Friday, 19 October 2012

FBI Sting Bomb fails to go Ka-Boom!

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A clusterfuck menagerie of Homeland Insecurity and FBI agents have arrested yet another nasty Muslim type for plotting to detonate a truckload of bullshit in front of New York’s Federal Reserve Bank building on Liberty St in Manhattan and blow away Chairman Ben Bernanke and the rest of the Rothshite crime cartel’s Zionist kikester scumbags infesting the place – along with a shed load of ‘quantitative easing’ dollar bills – and stacks of gold-plated tungsten ingots.

The gospel according to the FBI (and why would they lie to us?) the 21-year old Mohammed al Patsy travelled to the US from Bangladesh on a three month ‘Entrapment’ visa with the sole intent of expediting a suicide bomb terrorist attack as a protest against the unrestricted scope of Western democratic freedoms exercised by Hollywood - and Disney World – which he was apparently radicalised and brainwashed to hate by the Mullah at his local madrassa – along with all those infidel Christians and Kikes that would dare slander the name of the Prophet (PBUH).

Mr al Patsy, who arrived in the good ole US of A last January, unwittingly signed up to the FBI’s sting ‘Jolly Jihadists Popular Front for the Liberation of Queens’ radical terrorist group after receiving a ‘Join Now For Free’ flyer to help overthrow the Great Satan and create a Caliphate in the American heartland – but being an intellectually challenged individual with the IQ of a small potted plant, failed to realise he was the only member.

The New York Justice Department arraignment court heard yesterday that al Patsy allegedly confided to his FBI / al Qaeda contact that he wanted to pull off something spectacular: "A very, very, very, very big terrorist act that will shake the whole country” – and had initially suggested they target the World Trade Centre Towers – only to be informed they were blasted into a state of total ‘dustification’ by micro-nukes and HAARP in a false flag attack back in 2001, a dastardly deed carried out by a crew of high-fiving bogus Israeli art students and Kidon Moving Systems operatives.

The FBI then slipped a free copy of Inspire into al Patsy’s mailbox - an English-language Jihadist magazine produced by CIA operatives in the Arabian Peninsula, and designed to get Al Qaeda in the shit - which contained an article titled ‘How to Make a Bomb in the Kitchen with your Mom,’ instructing readers on methods of cobbling together a practical sub-nuclear explosive device with everyday household items readily available at WalMart – an idea which al Patsy discarded as his Mom’s kitchen back at their hut in Bangladesh was levelled by an MQ-9 Predator drone-launched Shitstreak missile the previous Christmas while she was stuffing a festive season vulture for their dinner.

Another Inspire DIY mass mayhem terrorist act scheme included in that ‘Pestilence & Death’ issue of the magazine was how to start a forest fire conflagration, which al Patsy did attempt last April in Central Park with a tin of Zippo lighter fluid and a rolled-up New York Times, but it unfortunately rained and threw a damper on his intended inferno.

Stuck for further ideas al Patsy decided to seek out like-minded Muslim terrorist types with more practical experience to assist with the plot of bringing the Great Satan to its knees, so resorted to placing an ad’ in the Suicide Bombers Gazette – and this is where Homeland Insecurity’s top dog investigators caught on and got involved, then fielded DHS Agent Billy Bob Redneck in the persona of Shaheed al Ka-Boom, one of the Muslim Brotherhood’s IED specialists.

From then on in it was a pick and mix match of DHS and FBI agents disguised in Arab dishdashes and thobes (bedsheets) dropping off a total of twenty 50 pound sacks of what the moronic al Patsy believed was Semtex at his Queens boarding house - but was actually freeze-dried bullshit shipped in from Washington’s Capitol Building.

While Mr al Patsy has now been charged with attempting to detonate a weapon of mass distraction, FBI and DHS officials claim there was never a threat to the public domain, even when the hapless stooge fixed an Xmas tree light bulb filament ‘detonator’ into the ‘bullshit bomb’ and connected it to a cellphone then stood attempting to make the thing go ‘Bang!’ outside the Fed Building and tried to rip his own head off in a final gesture of ‘Passport to Paradise’ felo de se as a crew of NYPD plods gathered round laughing and hitting the hapless schmuck with truncheons.

Thought for the day. Some might cheer and applaud the FBI’s perspicacity in the entrapment of gullible Muslim stooges to further demonise Islam and its adherents in general as a batshit bunch of fanatical Semtex suicide vest-toting crazies. Conversely others may rightly question the federal government’s involvement in the manufacture of domestic terrorism and convincing their fall guys that the most efficient way of devastating American macho morale would be to blow up the Alamo and prove John Wayne was a faggot.

So, was Mr al Patsy on any DHS / CIA / FBI watch checklists or a TSA no-fly log – or just got added to the ‘handy stooge’ file when he applied for his visa at the US Embassy in Dhaka – surprisingly granted without an interview and endorsed with the signature of Ambassador Desperate Dan Mozena himself.

Hence how the fuck is the law of the land to be wrought and twisted to prove a case that Mohammed al Patsy had overseas connections to the non-existent al-Qaeda bogeyman organisation that hides in plain sight under a miasmic cloud of Scotch mist – and attempted to detonate a 1,000 pound pile of inert bullshit supplied by DHS and FBI agents?

However, to the more canny amongst our ranks, any attempt to blow up the Rothshite crime syndicate’s Federal Reserve and their kikester-in-chief Bernanke – whether a failure or success - deserves an ‘A for effort’ on its inherent merits alone.

To wit, fuck the Fed’ and the United States of the Great Satan global bully - and their Protocols of the Greedy Bastard Elders of Zion ‘Manifest Destiny’ New World Order.

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Fletch said...

Brilliant! Great piece of insight.

wiggins said...

The 'clever' bastards think this Psy-Op will make the zombies think that the Federal Reserve are the good guys, when of course the opposite is the truth and they are nothing but a shower of theiving kikester banksters.