Thursday, 4 October 2012

Jim’ll Fuck It: Notorious Salford Nonce

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What a frenzied brouhaha, with heaps of bovine excrement being bandied around concerning the scandalous Sir Jimmy ‘Scumbag’ Savile sexual abuse allegations. “How can this be true? He did so much for charity” - “This is only coming out now, when he’s not here to defend himself” - “Disrespectful of his memory” – “Publicity-seeking slanderers” – “Iconoclastic slappers” - etcetera, et al – with nary a thought for the then-underage girls who have sod all of a material nature to gain but wish to set the record straight – and are intent on doing so in the ITV documentary ‘Exposure: The Other Side of Jimmy Tosspot’.

Alas for the sceptics and gainsayers who refer to these accusers - actually ‘victims’ – as ‘star-struck fantasists’, the glitzy carapace of charitable works served to distract from, more so than conceal, the fact that the dog wanking Jimbo was notorious for his jail-bait predatory peccadilloes - which were common knowledge to anyone even remotely involved with his social and / or professional / working circles. This was not an ‘open-secret’ as there was simply no effort to hide the fact – especially so in his early career.

To my personal knowledge ‘Jim’ll Fuck It’ Savile boasted a motto of “Old enough to bleed then old enough to butcher” regarding females of the species being eligible for bonking. In Jimbo’s mind, if they had hair they could sit on then they qualified for a grope audition to join his harem of split-arsed, celebrity-mesmerised, under-age teen morons.

Leaving aside the Jersey ‘Haut de la Garenne’ orphanage (and in-house basement cemetery) accusations regarding Savile’s fetishes for kiddie fiddling – along with acts of mortuary necrophilia while working as a volunteer porter at Stoke Mandeville Hospital – when he ran the Friday night Disco Club at the Higher Broughton Assembly Rooms in Salford – (in the company of his convicted child molester sidekick DJ Ugli Ray Terret - Savile’s Mini-Me apprentice who went on to become a Radio Caroline North and Piccadilly Radio DJ and copped for a six month prison sentence in March 1999 for raping a 15-year-old girl) – Jimbo used to bang 13 and 14-year old ‘groupies’ two at a time in the back of his maroon Jag’ under cover of darkness at Broughton’s Clowes Park.

Thought for the day. Here’s one for the conspiracy theorists to gnaw on – was Groper Jim a Freemason? Did anyone ever check out his computer for paedo’ website piccies? Was there a Jimmy Savile listed in the Plod Squad’s Operation Ore UK-based pederast index of 7,250 suspects which included half of Parliament and the Westminster / Whitehall civil service pondscum – along with New Labour’s international war criminal PM Tony Bliar’s personal Parliamentary aide Philip Lyon?

With the added revelations from NHS nurses that Groper Jim sexually molested child patients at the hospitals where he worked as a volunteer porter, the Plod Squad now believe the "predatory sex offender" could have abused up to 25 victims over a period of 40 years. Hmmm, let's get with reality here - how about 25 per month as per his early Manchester and Salford stamping ground days.

Let's not lose sight of the fact that the actual underage teen 'groupies' were slappers who expected to pay for their misconstrued 'fifteen minutes of being close to someone famous' - and while perhaps throwing up in revulsion with having Jimbo wedged between their thighs while uttering Satanic mantras to his Dark Gods, never complained - and perhaps never will. Hence we speculate the actual number of underage females molested could well run into a statistical figure an abacus will be required to total up - thousands.

A pity the Big Brother ‘womb to tomb’ state’s Criminal Records Bureau vetting process wasn’t in existence when Jimbo the Nonce was doing the rounds of schools and hospitals and orphanages.

Ah, if only those abused corpses in the mortuaries of Leeds General Infirmary and Stoke Manderville Hospital were still around to tell their tales.

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Anonymous said...

Nice one - better documented facts than the telly expose - and the Ray territ connection is all over Google

Fletch said...

Like it - was Savile a Freemason - probably.
Ray Territ, Grotty Garry Glitter and how many more kiddie molesters and fudgers. Alan Freeman for one, another bisexual paedo DJ.

Anonymous said...

And lets not forget the other poxed-up DJ twat John Peel who got one slapper preggers when she was 15 and forked out for an abortion.
No open secret there.

Bazzer said...

