Saturday, 13 October 2012

Is Harman Another Paedophile Apologist?

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According to reports circulating the press room of the Shitrakers Gazette, Harriet ‘Stabvest’ Harman, New Labour’s ginger-mingin MP for Perilous Peckham, is the current target of a back-stabbing / character assassination campaign by political enemies to counter her egoistic career ambitions.
Surprisingly this attack doesn’t focus on her abuse of Parliamentary expenses (Fuji J10 Finepix digital cameras) or blocking the publication of the House of Conmans ‘Fees Office’ independent auditor’s report into the same to prevent Sir Thomas Leggo naming guilty MPs – but for sins committed back in the late 1970’s (then rehashed in 2009).

To wit, the horrid Harman is rumoured to be up for the presentation of Parliament’s coveted ‘Scumbag of the Year’ award for gross hypocrisy and cavorting with the low-life kiddie fiddling elements of our sick society.

Conspicuously following in the still-turbulent wake of the ‘Jim’ll Fuck It’ / BBC and NHS are complicit’ sex abuse revelations, Harman’s political judgement (sic - no laughing) has been called into question by Opposition MPs and campaign groups after the suspiciously synchronised re-release of a critical scandal-hunt foray report that she ‘once upon a time’ advocated the relaxation of child pornography laws to facilitate the lascivious fetishes of a bunch of elitist establishment paedo’ perverts seeking to legalise the morally-repulsive crime of pederasty.

The star-crossed Harman was the legal officer for the National Council for Civil Liberties (now renamed Liberty) back in 1978, and in that capacity it is alleged she urged – on behalf of the Paedophile Information Exchange and Paedophile Action for Liberation (whose nonce members publicly pressed for the abolition of the age of consent) – Labour PM ‘Stoker Jim’ Callaghan and his cabinet ministers to field legislation – the ‘Lolita Charter’ - to legalise the publication of sexually explicit photographs and films of children getting humped unless there was evidence that the subject had been harmed - or screamed “Ouch, that fucking hurts!”

Further to her alluded litany of iniquitous sins, Harman pushed for the age of sexual consent to be lowered to 14 - and incest decriminalised - to facilitate the exploitation of children for the sexual gratification of adults – specifically sanction the lecherous, carnal urges of babysitting uncles and like-minded groping relatives who simply couldn’t keep their paws off pre-pubescent nieces and nephews.

Fortunately at that time a morally-minded section of the common herd smelled a rat and a shit-storm of negative publicity concerning adults preying on children led to the Parliamentary passage of the Protection of Children Bill 1978 in order to tighten the laws on child pornography by banning indecent images of under-16 year olds appearing on the Page 3 ‘Tits’ feature of the soft porn gutter press ‘Mirror’ and ‘Sun’ tabloid ‘aids to masturbation’ that were (and still are) marketed under the guise of being daily newspapers.

The NCCL’s official response, signed by Harman in April of 1978, claimed that the Protection of Children Bill would result in damaging and absurd prosecutions and increase censorship.
Perhaps stricken by a moment of menstrual madness, Harman stated for the public record that a pornographic photo or film of an underage child should not be considered indecent unless it could be shown that the subject of such had suffered physically or psychologically - and that prosecutors would have to prove harm rather than defendants having to justify their perverted, criminal actions.

Thought for the day. Harman finally departed the scandal-ridden NCCL in 1982 when she was bestowed with the title ‘Miss Stabvest Peckham’ - by which time a cabal of members of the Paedophile Information Exchange had been jailed for kiddie fiddling and conspiracy to corrupt public morals.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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Mama Kate said...

The BBC and NHS institutions ignoring, or covering up, the sinful sore thumb obvious involving Savile's sexual abuse proclivities, seems systemic in our sick society in which fudging and pederasty are a chronic aberration that permeates the very fabric of the entire government establishment structure.
This includes the upper echelons of the elitist fraternity of Royals and Landed Gentry and too the Rich and Shameless and their all-pervasive Masonic Brotherhood that commands and expedites the institutionalised coverups of their criminal sexual molestation acts against children and the suppression of the investigation or media broadcast of the same.
Hence the lack of investigation of ranking paedophiles (Dunblane massacre’s paedophile background and Operation Ore media gagging by war criminal Tony Bliar) and the disappearance of helpless children, kidnapped to feed their diabolical perversions - and the targeting, harassment and prosecution (read persecution) of those of moral worth who would expose such.
Like Sodom and Gomorrah before us, our society is rotten to the core and successive governments, tasked with a duty of care, are delinquent in the exercise of this duty, along with a compliant ‘Yes Sir’ police force whose upper ranks are corrupted by the influence of their Freemason members.
Look no further than Aberdeen and Grampian Police and the Scottish Crown Office’s continual refusal to investigate evidence-supported allegations of the sexual abuse of disabled and special needs children (ref the Hollie Grieg case) stating that a non-existent, half-arsed investigation revealed no wrong-doing, simply to protect their establishment masters.

