Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Clegg Blocks EUSSR Opt-Out Scheme

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PM Posh Dave Scameron’s cunning plan to announce a highly controversial UK opt-out from more than 130 of the EUSSR’s draconian police and justice measures to cheer up all the UK’s Europe-dissenters and snatch back life’s blood powers has been blocked by his deputy coalition partner, the Lib-Dum leader Nick ‘Flipper’ Clegg.

In an attempt to prove to Librarian-Dummercrat voters that he’s not an apostasy-stricken Tory blue convert ‘and’ a total plonker and tosspot who breaks every election campaign trail pledge he’s committed to, Cleggy stymied the Tories’ plans at the last minute, following their annual party conference last week in Brummystan – the West Midlands answer to Calcutta.

With Cleggy’s veto serving to point a fickle finger of fate directly at the widening cracks and fissures within the fatally flawed fubar still referred to by myopic political neophytes as a ‘coalition government’, such illustrates the cross party and back bench tensions concerning Broken Britain’s servile ‘take it up the arse’ position as a non-eurozone member of the EUSSR’s 27 nation insolvent, basket case community that so far complies with every ‘one size fits all’ demand issued by Brussels bloated bureaucratic fat cats.

The Lib-Dum leader, who, alike international war criminal Tony Bliar, has ambitions far beyond the scope of his intellectual capabilities, deludes himself that one day he might become the EUSSR President – and strongly favours cross-border policing as a fitting community policy.

The dystopian statutes of the European Arrest Warrant, introduced in 2004, represent the most high-profile and human rights offensive EUSSR instrument high-lined in the proposed opt-out.
It has to date been deployed in highly controversial cross-border operations where the Polack Plod Squad have been unhindered by jurisdiction dictates to come over to the UK - and without even a ‘by your leave or thank you’ - snatch British citizens out of their warm beds and arrest them on unpaid parking fine charges relating to leaving their Renta-Heap broken-down Moskvitch 410 at the side of the road in downtown Cracow while on that ill-fated long weekend’s discount Ryanair Euro-Break the previous year.

Conversely, Cleggy argues that the EAW has been positively applied in cross-border police efforts to track down and bring to justice not only parking fine delinquents but also WickedLeaks whistle-blowers, Bolshie political activists, paedophiles, international drug dealers and too terrorists, including some of the Muslim patsies involved in the 2005 false flag 7/7 London tube train terrorist bombings – but obviously none of the Israeli Mossad’s Kidon Unit responsible for planting the Semtex charges beneath the carriages.

Clegg’s stonewalling response to Posh Dave’s concessionary semi-surrender to the Eurosceptic common herd’s clamour for an 'In-or-Out’ vote on continued membership of the fascist EUSSR community - that before our very eyes is assuming the form of a neo-Stalinist totalitarian nightmare - is a sign of growing Coalition tension, which is now coming to a critical mass state at a geometric rate and due to erupt in a cataclysmic fashion when Brussels pushes for an EUSSR Federation and Cleggy drops his pants and says ‘Yes please, screw us til we bleed’.

The gospel according to embedded whistle-blowers and anarchist moles in both sides of the Coalition, Scameron’s ‘opt-out’ referendum scheme was leaked by the ginger-mingin Danny ‘The Rodent’ Alexander, the Lib-Dum’s Secretary to the Treasury, who gained pre-access to the Tory conference plans and speeches by pretending to work late at the office - and in the typical Scottish skulking fashion practiced in Holyrood - rooting through Chancellor Georgie Osborne’s desk then snitched them up to his boss Cleggy.

Thought for the day. Really, Britain joining the EUSSR was the worst idea since the invention of firewood. What we want is a Referendum Now. A simple Practical Pig ‘in-or-out’ vote and none of this fuddy-duddying around with part-time membership.

Cleggy’s like Malcolm Tucker, the type of person that’s as popular as a course of chemo’ and despised on both sides of the Equator – and should be forced, by popular assent, to emigrate to the dark side of the Moon – or preferably one of the outer planets.

To wit, fuck Brussels and the EUSSR and Federation - and the New World Order.

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