Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Qatar Emir’s Gaza Trip Snubs Kikesters

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The waddling tub of halal lard wrapped in a duvet cover and wearing a gingham tea towel on his bonce – known affectionally to friends and enemies (foreign and domestic) alike as Sheikh Hamad bin Fat Git al-Thani, the Emir of Qatar - has become the first bulimia-beating head of state to visit the Gaza Strip since horrid Hamas came to power in 2007, fired by the aim of spreading his largess with a Samaritan zeal.

Sheikh Hamad and his entourage of catamite-fudging sycophants crossed into Gaza from Egypt in a convoy of camouflaged Chobham-armoured Hummer stretch limos - amid a tight security screen deployment - with M-PAD FIM-92 Stinger-armed lookout team outriders tasked to spot any high altitude Israeli Machatz-1 hunter-killer assassination drones likely to loose their airborne arsenal of Shitstreak missiles at the regal cavalcade.

On their safe arrival at the Rafah border crossing the Qatari party received no less than a 7-star red carpet ceremonial welcome inside a genuine Bedouin tent - stitched together by the weeping widows of the last Israeli ‘Jaysh al-Usra’ massacre - where the Emir and the Qatari Prime Minister Sheikh Fizzy al Kaseltzer were greeted with much decorum by their fellow Arab Muslim Semite brothers - Hamas PM Ismail ‘Ibn Himar’ Haniya and his Gaza Gangster cabinet of Jolly Jihad muhijadeen.

The glad-handing meet was preceded by an honour guard ceremony at which the Qatari and Palestinian national anthems were played in F Minor by Hamas’ All Steel Percussion Band - whose instruments are fabricated from the Israeli Kheil HaAvir’s spent Mk 77 incendiary munitions caissons and unexploded CBU-87 CEM cluster bomb casings dropped on hapless Gaza residential areas, hospitals and schools.

This was followed by a Third Intifada fireworks spectacular behind the Rachel Corrie Memorial Bulldozer Works, with a barrage of Qassam rockets fired over the Great Apartheid Wall into southern Israel by General Ras al Shitbag’s Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade – and concluded with a one-off self-immolation extravaganza display from Colonel Mohammed al Ka-Boom and his intrepid Shaheed Semtex Vest Suicide Squad’s martyrs running up to the hated separation barrier and covering it with blood and guts as they detonated their high explosive underwear.

The triple-chinned Emir’s visit is a sign of the increasing ties between the Gulf state and the beleaguered Gaza Strip enclave’s democratically-elected Hamas government, who, in a fit of selective memory, the Israelis have labelled a terrorist organisation while blatantly overlooking their own violent ‘born of bloodshed’ origins when they stole Palestine from the rightful Arab Muslim ‘Semite’ owners in the 1948 Yawm an-Nakbah (Day of the Catastrophe).

Oil and gas-rich Qatar, whose hedonistic ruling Al Thani family have more money than sense (and Croesus) has become an important source of revenue not only for the anti-Assad Free Syrian Army rebel terrorists but also Hamas - and the Emir, who claims hereditary grazing rights to every hotel lobby carpet in the Gulf region for his goat herds - has pledged US $400 million bucks for rebuilding in the marginalised Gaza Strip, which has been ravaged and devastated by continual bombing and military incursions by the homicidal Israeli aggressors pursuing their slow cook 'Final Solution' genocide campaign to rid the stolen lands of Palestine of ‘Hagarene Muslim Palestinians’.

The Israeli Knesset’s occupied West Bank stooge of a President, Mahmoud ‘Bala’a il A’air’ Abbas and his graft and corruption-ridden ‘Neekni Sahrawi’ Palestinian Authority cohorts have expressed reservations over the Emir's visit, and are green with envy, opining to the Hasbara Gazette that “Why have we been snubbed as Sheikh Hamad al Thani could have paid a flying visit here as well and sampled Mama Shylock’s matzo and meat pies – and contributed to our numbered Swiss bank accounts.”
“Really, it is all a waste of time and precious money – for what the fuck’s the point of rebuilding anything in Gaza if the Israeli’s psycho IDF keeps blasting the shit out of the place?”

Good point indeed, as career psychopath and all-round ‘hater’ Bobo Nuttyahoo, the incumbent Israeli PM - and too the rest of the nutty Knesset’s homicidal Ashkenazi Jews of convenience – have the Gaza Strip enclave besieged behind their racist 30-odd foot high Great Apartheid Wall – the despised Jidat a’Fas al’-Unsuri – in the biggest Nazi style concentration camp in the known Universe – which beats anything Hitler and his gang of barbaric maniacs ever conceived – Himmler would be proud of the rogue state of Israel’s efforts in emulating his containment and extermination example.

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Quinn said...

Like it - a kick in the bollocks for the posing Qatari fat man and Hamas and the puppet PA - and of course the scumbag Israeli psychos

wiggins said...

With apologies to Virgil....but, if I were the beleaguered Palestinians: 'I would beware fat git Emirs bearing gifts.' Especially friends of Nuttyyahoo.