Rusty's spot on with this total number of groupies abused as I've got to agree a lot of them either wanted it or expected to pay the piper for access and getting their faces into scenes like the Top of the Pops.
They're never going to come forward or complain.
Whats the betting its in the high hundreds or even thousands.

Biffo said...

Yeah, now the national Plod Squad are on the job. How reassuring. Where were they 20/30/40 years ago?
Do we trust them or the Beeb or the NHS. No fucking way. Same as Hillsborough. Same as Grampian police and the Hollie Greig sex abuse and serial rape of disabled and special needs children scandal by a kiddie fiddling cabal comporised of Aberdeen's finest - elitist society and establishment figures and Freemasons to a man.
Another coverup by the police that got Robert Green jailed and Rusty arrested to shut down their efforts to blow the case wide open and get an independent investigation launched.
Lot of guilty parties involved - in Aberdeen, Holyrood and Westminster - all hoping the whole issue will go away.
Some chance. How about NEVER.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, just like the Holly Grieg case - a coverup ordered by top officialdom's biggest sinners and their Masonic masters. This police inquiry into Savile and co will be the same, scapegoats of a bunch of expired dead fuckers and protect the kiddie fiddlers still around. Just like Blair and Operation Ore.

Gilly said...

This country, all Europe in fact and the States and maybe the whole world is run by a historically corrupt elite which includes the monarchies and government top dogs, and this child molesting culture is linked directly to Satanism and the sexual abuse and degradation of pure pre-pubescent kids and eventually human sacrifice.

Gina said...

The numbers are rising with the ticking of the clock. 10, 20, 30 - now tonight it's 40, and one boy the bisexual perv Savile abused in Jersey.
But this is a British establishment sin that's been going on for decade, centuries if you count in the Roman Catholic Church's kiddie fiddlers. Same for Scotland's Masonic brotherhood pederasts. Just look at Dunblane and Hamilton and why there's a 100 year secrecy order slapped on that filthy scandal, or why no independent police investigation will ever take off in Aberdeen regarding the Hollie Greig serial abuse case. This wasn't just poor Hollie but scores of other special needs and orphanage / social care children too - with those tasked with the duty of their care pimping them out to these foul paedo scum.

Mama Kate said...

The BBC and NHS institutions ignoring, or covering up, the sinful sore thumb obvious involving Savile's sexual abuse proclivities, seems systemic in our sick society in which fudging and pederasty are a chronic aberration that permeates the very fabric of the entire government establishment structure.
This includes the upper echelons of the elitist fraternity of Royals and Landed Gentry and too the Rich and Shameless and their all-pervasive Masonic Brotherhood that commands and expedites the institutionalised coverups of their criminal sexual molestation acts against children and the suppression of the investigation or media broadcast of the same.
Hence the lack of investigation of ranking paedophiles (Dunblane massacre’s paedophile background and Operation Ore media gagging by war criminal Tony Bliar) and the disappearance of helpless children, kidnapped to feed their diabolical perversions - and the targeting, harassment and prosecution (read persecution) of those of moral worth who would expose such.
Like Sodom and Gomorrah before us, our society is rotten to the core and successive governments, tasked with a duty of care, are delinquent in the exercise of this duty, along with a compliant ‘Yes Sir’ police force whose upper ranks are corrupted by the influence of their Freemason members.
Look no further than Aberdeen and Grampian Police and the Scottish Crown Office’s continual refusal to investigate evidence-supported allegations of the sexual abuse of disabled and special needs children (ref the Hollie Grieg case) stating that a non-existent, half-arsed investigation revealed no wrong-doing, simply to protect their establishment masters.

Anonymous said...

Hey isnt this only too true. Everywhere we find kiddie fiddling scandals being covered up its always involving the elitist sections of society and the hand of Freemasonry constantly appears to be involved in the supression of evidence of the crimes and protection of the guilty parties.

Gilly said...

Yeah, the pondscum who force this political correctness bullshit and their self-serving laws of the land down our collective throats and moralise on what is right and wrong are mired in hypocrisy for their involvement in the despicable acts of child molestation.
The lot should be publicly emasculated and the word PAEDO branded on their forheads - Catholic priests included.

Kim said...

Jerry Sadowsky publicly outed Savile as a kiddie fiddler 20-odd years ago and the establishment either ignored it or said "Shhh!" - and Savile never even dared cry "Foul!" or issue a slander writ as the proof loomed large when looked for.

