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NHS Finger 1 in 100 Oldies for ‘Death List’

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In what has got to be interpreted as the most immoral act conjured by a sitting government since New Labour’s Tony Bliar had his MI6 stooges spice up a dodgy weapons of mass distraction dossier to justify the UK’s participation in the illegal invasion of Iraq (then had David Kelly ‘suicided’ for grassing them up), Broken Britain’s family practice GPs have been tasked to select one in every hundred of their patients to go on a list of those they judge to be likely to croak over the next twelve months – a programme that bears the dark spectre of unintended negative consequences – and too a stench of neo-Nazi euthanasia.

It is the homicidal intent of the Libservative Coalition-directed National Ill-Health Service that the patients will be singled out for ‘end-of-life care’ - (read ‘an empathy-bare hyped up extension of the current Liverpool Care Pathway – specifically a regime of dehydration / starvation’) – predicted to save the money-grubbing government more than £1 billion quid in the first year alone – and too provide an all-round economic boost to the mortuary and undertaking industries – with grave-diggers and crematorium stokers lapping up the promise of overtime.

This warped, morally-bankrupt policy providing doctors, health and social workers with new guidance on how to select suitable ‘sickie’ candidates was launched by the Lib-Dum’s Minister of State for Care Services, Norman ‘Albino’ Lamb at a UN sponsored Agenda 21 conference on expediting a national euthanasia policy to get shut of unproductive pension-raking useless eaters.

The punk-haired Lamb’s highly controversial ‘Death Lists’ report claims quite moronically that a quarter of all hospital beds are occupied by dying people - not actually a stellar reflection of NHS medical proficiency – with over 65% being senior citizens – and that four in ten are wasting hospital staff time and effort to keep them alive when they could quite easily be transferred directly to the mortuary or the nearest mass grave landfill site.

GPs and hospital doctors are henceforth tasked to select such patients during routine consultations that show ‘indicators of frailty and deterioration’ - with older people the priority targets – especially if a cross-linked NHS / HMRC service computer background assets check reveals their estate is due to cough up a mega-bucks fortune in death duties to the Exchequer.

The unlucky listed patients may be asked to select where they would prefer to die – while anaesthetised and undergoing transplant organ donor surgery to harvest any body bits still serviceable - or simply starve to death – or shit and spew themselves into a body bag state of morbidity from E-coli or salmonella poisoning due scoffing the slop that passes for hospital food.

Conversely, Bev Titwank, director of the human rights and wrongs abuse monitor Twat-Watch, had this to say to one gutter press hack from the Genocide Gazette.
“This arsehole Lamb’s off his effin’ rocker – probably due all that hair stylin’ putty soakin’ through inter his reptile brain.”

“Let’s not forget this is the same corporate-aligned political stooge wot argued Big Pharma’s case for promotin’ MMR vaccinations against all evidence it causes autism, an’ now he’s pushin’ a euthanasia policy fer the NHS. I mean ter say, wot record of competence or achievement has Lamb got fer this post as Care Minister, I ask yer when all he did before government woz work fer a solicitor.”
“Lamb needs ter stick ter conveyance and Employment Tribunal claims an’ leave off widenin’ this morally wicked Scouseland care highway ter the graveyard inter a four lane express route ter someone more qualified – such as God!”

“All that’s resoundin’ in my ears is echoes of Hitler’s Nazi Party ‘death lists’ – so is that what equates as ‘care’ under this fuck-up of a government - the approval and endorsement of a National Ill-Health Service-run oldies ‘Snuff-a-Thon’?”

“So, what’s next, might we inquire, once this venal 1 in a 100 selection policy gets rollin’ down a very slippery slope? 2 in 100, then 3, then 4 – an’ so on until the NHS morphs into Euthanasia Central an’ senior citizen genocide is an accepted practice in our warped 21st Century world – along wiv snuffin’ the disabled an’ special needs elements of society – then the street people an’ them wot the government automatically classes as affected wiv ‘oppositional defiance disorder' an’ brands as professional agitators an’ anarchists an’ domestic terrorists cos they question the self-servin’ motives of officialdom – an’ the streams of lies an’ bullshit?”

“Wot we’ve got here, an’ any fucker an’ their dog can sniff out a rat, is the first tip-toe steps of the globalist eugenics psychopaths’ plot - their demented Agenda 21 euthanasia programme - ter cull the sheeple – the useless eaters – from an unmanageable 99% ter a more easily dominated 5% - and all disingenuously justified via expoundin’ the flawed core philosophy wot trans-humanists invoke ter drive their dogmatic ‘continuum of evolution’ doctrine – an’ it’s all a right load of old bollocks as far as I’m concerned.”

Thought for the day: Hmmm, nice one, let’s expedite Lamb’s novel euthanasia policy and keep Chancellor Osborne’s budget costs down. But what the fuck’s next, might we inquire - a branch of Dignitas on every UK High Street corner?

Hopefully Norman Lamb’s Granny and Mum and Dad are topping his neo-Nazi euthanasia list – along with a selection of good-for-nothing ‘celebrity’ useless eaters – starting with that nonagenarian Greek mongrel outcast, His Royal Rudeness, Prince Stavros of Edinburgh, who seems to have evolved a bad habit of taking up vital hospital bed space every time he pisses razor blades.

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