Monday, 22 October 2012

Rothshite Jnr Stung by Indo’ Crooks

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Rumour has it that Baron Ja’ackoff Rothshite, patriarch of the pro-Zionist crime cartel (and King of Israel in absentia) is spitting the proverbial dummy over the fact his only son, the sexually-confused nutty Natty, heir to the world’s most notorious kikester money lending dynasty, has been taken to the cleaners by a bunch of Indonesian joint venture rip-off artists and lost in excess of 700 zillion quids-worth of foreign investor’s cash.

According to one report in this week’s Loan Sharks Gazette, while 76-year old matriarch Ja’ackoff – (now endowed with more money than Croesus and the Royal Order of the Shifty Shylock from Queen Lizzie Windsor) - spends his twilight days worshipping at the altar of Mammon in his RIT Capital plc offices in London’s St James’s Place, son Natty is off in the pursuit of further obscene profits, abusing his family bankster / political networking connections ‘in extremis’ to achieve new heights on the international usury and acquisitions bourse via the route of insider trading.

Obviously this borderline criminality practice has seen Noxious Natty pick up a certain notoriety due walking the razor’s edge of questionable legality – specifically media-exposed brokering of a bent Mr Fix-It sweetheart deal for his Russian exile oligarch pal Oleg Mobsaroubles at the Rothshite’s family hideaway on Corfu with purposely invited guest Lord Peter Scandalson of the Felchers.

At the time Scandalson - aka ‘Vermin in Ermine’ - held the post of EUSSR Trade Commissioner and subsequently introduced legislation to exempt Mobsaroubles’ Scally Ally Corporation from the aluminium import tariffs that blighted the profits of every other fucker and their dog – and much to the ire of a cabal of other Russian mafia tycoons - including Isaac Barfsky of Alcop Industries, Michail Sackashit of Russtheft Energy, Igor Crooksky, CEO of Wankprom Oil - and Boris Bedsocks, owner of Gulag Gaz.

And here perhaps lies the root source of Natty’s current troubles – a spot of payback via a piece of planted confidential insider information leaked through Russian barbed wire and broken glass trading mogul Vladimir Pissedoffsky, that PT Bumi, an under-funded Indonesian company, was sitting on a 70 billion mega-tons rich vein of anthracite coal in East Kalimantan and crying out for a foreign investor joint venture partner to develop an open cast mining system.

Natty took the bait hook, line and sinker and began raising £700 million quid from his filthy rich and shameless City contacts and hedge fund managers – a ‘big players only’ game he informed fringe investors that expressed interest, with his customary brazen arrogance – albeit father Ja’ackoff sagaciously declined his moronic son’s offer for RIT Capital to participate in the venture.

By July of 2010, Bumi’s £10 quid shares had been stealthily absorbed into Natty’s own FTSE-quoted cash vehicle, a dodgy shell company titled Vallar plc, which was then renamed PT Bumi plc.
But here was the unseen sting that Natty Rothshite’s new Indonesian partners, the Bakrie family, had conjured into the deal – the fact it offered the back-door prestige of being quoted on the London Stock Exchange - a glittering prize for the crooked businessmen operating under the edicts Jakarta’s bent corporate culture.

No sooner was the money in and the deal sealed then things started to go wrong - with a large capital W for Wrong.
A campaign of acrimonious disagreements and accusations was launched from the PT Bumi boardroom by the Indonesian partners to undermine the position of the joint venture foreign investors, with company chairman Samin Tan accusing Natty of hacking his e-mails and making threats – and hence launched an internal investigation into allegations of financial impropriety, which last week forced Natty to disqualify himself as a director / partner – and his investors so far suffering a loss of 75% of their money, with the share price slumping to a measly £2.50 – and the only thing mined to date by the Bumi venture being two sacks of nutty slack.

So Natty’s eviction from PT Bumi’s board is a real a slap in the face for the Rothshite crime syndicate’s bankster wunderkind – as he chokes on his own unqualified arrogance. Oh well, it’s always a problem when ego surpasses intellect and a man harbours ambitions far beyond the capacity of his limited intellect.

But, now provided with the facility of 20/20 hindsight, what did the naïve clown think was going to go down? Obviously Natty and Co hadn’t done their research into the mafia gangsters behind PT Bumi that sucked in the joint venture foreign investment portfolio - Indonesia’s prominent Bakrie family, which founded a palm oil to property to a banking and drug-pushing / extortion criminal empire through collaborating with the Japanese invaders back in 1942 – and Presidents Sukarno and Suharto after - and the current matriarch Aburizal Bakrie, the majority shareholder of PT Bumi and political leader of the Golkar Party - who will be running for Indonesia's top dog office in the 2014 Presidential election.