Anonymous said...

The wnole media establishment, the Beeb especially so, were aware of Savile's evil habits with post-pubescent, albeit underage girls, if not acts of pederasty against little boys and girls and ignored it or covered it up because he was Mister Charity on two legs and had an arrogant, egocentric Untouchable attitude that his wore like a knight's shining armour.

Whistle-Blower Bill said...

The whole gamut of BBC director-generals were made aware of Savile’s perverted tastes for molesting young girls, from Hughie Green back in the 1960’s, through Charlie Curran, especially so Ian Trethowan who was a fellow fudger and big kiddie fiddling mate of Tory PM Ted Heath’s who Savile pimped for. Then Alasdair Milne, Michael Checkland, and the sexually-confused adulterer John ‘Blue Skies’ Birt – along with Greg Dyke and last but not least Marky Mark Thompson – and most definitely by Georgie Boy ‘Spike it!’ Entwhistle.
If they deny knowledge of this or even awareness of circulating rumours then they’re lying through their fucking teeth.

Lena said...

Then we have Julie Fernandez statement that Savile groped her at 14 years old and while she was in a wheelchair.
Underage girls, disabled girls, little orphaned boys and girls - paedophilia - so we can reasonably speculate that the necrophilia allegations might bear some semblance of credibility.
Groping an underage disabled girl - and the establishment poo-poo the allegations that a cabal of Scottish Aberdeen paedo's were responsible for the serial molestation of disabled kiddies at a special needs school - Google the Hollie Grieg sexual abuse scandal.

Anonymous said...

Julie's the Eldorado star and used to be in The Office, isn't she. That's the one. What a scumbag, mauling a 14-year old in a wheelchair. Pity she didn't slap him or claw his eyes out and shout "Rape!"

Kelly said...

With all this scandal, now including wheelchair-bound Julie Fernandez and juvenile NHS patients
and Broadmoor inmates, is there anywhere Savile didn't have access to or grope? How about the Wombles or the cast from Camberwick Green - or Tiny Clanger, or cabin boy Tom from Captain Pugwash - did any of them escape Savile's groping paws?

Anonymous said...

So the Plods are setting up an inquiry, along with the Beeb going so far as to commission two - both independent.
Okay, so who's going to chair these inquiries might we ask? Probably the likes of establishment cover-up artists Lord Hutton (Dr David Kelly assissted suicide inquiry), John Chilcott (Iraq war WMD / dodgy dossier inquiry)or Dame heatehr Hallett (7/7 Muslim terorist false flag attack on London tube system and one double decker bus).
The usual Mr Fix-It whitewash brigade.

Anonymous said...

Like Rusty says, the end tally statistic's rising all the time and with revelations of cub scouts getting bummed and made to suck and swallow, plus Broadmoor mental patients molested and raped we're just waiting on a bunch of whistle-blowing farm animals from Old McDonald's menagerie to grass King Jimmy up for acts of penetrative zoophilia - and some clairvoyant to hold a seance and get the low down on the corpses he sexually abused in hospital mortuaries.
The numbers are going to run into the thousands.

Anonymous said...

It's a crime that's become institutionalised and runs throughout our sick society.
Parliament's got a Home Affairs select Committee inquiry underway into police inaction on child sex abuse and are curently hammering Yorkshire's not fit for purpose plods for letting a 22-year-old bloke off after he was caught in a car with a 12-year-old girl, a bottle of vodka and indecent images of her on his mobile phone.

Grant said...

Stoke Manderville Hospital's cafe called "Jimmy's" after Jimmy Savile is to be renamed - perhaps as Paedo Perv Snacks

Anonymous said...

Bet there's a ton of dirty celebrity kiddie fiddling deviants at the Beeb and elsewhere shitting kittens that they're gonna get fingered now this nasty can of worms has got up-ended.

Anonymous said...

Keep it in the family they say. Now we got Caroline Robinson, Savile's niece, exposing Uncle Jimmy started molesting her when she was 12.

Anonymous said...

Since airing of Panorama programme last night exposing the coverup of the Savile expose, it has been decided to rename the BBC 'Nonce Broadcasting'.

Belinda said...

