Tuesday, 27 November 2012

ZioNazis Demand Mid-East Nuke Ban Axed

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A major conference aimed at banning nuclear weapons in the Middle East by coercing the region’s sectarian-bickering nations to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty has been cancelled over concerns that such a move would prove an embarrassment to Israel.

The rogue apartheid ZioNazi state, while perpetually whingeing over the Islamic Republic of Iran’s controversial nuclear research programme – and themselves fielding a political policy of ‘nuclear opacity’ – covertly boast of their nihilistic ‘Samson Option’ and possessing a massive 400-plus inventory ‘MAD’ overkill nuclear weapons arsenal ranging from Bali Sari Club sized micro-nukes to city-devastating 20 megaton thermo-nuclear devices and nasty neutron bombs.

And that is to say nothing of their stockpile of tactical battlefield nuclear artillery shells, US-supplied RNEP bunker busters and strategic mid-range ‘variable yield’ 1 to 5 megaton W87 warheads mounted on their Jericho III ICBM’s that can reach Tehran (or Europe) with the wind behind them – especially so if fired from one of the Israeli navy’s German-built nuclear-launch capable Dolphin submarines.

To maintain this position of ‘nuclear ambiguity’ the racist Knesset leadership under ultra-Jabotinskist PM Bobo Nuttyahoo and the IDF’s knuckle-dragging psychopath command claim that signing the NPT would be contrary to their national security interests – which currently appear focused on expanding their US-funded Iron Dome anti-missile defence shield - and the all-new ‘David’s Sling’ – the soundbite-fierce codename for Raytheon’s super-smart Stunner missile interceptor system.

The Israeli regime rejects all regulatory international nuclear agreements – specifically the NPT - and hypocritically refuses to allow its Dimona nuke plant or Sedot Micha Airbase / Beit Zachariah or Palmachim facilities - to come under international regulatory inspections while demanding that the Islamic Republic of Iran permits the IAEA inspection teams full access to their nuclear research sites – and in the same breath insisting they shut down all nuclear programmes that might one day present a threat to Israel’s regional military hegemony.

Hence the intended Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty sign-up event has been scrubbed by the IAEA and UN promoters after a bout of lobbying by the good ole US of A’s White House on behalf of their AIPAC bosses due concerns that the Israeli regime would come under fire as the only possessor of nuclear weapons in the Middle East – which would obviously kick start yet another round of kikester whingeing of their stock-in-trade anti-Semitism and Holohoax denial accusations directed at any and all who dared criticise God’s Chosen People or what they do in their usurped Promised Land (formerly Palestine).

The Great Satan’s rug-munching Secretary of Sleaze, Hilarious Rodent Clinton, joined with the Obama administration’s pro-Zionist spokeswoman Victoria Nuland in arrogantly announcing "We will not support a conference in which any Mid-East regional state might be subject to pressure or isolation – and while excluding the likes of Lebanon, Syria and Iran from this list we do allude directly to such favoured US-friendly nation states as Bahrain and Israel.”

Thought for the day. This is dedicated to the eternal memory of 11-month old Omar Mashhrawi, butchered by the IDF’s latest indiscriminate bombing of the marginalised civilian population of the Gaza Strip on 14th November 2012. Like Auschwitz and the Holohoax – we shall not forget.

Link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-20466027

Thus fuck the outlaw state of Israel and their Zionist New World Order.

Bobo Nuttyahoo and his war criminal Knesset buddies have another major embarrassment coming up this week when murdered Palestinian Al Fatah leader Yessir Marrowfat’s exhumed body undergoes tests for Polonium 210 poisoning and they find out that the radioactive toxic crap originated at the Dimona nuclear facility and ended up in Marrowfat’s mid-morning matzo snackie via the homicidal hand of Mossad’s Kidon assassination unit agents.

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Fletch said...

Yeah, Arafat' body was exhumed today - polonium from Dimona no doubt. Like the saying goes: 'cui bono'? - who benefits? - and more to the point who had access to such an unobtainable as polonium 210?

Anonymous said...

Brill comment on Omar Mashhrawi.
The death of that beautiful child, so full of unrealised potential, by these Zionist psychopaths, should herald a clarion call for global disarmament on it s own, singular merits.