What the fuck did Natty expect, dealing with the bent Bakrie family or any other scumbag involved with Indonesian politicos – the entire system’s a Kleptocracy and so riddled with graft and corruption it can no longer function without it.
The Bakries are that crooked if one of them dropped dead there would be no need for a grave-digger as you could screw them into the cemetery sod like a fencepost auger. These are a bunch of cut-throat scallies for whom the word ‘enough’ does not exist – they work on the philosophy of ‘more’ – and have a past notoriety of shafting foreign joint venture partners - an art form learned and practiced by Aburizal Bakrie under the tutelage of Suharto’s Rasputin: Bob Hasan.

The Bakrie clan, while controlling PT Bumi, also control PT Berau Coal Energy Tbk and PT Bukit Mutiara – along with fellow Jakarta-based Indonesian career criminals Rosan Roeslani and Sandiaga Uni.

These are the very same Indonesian scumbag partners of the super-rip-off Bre-X Minerals Ltd of Calgary who embroiled the company in a major gold mining scandal when it was reported back in 1995 to be sitting on a mega-rich gold deposit at Busang in East Kalimantan – which sent its penny stock price soaring to a peak of CAD $286.50 per share on the Toronto Stock Exchange - with a total capitalization of over $6 billion – which the Indonesian contingent walked away with when Bre-X Minerals collapsed in 1997 after the gold samples were found to be a fraud - and the company’s chief geologist, Filipino Michael de Guzman, was tossed out of a helicopter high over the jungle at the Busang mine site to ensure his silence concerning the salted gold samples when the shit hit the fan.

Hence nutty Natty and his Vallar plc were lambs to the slaughter, going myopically into a joint venture business deal for a coal mine with a cabal of Third World corporate pillagers, driven by material gain and devoid of all human compassion – with a litany of similar past sins they would visit upon their very own if profit provided motive – and without a second thought on the Christian outlanders that were once their colonial masters – and especially so those who salute the Māḡēn Dāwīḏ - the worshippers of Judah.

To add to the Bre-X ignominy, in May 2006 the Bakrie tribe were fielding a fly-by-night drilling company titled PT Lapindo Brantas, drilling the Banjar-Panji 1 exploration well for natural gas at Sidoarjo in East Java when a blowout caused the eruption of the largest recorded mud volcano in the world due cost-cutting dodges of not casing the drill hole – which has left the region uninhabitable and hexed with invisible clouds of deadly, seeping hydrogen sulphide gas that have caused significant devastation and loss of life. This environmental disaster, an act of gross negligence, was blamed not on unsound drilling methods - or leaving the hole uncased - but illogically an earthquake 275 kilometres away – hence payoffs and powerful political connections saw the Bakries walk away from the disaster unscathed.

The Malay / Bahasa Indonesian name for a coal mine is ‘danau mas hitam’ (‘black earth mine’) - a literal translation that these tossers have missed out on is ‘black hole – precisely where their £700 million nicker’s gone.

Thought for the day: Perhaps better rename PT Bumi as PT What a Bummer or PT Bum’s Rush. But the one thing Nutty Natty isn’t and that’s ‘Bumi Putra’ (Prince of the Earth).

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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Fletch said...

Nice piece of work Rusty. Perhaps Daddy Jacob’s RIT Capital or NM Rothschild Banking should hire you to do their research as you’ve obviously got better resource access to the machinations of the Dark Side than the incompetent Natty has at Clusterfucks Central for sniffing out potential rats.

Bazzer said...

Yeah, good stuff – Rusty’s a polymath when it comes to digging up scandals. That’s why all his Princess Di murder and 9/11 and 7/7 and Bali bombing stuff comes across as logical and genuine – the facts add up better than the official stories.

Anonymous said...

Somebody seems to know the Indonesian language 'and' the native's propensity for corruption.

Gilly said...

Like the Vermin in Ermine reference to Mandleson, and all the Russian oligarch names and the copmpanies they own - great satire.

Kelly said...

Another scandal- raking first from the Maestro and a few embarassing revelations there for the Indo' cabal and Nat Rothschild's crew.

Anonymous said...

Great skit, and more to the point it's all true and Nat Rothchild screwed up with three quarters of a billion pounds-worth of investor's money. No shit, he's got to be as popular as root canal work.

Quinn said...

Brilliant expose Rusty, but there's a lot more behind the scenes hanky panky and jiggery-pokery involving outright extortion, blackmail and death threats with Bakrie and his Javanese cabal.

Red said...

Nice to see someone ripping off the pondscum Rothschild clan for a change