So what no-one would believe and defied credibility, that Jail Bait Jimmy was a paedo predator is now headline news with more investigations going on than you can shake a stick at.
Good, and about time too.
Now when are we going to see this exposure phenomenon come into play with the Holie Greig serial rape and sexual abuse of special needs and disabled children by a disgusting ring of high ranking establishment worthies in Scotland's kiddie fiddling capital of Aberdeen - aka Nonce Central?
Or are the Grampian police and COPFS still servile and obeying their Holyrood Masonic masters - intent on continuing the dog and pony show investigations and concealment of these crimes, leaving the next generation of children at risk?
These are the same scum who covered up the paedo involvement behind the Dunblane massacre for 100 years under a secrecy order.
The words 'criminal corruptionn' don't even begin to adequately describe this immoral bunch of homicidal perverts - Scotland's shame.

Quinn said...

Now we have Bill Oddie coming out of the woodwork and adding to the 'every fucker at the Beeb knew about Savile's paedo predatory habits' and he speculates that the only reason such exposure was censured by BBC bosses was the fact he was well in with Royalty and a big mate of Prince Charles, and how was it going to look awfully bad on Charlie if Jimmy was exposed and prosecuted for his filthy sins - and perhaps involve HRH Prince of Wales in the kiddie fiddling ring too.
Oh well, Chazzer does come across as a psycho anyways - had his first wife murdered in Paris and spends his time having conversations with plants.

Quinn said...

Lots of skeletons now ratttling away in so many cupboards around Whitehall and Westminster, and Holyrood too.
When are we going to see the Hollie Greig serial rape and sexual abuse of disabled children by a ring of Aberdeen pederasts, Freemasons to a man, finally investigated; properly and honestly by the useless Grampian police force and the guilty parties pulled down from their establishment thrones of power and prosecuted by the institutionally corrupt Crown Office?

Angus the Mole said...

Too right Quinn, these Masonic bastards should be exposed for what they are - and starting with the Nonce Central city of Aberdeen - Scotland's eternal shame concerning the Hollie Greig scandal coverup.

MacDuff of Stonehaven said...

Let's just hope this little expose goes pandemic and stirs up the Hollie Greig scandal again so Robert Green's and Rusty's intrepid efforts in getting the truth out there, before getting grabbed by the bent Grampian Police on the orders of the ex-Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini to shut them up, that saw Green imprisoned and Rusty still awaiting his day in court before another bent Sheriff, are not wasted.

Keltie said...

The North Wales Bryn Estyn Masonic Paedo's Retreat inquiry's gonna get re-opened - now the vultures are coming home to roost and the skeletons are rattling - and some fuckers are quaking in their boots.
Pity about Scotland and devolution else we could have forced a reopening of the disgraceful Hollie Grieg serial rape scandal too and prosecuted a bevvy of kiddie fiddling porridge wog nonces - which would leave the Sheriff's courts and Grampian / Edinburgh police stations empty.

Anonymous said...

Rusty's information sources are spot on.

How’s about that for justice catching up with you years down the road?

Jimmy Savile's former chauffeur and a second man have been arrested over historic rape allegations not directly connected to the Savile inquiry.

Police said a 71-year-old - understood to be Savile's ex-chauffeur Ray Terret - and a 61-year-old were arrested at an address in Altrincham, Cheshire.
(probably Terret’s house – famous for the ‘grab-a-groupie’ parties back in the 70’s and 80’s

Terret is a convicted child molester and was Savile’s Mini-Me apprentice / sidekick / driver back in the Salford / Broughton Friday Disco Club days – then went on to become known as Ugli Ray Terret, a Radio Caroline North and Piccadilly Radio DJ and copped for a six month prison sentence in March 1999 for raping a 15-year-old girl.

Ally said...

Posted for blog architect Rusty by Ally - blog admin: Conspiracy theory anyone?

So the Plod Squad’s decaffeinated investigation into the Savile sexual abuse scandal is named ‘Operation Yewtree’.

On a sarcastic note, that’s reassuring considering the alleged involvement of a ring of Masonic political bigwigs that Savile pimped for and who used the Bryn Estyn care home – amongst others – as their personal child abduction centre and sodomite bordello.

Okay, with reflection on the original unleaded, low octane Waterhouse Inquiry and the involvement of the Denbighshire Police, whose participation is suspect due their membership of the Custodes Pacis Masonic Lodge - who in Scotland Yard designated the investigation Operation Yewtree might we ask?