Anonymous said...

Hey isnt this only too true. Everywhere we find kiddie fiddling scandals being covered up its always involving the elitist sections of society and the hand of Freemasonry constantly appears to be involved in the supression of evidence of the crimes and protection of the guilty parties.

Gilly said...

Yeah, the pondscum who force this political correctness bullshit and their self-serving laws of the land down our collective throats and moralise on what is right and wrong are mired in hypocrisy for their involvement in the despicable acts of child molestation.
The lot should be publicly emasculated and the word PAEDO branded on their forheads - Catholic priests included.

wiggins said...

Margaret Hodge was another apologist for paedophilia in Islington Childrens Homes when she was head of the Council. Scumbags all.
On a happier note I read a story of Mandelslime being admitted to a French hospital, on the matter of a delicate injury involving felching with a furry friend. Apparently the furry chap was not very friendly. LMAO

Anonymous said...

Lol's - Scandalson use a fiesty polecat with an attitude problem instead of his usual hamster and gerbil sphincter-burrowing tag teams - or was it a meerkat with an aversion to the smell of shit?

Mac said...

Yeah, they call that Felcher's Folly

Anonymous said...

Bet there's a ton of dirty celebrity kiddie fiddling deviants at the Beeb and elsewhere shitting kittens that they're gonna get fingered now this nasty can of worms has got up-ended.
The police count today is 200-plus - quite a boost on their orignal estimate of 25 - and perhaps like Rusty predicated in his blog it's more like 25 a month dating back to Jail Bait Jimmy Savile and Ugly Ray Terret's Salford and Manchester stamping ground days.
One thing about it, Terret did do prison time for shagging a 15-year old chick who decided to kiss n tell.

Belinda said...

So what no-one would believe and defied credibility, that Jail Bait Jimmy was a paedo predator is now headline news with more investigations going on than you can shake a stick at.
Good, and about time too.
Now when are we going to see this exposure phenomenon come into play with the Holie Greig serial rape and sexual abuse of special needs and disabled children by a disgusting ring of high ranking establishment worthies in Scotland's kiddie fiddling capital of Aberdeen - aka Nonce Central?
Or are the Grampian police and COPFS still servile and obeying their Holyrood Masonic masters - intent on continuing the dog and pony show investigations and concealment of these crimes, leaving the next generation of children at risk?
These are the same scum who covered up the paedo involvement behind the Dunblane massacre for 100 years under a secrecy order.
The words 'criminal corruptionn' don't even begin to adequately describe this immoral bunch of homicidal perverts - Scotland's shame.

Quinn said...

Now we have Bill Oddie coming out of the woodwork and adding to the 'every fucker at the Beeb knew about Savile's paedo predatory habits' and he speculates that the only reason such exposure was censured by BBC bosses was the fact he was well in with Royalty and a big mate of Prince Charles, and how was it going to look awfully bad on Charlie if Jimmy was exposed and prosecuted for his filthy sins - and perhaps involve HRH Prince of Wales in the kiddie fiddling ring too.
Oh well, Chazzer does come across as a psycho anyways - had his first wife murdered in Paris and spends his time having conversations with plants.

MacDuff of Stonehaven said...

Let's just hope this little expose goes pandemic and stirs up the Hollie Greig scandal again so Robert Green's and Rusty's intrepid efforts in getting the truth out there, before getting grabbed by the bent Grampian Police on the orders of the ex-Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini to shut them up, that saw Green imprisoned and Rusty still awaiting his day in court before another bent Sheriff, are not wasted.

Haggerty the Nonce Killer said...

We're sickened that these Parliamentary elitist scumbags have been sniggering over the shirt-lifting and indiscretions of their House of Conmans (as Rusty refers to the dump)contemporary inmates and Whitehall's civil service deviants - or keeping sub rosa schtum on eht edisgusting criminal antics of the likes of Jeremy Thrope, Ted Heath and Parliament's very own Mr Creosote - the Lib-Dum's resident pederast shadow Minister for Slobbery, Cyril Smith.
None ever pointed the fickle finger of fate to have these child molestation sex crimes investigated nor used Parliamentary privilege to condemn such - and the same in Holyrood regarding the Aberdeen paedo capital's scandal with the Hollie Greig serial rape of special needs and disabled children by a ring of Masonic elitist whose membership runs right through the establishment core - and the main named offenders part of the judiciary, police force amd social services.