Friday, 26 October 2012

MP Claims Downing St is Paedo Central

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Downing Street’s iconic Number 10 has been lambasted with a veritable legion of sobriquets over the years, and none of them complimentary. A doss house; a den of iniquity; riddled with graft and corruption – and shirt-lifting fudgers (Heath / Douglas-Home); being infested with craven ditherers (Chamberlain) - to staffed by homicidal maniacs (Bliar) and treasonous twats (Major / Maastricht) – to name but a mere sampling of the rightfully-affixed ignominies.

However, while speculation has been rife in the past it is only now, in the tumultuous wake of the decades-long Jail Bait Jimbo Savile / BBC kiddie fiddling scandal that the fickle finger of fate has been pointed directly at Number 10’s front door with the levelled accusation that it has been (and may well still be) – a hive of venal pederasty.

The shit-stirring Deputy Chairman of Ed Millipede’s New Labour Party, Tom ‘Pizza Wheel’ Watson, yesterday braved all odds, stood erect in the back benches of the House of Conmans and interrupted Austerity Dave Scameron’s Prime Minister’s Questions to use Parliamentary privilege and double-dare the not-fit-for-purpose Metropolitan Plod Squad to reopen a conspicuously closed criminal inquiry into a powerful paedophile network that operates in Britain, protected by its ranking Freemason connections in Whitehall, Parliament and Downing Street - and by bent, secret handshake Masonic Speculative Society politicians in Scotland’s Holyrood seat of government.

Frothing at the gills and anxious to score political brownie points with his accusations that there exists an institutionalised, establishment cover-up stretching far beyond the Beeb’s concealment of Savile’s disgusting and criminal peccadilloes for child groping, statute rape and necrophilia, Watson referred to the case of Peter Righton, who was convicted in 1992 of importing and possessing illegal homosexual and child sexual abuse pornographic material.

Righton, who, with criminal malice aforethought, abused his positions of trust as consultant at the National Children’s Bureau and a lecturer for the National Institute for Social Work, was forced to confess to the illegal importation charges, and of possessing obscene material.

Typical of the establishment elitist’s brand of justice being dispensed, Righton, an active Freemason, pulled a few Old Boy network strings and got a slap on the wrist with a £900 fine – and nary a mention of jail time, probation or his disgraced name being entered into the-then non-existent Sex Offenders Register – aka the kiddie fiddler tracking database.

In the aftermath of Watson’s remarks, media outlets speculated that the references fingered the late former Prime Minister Sir Edward ‘Fudge’ Heath – (who was repeatedly warned by MI5 over his public exposure for cottaging and soliciting sex with under-age boys around public toilets – and taking defenceless and trusting kiddies from Jersey’s Haut de le Garenne orphanage for boat rides on his ‘Catamite Calypso’ yacht and bringing them back with ruptured sphincters) - and too Sir Peter ‘Faggy’ Morrison, a former Downing Street cabinet inner circle aide who also conveniently shook off his mortal coil and went directly to Hell for his sins back in 1995.

Conversely the gutter press Daily Shitraker today ventured that Watson’s comments were not aimed at either ‘Uncle Ted’ Heath or the despicable Morrison but rather living persons associated with ‘menopausal madness’ Maggie Thatcher’s 1980’s disastrous administration - and further involved the activities of the Paedophile Information Exchange and the Paedophile Action for Liberation – both pro-kiddie fiddling groups that, like a pestilent blight on Britain’s social landscape, managed to defy moral stricture and condemnation, and existed through the 70’s and 80’s, using their political clout and connections (just Google Labour’s Harriet Harman / Lolita Charter) pushing for legislation to nullify not only the age of consent but also incest.

Responding to Watson’s damning, complicity-ridden remarks, Posh Dave was forced to concede that the MP, along with the Beeb’s Snitch & Grassers Department, had raised some very awkward questions that might come in handy for the spin doctors to divert the common herd’s media-mesmerised attentions from the fucked up state of Broken Britain’s economy and unemployment situation - and criminal involvement in wars of foreign aggression.

Further seizing on the opportunity to engage in a spot of ‘nonce-bashing’, Scameron continued “While I simply cannot believe any such criminal activities ever took place within the hallowed halls of Number 10 – well, not while a Tory PM was in office - these allegations do leave many institutions - particularly the Beeb - with serious questions to answer concerning Savile’s antics – and above all the enigmatic 'How did Jimmy the Groper get away with his underage molesting for so long?'.”