The Yew tree represents the tree of life, which our pagan ancestors worshipped and is of great Masonic significance viz occult knowledge and holds the keys to healing and rejuvenation.

The huge, wood-hewn twin pillars supporting the entrance of Solomon’s Temple were named Jachim and Boaz, and in Qabbalistic teachings represent the two pillars of Sepiroth, the Tree of Life.

Jachim was a Yew and Boaz an oak.
Operation Yewtree indeed. Anyone smell a rat yet?

All goes a long way past Freemason Peter Righton, he was a sacrificial goat (sic) to conceal the identities of Downing Street paedo scum.

MacDuff of Stonehaven said...

Aye, while we don’t lose sight of the Bryn Estyn and Bryn Alyn – and 44 other Welsh child care homes fingered for sexual abuses - nor Thomas Hamilton of Dunblane massacre notoriety, acting as a Boy Scout master paedo pimp for his elitist Freemason pals - nor the vile Hollie Greig serial rape and sexual abuse of special needs children by an Aberdeen-based pederast ring whose members have avoided investigation and prosecution for their crimes through their Masonic Brotherhood connections – let us also cast a scrutinising eye to the allegations of sexual abuse now being exposed that have taken place at the Coble Haugh Childrens Home at Port Elphinstone in the Royal Burgh of Inverurie, which lies in the Aberdeenshire East constituency of none other than Scotland’s First Minister Alex ‘Three Chins’ Salmond.

The Coble Haugh Children’s Unit is alleged to be yet another of Common Thread’s Caledonian kiddie fiddling brothels catering to the deviant sexual perversions of bonny Scotland’s Masonic Brotherhood.

Icke-onoclast said...

Add this bunch of Tories to the list of fudgers and paedo's already mentioned:

Tory MPs:

Sir Stephen McAdden (Southend East)
Richard Body (Holland with Boston)
Sir Ronald Russell (Wembley South)
George Gardiner (Reigate)
William Craig (Belfast East)
Gerald Howarth (Aldershot)
Evelyn King (South Dorset)
John Carlisle (Luton North)
Rhodes Boyson ((Brent North)
Archibald Hamilton (Epsom and Ewell)
Tim Janman (Thurrock)
Peter Bottomley (Worthing West)
Colin Campbell Mitchell (West Aberdeenshire)
Bernard Braine (Castle Point)
James Molyneaux (Lagan Valley)
John Taylor (Strangford)
Neil Hamilton (Tatton)
Robert Taylor (Croydon North West)
Nicholas Winterton (Macclesfield)
Geoffrey Stewart-Smith (Belper)
Patrick Cormack (Cannock)
Anthony Fell (Great Yarmouth)
Robert Boscawen (Wells)
Harold Soref (Ormskirk)
William Benyon (Buckingham)
Roger White (Gravesend)
Peter Rost (South East Derbyshire)
Norman Tebbit (Epping)
Piers Dixon (Truro)
David James (North Dorset)
John Heydon Stokes Oldbury and Halesowen)
Geoffrey Rippon (Hexham)
Julian Amery (Brighton Pavilion)
Ronald Bell QC (South Buckinghamshire)
Harold Gurden (Selly Oak)
Teddy Taylor (Glasgow Cathcart)
John Peyton (Yeovil)
Paul Williams (Sunderland South)
Duncan Sandys (Streatham)
Joseph Hiley (Pudsey)
John Biggs-Davison (Chigwell)
Stephen Hastings (Mid Bedfordshire)
Victor Goodhew (St Albans)
Wilfred Baker (Banffshire)
Jasper More (Ludlow)
Patrick Wall (Haltemprice)
Mark Woodnutt (Isle of Wight)
Sir Jerry Wiggin (Weston-super-Mare

Generalised Tory pondscum:

George Murray, 10th Duke of Atholl
Derek Laud
Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, 5th Marquess of Salisbury
Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, 6th Marquess of Salisbury
Dermot Chichester, 7th Marquess of Donegall
Patrick Maitland, 17th Earl of Lauderdale
Victor Montagu, 10th Earl of Sandwich
Charles Carnegie, 11th Earl of Southesk
John Wodehouse, 4th Earl of Kimberley
George Jellicoe, 2nd Earl Jellicoe
John Whyte-Melville-Skeffington, 13th Viscount Massereene
John Skeffington, 14th Viscount Massereene
Alan Lennox-Boyd, 1st Viscount Boyd of Merton
Merlin Hanbury-Tracy, 7th Baron Sudeley
Jonathan Guinness, 3rd Baron Moyne
Wavell Wakefield, 1st Baron Wakefield of Kendal
General Sir Walter Walker
Sir Adrian FitzGerald
Sir Horace Cutler
Sir James Goldsmith
Sir Victor Raikes,
Commander Anthony Courtney

Anonymous said...

