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Tories Push I-Spy Draft Communications Bill

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Acting on the orders of the shadowy ZioNazi psychopath cabal that comprise the venal, sinecurist ranks of the trans-national para-governmental entity hell-bent on achieving global domination, the UK’s pathetic excuse for a Home Secretary, Theresa May, has been coerced to state for the public record that controversial plans to monitor the online activity of all British citizens via the implementation of the I-Spy Draft Communications Bill are required to assist our sick society’s Plod Squad to fight crime and monitor the delusional ramblings of psychotic, paranoid conspiracy theorists.

These are marked by the fickle finger of fate as being civil disobedience / non-compliance types who still insist 9/11 was an inside job; that the invasion of Iraq was illegal and expedited on the strength of a dodgy dossier - and that Dr David Kelly – a credible weapons of mass distraction specialist with impeccable credentials - was bushwhacked and murdered up in the Grassy Knoll Woods.

Further to their collective condemnation, this same gang of anarchists maintain the 7/7 London tube (and double decker bus) bombings were the work of an MI5 / Mossad state-sponsored terrorism act and not some inept bunch of Yorkshire Muslim morons led by Mohammed al Patsy who didn’t have the organisational skills to catch a fucking train on time never mind cook up a batch of high explosives and blast the shit out of the underground transport system – then were stupid enough to get their stupid arses shot by the security services at Canary Wharf later that morning when they turned up to spill the beans at the Snitch & Grassers Gazette.

The gospel according to Mrs May: “Really, it’s most annoying and counter-productive to enforcing our womb to tomb Big Brother state when these people can act in a covert and anonymous manner to purposely disturb the benumbed telly-addicted complacency of the common herd with ideas that all is not as it seems in Merrie Old England - and the war on terrorism is a big bogus hoax to primarily demonise Islam and all Muslims as Semtex vest suicide bomber fanatics who hate the democratic freedoms beholden and enjoyed by Western Christians – whatever they might be – and secondly to justify the invasions and occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq – and Libya - and eventually Syria – and Iran.”

“I jest not, for even as we speak the conspiracy loonies are at it again – Twittering away on their smart phones and posting shit-stirring blogs insinuating that the only reason our beloved leader, PM Scameron, is over in the United Arab Emirates is to negotiate the deployment of a couple of squadrons of our Typhoon Eurofighter jets at the Patriot missile protected Al Dhafra airbase in Abu Dhabi – along with the French Mirage fighter-bombers and the Great Satan’s US Air Force 380th Air Expeditionary Wing – all in readiness for the devastating Shock and Awe follow up to the Israelis sneak attack on Iran.”

Under the draconian statutes of the proposed Draft Communications Bill (read ‘Fast Track to a Panopticon Surveillance Society & Tyranny Bill’) UK service providers will be legally obliged to store details of all internet use until the end of time – if not longer.

Secretary May dismissed criticism of the bill with a disingenuous statement that it was a physical impossibility for some paranoid government jobsworth division to read everyone's e-mails – and that the MI5 / MI6 intelligence services (sic) and Plod Squad would only be granted access to such communications and details therein if they had a clear case and investigative justification – plus a note signed by an obliging magistrate.

May claims the only bodies that will have access to data are the regular Plod Squad, the Serious and Organised Crime Agency, the intelligence agencies, and HM Revenue and Customs – along with the ubiquitous credit check companies and Greedy Grocer supermarket chains wishing to process consumer data profiles and sell customers even more crap.

However May’s dismissal is a crock of shit as they’re already monitoring ‘all’ phone, text, Twitter, Facebook, Skpe and e-mail communications, etcetera et al, via GCHQ’s and Echelon’s digital interception Carnivore and NarusInsight binary code recognition software that sniffs out dodgy e-traffic via LAN segments – and now they want an actual law to legalise their snooping – in the UK anyway.

And here we have a direct parallel to the secret courts scam – the venal concept of Closed Material Proceedings introduced via the Justice and Security Bill - on the pretext of being in the interests of national security – which akin to the family courts is utter bullshit and designed to cover up the paedo rings and the social care conspiracy of kidnapping kids from what they label dysfunctional parents – the little blonde boys and girls with blue eyes – just ripe for fostering out and having their innocence sexually defiled - then offered as a blood sacrifice to the Masonic elitist establishment’s vile god Saitan.

Conversely the false reasoning of the Draft Communications Bill’s purpose being to enhance national security and sniff out likely Muslim terrorist types is a faƧade and total sham – and one fraught with the spectre of unintended consequences – for the true purpose is to identify and cordon off – then quarantine - people who think for themselves – those suffering from what the government’s Tavistock Institute and Common Purpose social engineers brand as Oppositional Defiance Disorder – for the establishment frowns on individuality as such people are a threat to the status quo order of things.

Under the Kafkaesque statutes of the Draft Communications Bill’s ‘small print’
anyone questioning government motives - or the contradictions, lies, and inconsistencies in officialdom’s narratives - are set to be labelled as freaks and non-conformist rebels who will come under the headings of professional agitators / anarchists / domestic terrorists / dissidents / radicals / reactionaries / nihilists and revolutionaries - simply due their inherent uniqueness in resisting the Big Brother State controlling every aspect of their entire mortal existence – and the fact they can kick ass and have no need nor desire to go ‘Baaa’ and follow the rest of the media-mesmerised common herd.

