Thursday, 11 October 2012

Kate Makes Kid’s Fantasy Come True

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The Libservative Coalition’s Prime Minister, Austerity Dave Scameron, following the 2010 election, notoriously tried - and spectacularly failed - with his ‘Hug-a-Hoodie’ campaign – a desperate attempt aimed at establishing a one-on-one Big Society connection with the country’s disaffected youth which turned into a skewed tosspot scheme that has, two and a half years down the road and a legion of socio-political disappointments later - manifested into the polar opposite mantra of ‘Bash-a-Scally’.

Hence it must be a right smack in the proverbial ego for Posh Dave when Princess Katie Middleclass took a trip up to Geordieland yesterday and had flocks of teenage hoodies queuing to go down on their bended knees in obeisant fashion to petition for a wee hug from the iconic ‘Mrs Wills’.

The royal visit is Kate’s first official trip to the grim North East, a semi-civilised province of Britain that abuts the wilds of Scotland and where a form of colloquial English is muttered through the cleft palates of the inbred mongrel population when ordering pints of Newkie Brown - or insulting tartan-kilted Jocks on a south-of-the-border excursion to steal manhole covers, gulley gratings and the hapless RattleTrack’s overhead power cables.

Kate looked relaxed and poised as she stepped from a Stagecoach double decker bus and was greeted by the Lord Mayor, Councillor Frank ‘Pitbull’ Nosdork, a former licensed cormorant strangler, then went to meet crowds of shivering peasants outside Newcastle’s Civic Centre, enraptured by the comments of “Like yer thrifty chic Oxfam coat – that looks nice an’ warm” and “Got a spare cardigan wiv yer by any chance?” – before engaging a legion of school children who’d wagged classes that morning just to catch a glimpse of a real fairy tale Princess – with jail bait pubescent girls handing their copies of E.L. James ‘50 Shades of Grey’ soft porn novel for Kate to autograph.

However the luckiest lad in Newcastle was 10-year old Ronnie McScrote, for as Kate and Mayor Nosdork, accompanied by a procession of sycophantic hangers-on and local council jobsworths, walked down the street, he threw up his arms and, with intrepid determination, fearlessly reached through the electrified razor wire fence for a cuddle – a heart-rendering entreaty to which the obliging Princess willingly responded – regardless of her hair standing on end or the blood streaming from the myriad cuts on Ronnie’s arms.

A resident of Newcastle’s Shit-or-Bust council housing estate, the hoodie-clad Ronnie confided to Kate he’d played truant from his Scattford Asbo Central Academy school that day just to see her – on the off chance she was topless under her coat - and had vowed to himself in the shaving mirror that morning to get a hug from the Princess and maybe even a passionate kiss if his luck was in – a wish Katie fulfilled as their lips and tongues enjoined in a deep embrace and the crowds cheered “Nice one Ronnie!”

Following his ‘close encounter’ the blush-faced McScrote informed salivating press hacks “No shit, that canny lass’s got skin softer than a baby’s arse. I’ve had a hard on fer the wench since I saw her tits online in that French news mag’ – an’ it must have bin a bit chilly round the pool that day cos her nipples were stuck out like organ stops – an’ today’s she’s made my masturbation fantasy come true. What a lucky twat that Prince William bloke is.”

After joining a group of street people (homeless twats) at the Salvation Army hostel for a light lunch of yesterday’s warm-up Pan Haggerty and Singin’ Hinnies, washed down with cans of McEwans Vintage Export Meths, Kate was shown around a community garden and helped plant some marijuana seeds before continuing through the park where she was greeted by mobs of snotty-nosed children and members of the common herd who waved flags and cheered in unison: “We love you Princess Di” – while passing her gifts, including pawn tickets, reefers, tampax, little blue Viagra tablets and Black Mamba ribbed condoms – with scores prostrated on the ground so Kate could wipe the dogshit off her shoes on their worthless torsos - and asking her to bless their proffered Euro Lotto tickets – then crossing their chests and giving thanks to St Katie of the Middleclass.

Thought for the day: Aye, the People’s Princess she is becoming. Let’s just hope she doesn’t evolve too much of a socio-political conscience like her deceased mother-in-law and get a hankering for justice and banning land mines – or screwing Muslim costermongers.
Doubtful she will succumb to the temptations of the latter, for Wills is his mother’s son and not into plant whispering eccentricities like his bat-eared clot of a father Prince Chazzer.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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Fletch said...

Funny as all fuck n nearly wet me pants reading it. Some wicked imagination Rusty's got.

Anonymous said...

Nice use of the 'tits' photos scandal factor - n with these paparazzi creeps she needs to keep her bikini top on.
Like the 'Middleclass' bit too.