Saturday, 27 October 2012

UK Snubs US Call for Iran First Strike

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The gospel according to whistle-blowing moles embedded in Whitehall’s bureaucrat-impaired civil service, the UK’s Attorney General, Dominic ‘Two Jobs’ Grieve, who also holds the part-time post of Tory MP for the Baconfat constituency in Fuckinghamshire, has circulated a highly confidential legal assessment to Austerity Dave Scameron at Downing Street, Willy ‘Fudge’ Vague at the Foreign Office and Philip ‘Dandruff’ Hammond at the Defence Ministry, warning that a pre-emptive military strike on the Islamic Republic of Iran will most certainly violate international law – and really piss off the Republican Guard and every other Jolly Jihad Muslim with a bent for a spot of self-harm suicide bomb terrorism.

That is –‘if’ the Libservative Coalition are seduced by the Dark Side of the Force (International Zionism) to follow the 2003 stooge example of Tony Bliar and the shambles that passed for a New Labour government - by complying with the Great Satan’s demands to wipe out any threat to the outlaw state of Israel’s Mid-East regional military hegemony and use the conjured opportunity to usurp and forcibly occupy another nation’s strategic geo-political location - and simultaneously seize their natural resources - specifically lots and lots of oleaginous black gold.

Armed with the facilities of subjunctive retrospect and 20/20 hindsight, Grieve, unlike his Bliar-era muppet predecessor - the prevaricating Peter Goldshit - has undertaken a self-preservation risk assessment study and hence adopted this most contrary attitude towards the Conservative Friends of Israel Club’s ‘Let’s all bomb the Mullahs’ lobby - and now refuses the calls of homicidal maniacs to lower the threshold for what justifies war to suit the paranoid neurosis ‘comply or else’ demands of the neo-con kikesters in the White House woodpile, or the Rothshite crime syndicate's European and Arab lobbies, or the war-mongering psychopaths running Israel’s doomed apartheid regime.

Doubtless Grieve is only too cognisant of Tony Bliar’s ‘Reign of Error’ and the ‘sine qua non’ dodgy ‘45 minutes to Armageddon’ dossier which led to him being branded an international war criminal with the morals of kiddie fiddling Catholic priest – and also Attorney General Goldshit’s myriad of confused legal opinions of what was – and was not – legitimate – or otherwise – regarding Saddam Hussein’s non-existent weapons of mass distraction and the invasion of the sovereign state of Iraq – that in the end Bliar and Co just gave up on him – along with the equally-dithering UN Security Council - and invaded anyway.

Hence the existence of this ‘not-so’ top secret document bearing Grieve’s official chop puts PM Posh Dave Scameron on a sticky wicket with his psychotic ZioNazi masters as it’s based on concrete evidence that Iran’s IAEA-approved and legitimate nuclear research and enrichment projects do not meet any conjured criteria that manifests as a legal threshold under international law for the required sub-rosa nuclear weapons ‘clear and present danger’ signal which might merit – but far from legally justify - such a sneak attack while mad dog Israel has a covert and illicit nuclear arsenal ready to decimate anyone who incurs their paranoid ire.

Well at least Grieve has taken a step back from the path of conventional political stupidity to embrace one of political forethought and common sense - and is disinclined for Broken Britain to engage in a military misadventure with Iran that is fraught with the spectre of unintended consequences – even more so than the mosh pit fubar of Afghanistan – and that of Iraq which the UK eventually walked away from – after taking an equal share of responsibility with the Great Satan for devastating the country’s infrastructure and turning order into chaos – a state of sectarian bedlam and tribal / clan anarchy which still reigns now the hand of Saddam’s disciplinarian authority has been removed.

So the sideline war-mongers are advised - any pre-emptive military strike on Iran will have far-reaching repercussions of global proportions for the Great Satan and the rogue state of ZioNazi Israel – and too any other fucker and their dog who sign up for the fatally-flawed attack: France, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, the UAE – or Old Uncle Tom Cobley and all.

Pretty much the usual suspects who Balkanised Libya and reduced their North African showcase nation to rubble in the bogus name of humanitarian intervention – and are now hell bent on committing the same in Syria (and Lebanon) but for the Russians and Chinese refusing to play ball – but Mossad bide their time to use the FSA foreign terrorist merc’s and al Qaeda ratlines to pull a false flag chemical weapons attack to be blamed on the Assad regime and then get World War Three underway.

To conclude, as a stark warning to Scameron, Vague and Hammond - and others of their craven ilk - for his past sins of promoting the launch and execution of these bully boy aggressive foreign conflicts, Tony Bliar should be dragged before Nuremberg II to face human rights abuses and war crimes charges - and made to answer such enigmatic questions as who killed Cock Robin - and why did Dr David Kelly commit suicide and not go postal to take a few of his political detractors with him first?

Of course this won’t happen as there’s no justice in this world. The concept is a total fallacy, much like the moronic predication writ large across the New Testament’s pages that the meek shall inherit the Earth. Instead we have to rely on Karma, and to all intents and purposes it appears that Karma’s gone AWOL.

Thought for the day: So, is Grieve now coming across as the ‘good guy’? Don’t believe it for a single nano-second – for he, along with Scameron, still has the stench of the Carroll Foundation Trust scandal cover-up all over him – along with so much more.

Further, fuck the Great Satan and the rogue apartheid state of Israel and their Protocols of the Greedy Bastard Elder of Zion ‘New World Order’ – plus their global government’s planned capital based in Jerusalem.

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Anonymous said...

Russia and China are only acting out of self-interest in vetoing UN Sec Council motion to let NATO invade Syria - but glad they are and stop the Yanks and Israel from tearing the place apart like Libya - and stick a temporary road block in the way of the New World Order super highway.