Yep, the common herd – in a constant state of trance. Dead between the ears somnambulists – utterly comatose and wholly unaware of anything that’s going on in the greater scheme of things in the big, wide world. They are content and distracted, completely disconnected from the world that sustains them. They have no understanding of this and believe their state of disconnection is actually being connected – but to what exactly - the mass media - the goggle box football matches and celebrity crap on reality television?

Whereas in diametric contrast the control freak government classes those who are switched on as ‘Fringe Patriots’ and suffering from a psychological ailment known as Oppositional Defiance Disorder. This is an actual state of expanded conscious awareness which emanates from turning off the goggle box, avoiding gutter press propaganda – then opening one’s eyes – and ears – and surfing alternative news websites, asking awkward questions, thinking for oneself critically and hence disbelieving what the government and mainstream corporate-fascist controlled media tell you.
Alas a state of being now frowned upon by our fascist bureaucrats as an aberrant neurotic condition that requires the afflicted being sectioned under the pre-crime provisions of the newly-amended Mental Health Act and treating with veritable cocktail of full strength psychotic medications.

Conversely, Bev Titwank, director of the Ox-Rat civil liberties watchdog, lamented to one press hack from the Tyranny Gazette.
“Yeah, we’ve heard all this crap justifyin' further intrusions on our privacy before: ‘If you’ve done nothin’ wrong an’ have sod all ter hide then there’s nothin’ ter worry about’ – just like it worked fer Hitler, then Stalin an’ Mao -an’ that Pol Pot bloke – but let’s not lose sight of the effin’ fact that in a time of universal deceit, speakin’ out in the name of truth is a revolutionary act.”

“An’ remember that once this poxy bill is passed inter law then the Latin phrase ‘impunitas sempre ad deteriora invitat’ applies: impunity always leads ter greater crimes – an’ that ter my mind don’t do much ter increase trust in the effin’ government”.
“Fer Christ’s sake, the wholesale disruption of British society is on the agenda – but that’s wot the ‘powers that be’ want, isn’t it - the creation an’ maintenance of a dysfunctional society wot justifies them imposin’ martial law conditions.”

“Then yer gor this ‘Power of Unreason’ Demos report wot’s bin leaked an’ calls fer illegal agent provocateur style infiltration of the internet conspiracy websites wot claims the likes of 9/11 an’ 7/7 were inside jobs – an’ wot’s gonna be focused on disruptin’, marginalizin’ and neutralizin’ any sod the PTB brand as political dissidents wot dares expose the New World Order’s corruption an’ atrocities.”

“We’ve already got stop an’ search orders under Section 60 of the Criminal Justice Order Act of 1994 wot allow searches wivout reasonable suspicion. Then yer got the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 – wot’s known as RIPA – an’ the Police Reform & Social Responsibility Act 2011. Next yer have Section 19 of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act wot allows the Plods ter seize an item if they believe it contains evidence in relation ter any offence the bent twats conjure up. An’ let’s not ferget the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 – a joke in itself wot does no such thing.”

“So yer can bet yer bottom dollar that this Draft Communications Bill is gonna morph inter somethin’ real nasty wiv all sorts of implications if yer transgress any of these stupid regulations wot’s a result of our moronic ‘daren’t say Booo ter a goose’ political correctness culture – no doubt ter be enforced by some local authority PCSO or Renta-Moron wot’s bin given a licence ter snoop an’ snitch under this dystopian Community Safety Accreditation Scheme.”

“Then it’ll be like the Liverpool Care Pathway forced euthanasia scam – once it’s up an’ runnin’ it’s just a matter of time an’ the opportune moment ter start targetin’ any fucker an’ their dog wot chooses ter disagree with … whatever … gay marriages fer instance.”
“They yer can see which way that’s headin’ - like these bogus Khazar Ashkenazi Jews of convenience wiv their anti-Semitism brouhaha, and the Bell Curve Deficiency non-whites wiv the colour discrimination whinges – we’ll have the butt-fucking male gay community flauntin’ their aberrant, deviant sexuality ter the disgust of the straight community an’ gettin’ ostracised as pariahs – then make a prolific ‘victims’ industry out of anythin’ they – in their neurotic paranoid psychosis - pronounce as being homophobic.”

Thought for the day. Hmmm, quite an innocuous title: the Draft Communications Bill. However the jackboot’s first steps on the path to fascism are always tip-toe soft – a bit like the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996 that was amended by the Terrorist Hoax Improvements Act 2007.

Doubtless any data gleaned through the bill and entrusted to some government bureaucrat will be copied and leaked - accidentally or by design or via the snitch and grasser whistleblower route – or end up being found by skip scavvies on a CD discarded on some landfill site.

While Orwell’s 1984 provides both alarming and prophetic insights to what a Dystopian state might manifest as, perhaps it is time, and again prudent, to remind PM Posh Dave Scameron and his Libservative Coalition mate Mick Clogg that the revelatory text was a ‘warning’ aimed at the common people – and definitely not a blueprint and instruction manual – Totalitarianism for Dummies - for governments to impose on their own voting public.

Regardless, fuck the Draft Communications Bill – and double-fuck Big Brother – and his sister – and the New World Order.

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Dead on - this bill is scheduled for global implementation with Big Brother looking over our shoulders every time we spit, curse or fart.