I used to go to the Disc-a-Gogo in Salford in the sixties. Looking back at it now I feel ashamed that I didn't tell a responsible adult what was going on. I know of one 15yr old for certain and there were rumours about many others.

Anonymous said...

Ha - reading the national Sex Offenders register is just the same as reading a copy of A & C Black's 'Who's Who'.

Angus the Mole said...

Sod the BBC's smoke and mirrors distraction tactics - let's focus on the fact that abberant sexual tastes - such as sodomy and paedophilia are endemic right across the swathe of our society - and especially in the ranks of the nobility and Masonic Brotherhood and the elitist corridors of power - legislative, executive and judiciary - including our graft and corruption-ridden police forces throughout the UK - with a keen focus on Scotland's cop crews.
How many names were on the Operation Ore list? 7,250 - and with Labour PM Tony Blair's personal parliamentary aide Philip Lyon on the list - and arrested and prosecuted before he could slap a gagging order on media coverage.

Icke-onoclast said...

'Spread false defeat to gain public sympathy; or false accusation and then arrange for it to be exposed as such – so the accuser (Steve Messham) will forever be treated with suspicion.'

From McAlpine's book, The New Machiavelli: The Art of Politics in Business

Anonymous said...

Lying and kiddie fiddling runs in the family. Only ever been to Wrexham once - bullshit.
How about Alfred ‘Jimmie’ McAlpine (1908-1991) who lived at Gerwyn Hall, Marchwiel, Wrexham.
Huge estate - where Bryn Estyn kids used to be taken for 'gardening duties'.
Jimmie McA' was a keen golfer -and used to frequent the Wrexham links with his cousin - and a pair of 12-year old caddies in tow.

Lester from Chester said...

So what's McAlpen gonna spend all this slander / libel compo on - a bigger B & B - or start a 'No Child Left Behind' charity?
Anyone gets a nasty letter off his ambulance-chasing pondscum lawyers should reply with the classic Arkell vs Pressdram response of 'Fuck Off!'
The number of potential defendants facing libel action stands at 10,000 – (1,000 tweets n 9,000 re-tweets so far) - the largest in UK legal history.
Now that is gonna jam up Broken Britain's court system nicely.

Anonymous said...

Now is the time for our government to make a decision and take a stand - if they've the balls. They either make a stand and stamp down on this sick paedophilia culture that pervades the corridors of power - and become the solution - or do sweet fuck all as usual and remain part of the problem. Amen

MacDuff of Stonehaven said...

Child sexual exploitation is child abuse and a serious moral crime in any society, which the government and NSPCC claims they are committed to tackling.

So why is the Aberdeen paedo ring still operating with indemnity from police investigation and prosecution by the judiciary and the Hollie Greig sexual abuse scandal unresolved by Holyrood and the PTB?

Why, because regardless of socio-ploitical spin and media posturing these paedo protectors and their elitist ranking accomplices have their heads in the sand and are in denial.

Haggerty the Nonce Killer said...

We're sickened that these Parliamentary elitist scumbags have been sniggering over the shirt-lifting and indiscretions of their House of Conmans (as Rusty refers to the dump)contemporary inmates and Whitehall's civil service deviants - or keeping sub rosa schtum on eht edisgusting criminal antics of the likes of Jeremy Thrope, Ted Heath and Parliament's very own Mr Creosote - the Lib-Dum's resident pederast shadow Minister for Slobbery, Cyril Smith.
None ever pointed the fickle finger of fate to have these child molestation sex crimes investigated nor used Parliamentary privilege to condemn such - and the same in Holyrood regarding the Aberdeen paedo capital's scandal with the Hollie Greig serial rape of special needs and disabled children by a ring of Masonic elitist whose membership runs right through the establishment core - and the main named offenders part of the judiciary, police force amd social services.