Wednesday, 17 October 2012

McKinnon Nixes Assange Offer of Spare Bed

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Thanks to the cacophonous hue and cry and massive human rights protest pressure exerted by the UK’s voting demographic (aka the common herd), Home Secretary Theresa May has finally provided debatable evidence that perhaps her ‘Reign of Error’ to date has not been the total unmitigated disaster some believe, with the ‘logic prevails’ announcement yesterday that unlike the star-crossed TV Shack’s Richard O’Dwyer (and a host of other unfortunates), computer hacker Garry ‘Solo’ McKinnon is not medically fit to suffer ‘extraordinary rendition’ to the ultra-fascist Great Satan and stand trial for his alleged X-Files crime - then be imprisoned in one of the good ole US of A’s dehumanised Fight Club sodomite paradises to serve a possible sentence of 60 years.

To wit, the Home Secretary, to all intents and purposes perpetually indecisive where matters of political gravity are concerned, after two and a half years of dragging her feet on the McKinnon hacking case and hoping it would go away of its own accord so she didn’t end up committing career seppuku – either by denying the United States' arrogant ‘Read This, Tremble and Obey’ extradition demand – or bowing to the ZioNazi Yank’s entreaty and approving it - then having Gary attempt - or even worse – ‘actually commit’ suicide on her watch – has finally put on a pair of sensible shit-kicking shoes, taken her testosterone booster shot and told the Yanks to fuck off as justice is going to be dispensed on the crime’s home turf – Merrie England - and the CIA should be happy they got the one-eyed, hook-handed cleric Abu Hamster and a bunch of his Jolly Jihad mates delivered by Fed-Ex the previous week.

Medical experts have recently submitted a report to Mrs May that concluded the 46-year old Asperger’s Syndrome-stricken McKinnon would be likely to either seek asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy with WickedLeaks founder Julian Blancmange - another political prisoner of conscience – or go into self-harming mode and perhaps flee to Switzerland and seek sanctuary in Zurich’s Dignitas clinic.

In the canny eyes of the UK’s electorate, May, the incumbent Tory MP for Knobhead in Twatshire, is regarded as a politician whose only academic qualification for the Home Office post is not a law degree but the fact she majored in Geography, which sarcastic critics claim would perhaps better endow the menopausal old bat for a slot at the Foreign Office - indicating for the intellectually-challenged FS Willy ‘Fudge’ Vague which ethnic group of slants, Arabs and generalised darkies live where on Planet Earth – and point out how much land the Israelis are stealing off the marginalised Muslim population of the occupied West Bank and around the future Palestinian state’s capital of Jerusalem.

McKinnon’s plight began in 2002 when he hacked through NASA’s and the CIA’s piss poor cyber security systems from the bedroom of his North London flat, searching the real X-Files for evidence of 9/11 being a US-Israeli false flag terrorist attack - and the existence of UFO’s and little green men - and Kenyan or Indonesian birth certificates in the name of a Muslim Afro-American impersonator named Barry Soetoro.

This schoolboy level prank of juvenile mischief was blown out of all common sense proportion by the Great Satan’s Master Race of White Anglo-Saxon Protestant ZioNazis whose vindictive Department of Homeland Insecurity and FBI / CIA / NSA intelligence service (sic) bureaucrats who simply couldn’t live under the cloud of embarrassment of being exposed as a bunch of amateurs posing as professionals without fielding a rabid, vengeance-bent response – and with McKinnon’s North London Woods Green borough neighbourhood being on a UAV MQ-9 Reaper assassination drone no-fly sector of the UK, decided if they couldn’t take him out with a Shitstreak missile then they’d play the satellite litigation card and push for his extradition to stand trial on the charges in the US instead.

Since the chronically paranoid McKinnon was originally charged with being a bloody nuisance before UK magistrates for his hacking crimes, the British courts have repeatedly refused to block his extradition for what in Britain amounts to a Community Service Order sentence, despite doctors testifying he might go into terminal self-harm mode and commit suicide if bundled on to a plane to the good ole US of A.

McKinnon claims his motivation for the hacking incidents originated from a faux pas statement made at the Washington Press Club in May 2001 involving the top secret Disclosure Project – which mentioned that a captured spacecraft, extra-terrestrial in origin, was reverse engineered by US military scientists, General Motors and the Lego Corporation.

He hoped to find evidence of UFO's, anti-gravity technology, faked Moon landings, the US military-industrial complex's suppression of free energy, and that the Bush administration’s kikester neo-cons and high-fiving Israeli Mossad agents were responsible for the 9/11 false flag terrorist attacks - and too the multiple HAARP array induced earthquake and tsunami strikes on the nations of Greater Asia: all of which McKinnon claims to have proven the veracity of through his actions.

Gary was originally tracked down and arrested under the Computer Misuse Act by the UK’s premium Crime Unit for National hi-Tech Services (CUNTS) in 2002 who informed him that he would face community service and probably have to clean pensioner’s windows around Woods Green for six months. However, the Crown Prosecution Service refused to take the matter to court as the charges didn’t pass the Full Code Test.

Conversely he was eventually targeted and indicted by the United States government’s Extreme Revenge Department who demanded he be flown to the Great Satan and face punishment for his alleged nuisance crimes under the lop-sided statutes of the 2004 US / UK Extradition Treaty.

The US government insisted McKinnon’s hacking was intentional and calculated to influence and affect the US government by intimidation and coercion and his exposure of their Archuleta Mesa underground alien base at Dulce in New Mexico had brought them into disrepute with the ruling Galactic Council of Two-Headed Elders.

McKinnon proved the US military / intelligence computer security system wasn’t fit for purpose - and made CIA / NSA operatives look stupid by gaining access to their systems in search of covered-up information about UFO activity and subsequently being invited to join the Grotty Greys & Draco Reptoids’ Facebook group.

Hence the spooks and goons wanted their own back and the issue was nothing to do with security and everything to do with John Wayne's mortally bruised ego.

Thought for the day: Why couldn’t our despised Colonial Cousins just put it down to experience, say “Cheers” to Gary for pointing out their inherent security loopholes, rub some other less caustic unguent on their affronted self-esteem and have left the balm of spiteful vengeance justly corked in its wickedly dark bottle.

However, human nature being what it is, and with the British government wagging its body in tune to the US establishment’s vindictive tail, in the McKinnon X-Files case they were prepared to do whatever they were told. It's called the 'Free World', apparently.

For fuck’s sake, beam me up, Scully.

To wit, fuck the Great Satan – aka the United States of Israel – and the 2004 US / UK Extradition Treaty – and their New World Order – and any other fucker and their dog that swings their arms around in the global bully’s mosh pit.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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Fletch said...

Nice piece of work, Rusty.

Anonymous said...

Like the Assange link. Spare bed indeed. Lol's.

MacFee said...

... "rub some other less caustic unguent on their affronted self-esteem and have left the balm of spiteful vengeance justly corked in its wickedly dark bottle." ...

No simple adjective there - that is a great piece of poetic literature.

Tony said...

Utterly superb Rusty! I was hoping that you would do a piece on this great news. Didn't the dopey fuckers have quite a lot of them effectively wide open with the default passwords on? Idiots.