Oh that’s easy Dave – his arse was covered by a succession of corrupt deviant twats – just like your public schoolboy self - and the 'penis-grabbing' Minister Without a Job, Ken ‘In Denial’ Clarke - and that incompetent bitch of a former Health Minister Edwina ‘Piranha Teeth’ Currie - who sanctioned Savile’s appointment as Chief Groper at Broadmoor and then faced the media resembling a half-deflated child’s blow-up toy – the scary Halloween variety in need of a cosmetic bucket-full of Botox – and goes into holier-than-thou denial mode that she did anything wrong.

Hmmm, West Brom’ Watson’s sudden fervour to hoist high the banner of morality has raised certain Whitehall eyebrows a few degrees due his notoriety as being a triple-chinned Parliamentary expenses abuse trough hog – and the only one to receive free gifts from Mammon & Snobfords for the amount of taxpayer’s money he spends there on digestible delights, maxing out his extortionate £4,8000 quid Parliamentary annual tucker allowance.

Thought for the day: Hopefully the impassioned Watson, tear-arsing into the House of Conmans at a full gallop, mud-splattered and high in oath, to advance this iconoclastic holy crusade - is fully cognisant of the fact that his New Labour Party Commissar, PM Tony Bliar, slapped a gag on the media reporting of Operation Ore (aka Project Kiddie Fiddler) back in 2002 at the alleged insistence of Peter ‘Mr Fix-It’ Scandalson (now Lord Scandalson of the Felchers – and affectionately known in the Upper House as ‘Vermin in Ermine’) – with the sole purpose of reigning in further public exposure of the party’s child porno voyeurs and rampant pederasts infesting Parliament following the arrest of his personal aide Philip ‘Fudge’ Lyon on charges of the same.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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Quinn said...

Good piece of work. Let's tar and feather all these paedo pariahs and their lofty protectors.

wiggins said...

Blimey mate!!! We are going to need tankers full of tar and a lotta, lotta feathers.

Quinn said...

Lots of skeletons now ratttling away in so many cupboards around Whitehall and Westminster, and Holyrood too.
When are we going to see the Hollie Greig serial rape and sexual abuse of disabled children by a ring of Aberdeen pederasts, Freemasons to a man, finally investigated; properly and honestly by the useless Grampian police force and the guilty parties pulled down from their establishment thrones of power and prosecuted by the institutionally corrupt Crown Office?

Angus the Mole said...

Too right again Quinn, these Masonic bastards should be exposed for what they are - and starting with the Nonce Central city of Aberdeen - Scotland's eternal shame concerning the Hollie Greig scandal coverup.

Gilly said...

What Rusty writes is spot on. Sod political correctness cos our society is sick - from the Crown through Parliament - every level of it - and our so-called ploice and social services expecially - all rotten to the core with perverts and those who want abnormal sex.
Men screwing men, women screwing women - and paedophiles screwing kids - and wanting their perversions legitimising. Gay is an abomination as the Bible says.

Anonymous said...

no big inquiry or exposure of government paedo rings - same as Scotland, for the powers that be labour under the misapprehension that crimes by members of the elite must be swept under the rug because prosecuting them would up-end a nasty can of wriggly worm sins and destabilise the system.

MacDuff of Stonehaven said...

Let's just hope this little expose goes pandemic and stirs up the Hollie Greig scandal again so Robert Green's and Rusty's intrepid efforts in getting the truth out there, before getting grabbed by the bent Grampian Police on the orders of the ex-Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini to shut them up, that saw Green imprisoned and Rusty still awaiting his day in court before another bent Sheriff, are not wasted.

Haggerty the Nonce Killer said...

We're sickened that these Parliamentary elitist scumbags have been sniggering over the shirt-lifting and indiscretions of their House of Conmans (as Rusty refers to the dump)contemporary inmates and Whitehall's civil service deviants - or keeping sub rosa schtum on eht edisgusting criminal antics of the likes of Jeremy Thrope, Ted Heath and Parliament's very own Mr Creosote - the Lib-Dum's resident pederast shadow Minister for Slobbery, Cyril Smith.
None ever pointed the fickle finger of fate to have these child molestation sex crimes investigated nor used Parliamentary privilege to condemn such - and the same in Holyrood regarding the Aberdeen paedo capital's scandal with the Hollie Greig serial rape of special needs and disabled children by a ring of Masonic elitist whose membership runs right through the establishment core - and the main named offenders part of the judiciary, police force amd social services.