Thursday, 1 November 2012

Bahrain’s Royal Barbarians Ban Protests

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In keeping with it’s image as a despotic, bog-standard regime, Bahrain’s autocratic government, headed by the ruling ‘Tyrant-in-Chief’ King Hamad bin Fat Git al Khalifa, has banned all Arab Spring style protests and gatherings that dare criticise the postage stamp island nation’s totalitarian monarchy or the continued denial of Democratic freedoms following further clashes between the fascist security forces and Bolshie demonstrators crying out for political representation and fair play.

Interior Minister Sheikh Fizzy al Kaseltzer informed one press hack from the Barbarians Gazette that following twenty months of fatality-riddled unrest, this repeated abuse of the rights to freedom of speech and expression could no longer be accepted – especially when such manifested as criticism of His Royal Ruthlessness, King Hamad, and the peasants were posting nasty comments on Twitter and Facebook – plus demanding the ouster of the Great Satan’s Fifth Fleet from its permanent 60 acre NSA Bahrain naval base at Al Manamah – along with the attached 60,000 US red neck infidel military contingent.

“Since our latest roundup of these criminal dissidents and having to close all the hospitals due the doctors and nurses being arrested on charges of subversion for treating injured demonstrators, we are imposing a ban on all demonstrations – violent or otherwise – and a dusk to dawn curfew. Thus any further protests will henceforth require a royal permit and only be permitted when we have received new stocks of CS gas grenades and rubber bullets and baton rounds –plus Tasers and cattle prods and fingernail pullers from our regular BAE Systems arms and torture instrument supplier in the UK.”

Demonstrations were previously banned during the three-month state of emergency declared by the totalitarian twat of a monarch in March 2011 following the protesters occupying Manama’s (since demolished) showpiece Pearl Roundabout as their central rallying point and daring to demand democratic freedoms – plus an end to discrimination against the majority Shi’ite Muslim community by the Sunni Side Up royal family.

In that demonstration of the common herd’s socio-political sentiments towards their oppressive and tyrannical rulers, thousands were killed and injured – with zillions jailed by military tribunals when Saudi Arabia’s notorious Renta-Thug Brigade, under the command of General Ras al Shitbag, was seconded to assist in putting down the popular uprising and extracting confessions of being a radical anarchist from anyone old enough to scream and bleed.

The human rights and wrongs watchdog, Amnesia International, has, to no apparent effect, denounced and castigated the Bahrain regime’s ‘zero accountability’ stance concerning the arrest, torture and imprisonment without trial of anyone and their dog who have dared criticise the ruling monarchy’s lack of commitment to the niceties of international law.

The United Nations Human Rights Commissioner, Dr Wormhole N’kunta Jaffacake, has also levelled censure at the Bahrain government in an official letter stating that the actions of their citizens - fed up with being treated like doormats for the ruling royal family to wipe their feet on and calling for reforms to the graft and corruption-ridden joke of a Kleptocracy government - represented neither crimes against the state or a violation of civil peace – and the only time their passive demonstrations demanding radical changes to the socio-political structure of their daily lives became a threat to security and general order was when the arrogant, unheeding monarchy went into denial mode and simply loosed their security forces to visit violent reprisals on the protesters – and such elicited a like response from the demonstrators.

Thought for the day. A misquote of Voltaire states: “To know who rules over you with an iron rod, simply observe the identities of those you are barred from criticising.”

The Al Khalifa regime is comprised of Western-compliant stooges who never dare say ‘Booo!’ to the Great Satan’s Master Race of White Anglo-Saxon (Protestant) ZioNazi Jews of convenience - or upset the New World Order’s pro-Zionist status quo. Hence while the US Fifth Fleet is based in Bahrain nothing’s going to change – for the better anyway – albeit the suppression of the whingeing common herd will continue unabated and crackdown on any and all that even dare mention ‘Democracy’. QED.

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