Sunday, 7 October 2012

Rodent Pushes Global Eugenics Campaign

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U.S. Secretary of Sleaze, Hilarious Rodent Clinton, Matriarch of the Mena Mafia crime syndicate and wife of the Arkansas Amateur Rapist, Dodger Bill, speaking from the podium at the International Conference on Population and Development, announced the launch of a new programme that the egoistic, menopausal maniac is promoting to be the centrepiece of U.S. foreign policy to uplift the dark skinned races of our planet from their heathen ignorance and implement a series of drastic measures to curb their lascivious propensity for breeding litters of 'useless eater' kids.

The gospel according to the Rodent states $$$63 zillion dollars will be spent by the debt-ridden Great Satan to fund the deceptively-titled ‘Global Health Initiative’ which aims to prevent pregnancies and improve family planning services – read expedite coerced / forced ‘ligation’ and ‘vasectomy’ surgery around the globe – and specifically in Third World dumps – a campaign that translates into plain English as a ‘revised eugenics and population control agenda’.

Let’s not forget how Western ‘humanitarian aid’ to the Third World has so far delivered the HIV-1 / AIDS virus to unsuspecting – and trusting – populations around the globe via the medium of WHO / UNICEF contaminated Hepatitis B and Polio vaccines – along with the venal Bill and Belinda Gates Foundation and the United Nations Population Fund pushing their toxic vaccination programmes to compromise multi-millions of kiddie’s immune systems – all under the criminal guise of fighting disease and promoting health.

Hmmm, as per usual, every time the ZioNazi elitist pondscum announce their latest ‘humanitarian aid’ program it has the terms ‘mass population cull’ and ‘euthanasia’ covertly woven throughout the entire fabric – not to save millions of lives but prevent the same ever being conceived and delivered into this cruel, social-engineered totalitarian global community the PTB are chomping at the bit to establish.

To wit, the United Nations Population Fund is dead set on promoting forced sterilization, abortion and ‘survival of the fittest’ euthanasia culling - and not only whole-heartedly supports the compulsory abortion and infanticide of China's dystopian ‘One Sprog’ programme but has been surreptitiously pushing radical population control measures around the world’s developing nations for decades under the deceptive banner of vaccination, family planning and reproductive healthcare.

Alas the UN’s Population Fund has always been - and now joined with the Rodent’s latest Global Health Initiative - will continue to be about Hitlerian / Naziesque eugenics and how the elitist 1% (The Rich) intend to cull the 99% human herd down to less than half a billion – obviously at the expense of the six and a half billion (plus) that have got to bite the bullet to achieve this draconian Georgia Guidestones genocidal insanity’s target.

The Third World blacks and browns, the so-called Bell Curve Deficiency crowd – the Pikeys, the Gyppos, the Slavs, the Great Unwashed – and specifically the Poor. Any and all that these interbred genetic mutants - the self-appointed, slack-jawed fascist Brahmins - consider ‘goyim’ or ‘dalits’ and lacking the blue-blood social qualifications to be deserving of an equal portion of our Earth’s / Mother Nature’s plenteous bounty, or breathe the same air as them.

Conversely, let’s just wait and watch Karma turn full circle, then kick in and rebalance the status quo and the natural order of things.

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