Lidington personally claimed £115,891 in expenses in 2009 - almost double his salary) - continued membership was obviously in his personal best interests as otherwise he’d be out of a job and back in the dead end post of Minister for Necrophilia Affairs.

Thought for the day. Pity that repugnant old French twat and career Anglophobe Chazzer de Gaulle still isn’t around to continue vetoing Britain’s membership of the European Community.

While Carswell’s ‘wish list’ opt-out referendum might never materialise in the format he – and the voting majority of our once-proud, now blighted nation, wish to see enacted and return us to an insular socio-political state - such a move would be the cause of tens of thousands of scrounging, visa-less opportunistic European economic migrants being hoofed out on their arses, hence freeing up a swathe of vacant job opportunities for British born and bred unemployed workers.

Further, to express the sentiments of the many, for we are legion, fuck the EUSSR and the New World Order.

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