Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Operation Yewtree Coverup to be Box Set

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Little wonder Amazon are the numero uno internet market leader – today advertising discount pre-orders for their all-new Hypocrisy series DVD box set – another stellar addition to the False Flag Attacks & Official Coverups library – a triple disc edition of the Met’s Operation Yewtree whitewash of the Jail Bait’ Jimmy Savile inquiry.

This comes with a holographic art case sleeve liner showing a dog cocking its leg up against an actual yew tree in Belgium’s Château des Amerois estate graveyard – a half acre of horrors filled with a legion of sprogs murdered by kiddie fiddling Masonic Satanists in their debauched Black Mass and Pink Ballet orgy rituals.

For all our conspiracy theory addicts the Operation Yewtree investigation’s manipulation of incriminating evidence and whitewash looks like being another Waterhouse ‘Bryn Estyn’ fiasco stellar piece of work from Secret Handshake Productions to add to your box set ‘Official Denials and D Notice’ Masonic Craft collection.

There it can take pride and place alongside such notorious coverups as Lord Cullen’s Dunblane massacre inquiry, with a 100 year gagging order slapped on it to conceal the fact Thomas Hamilton was the Caledonian Masonic Brotherhood’s chief paedo pimp – and complement the ‘more scent than substance’ Aberdeen Nonce Ring inquiry into the scandalous Hollie Greig sexual abuse and serial rape of special needs and disabled children by elitist Masonic members of the pederast-ridden Grampian judiciary and Men in Skirts ‘pillars of Scottish society’ – plus a total dearth of details regarding the police investigation that never was.

Frank Madeupname, director of Secret Handshake Productions and rumoured to be a 33rd degree Mason himself, puts their product line’s success down to the appeal of government conspiracies on the brain-dead common herd who can’t seem to grasp the fact that whichever political party they vote for they’ll always end up getting shafted – and if their children are little blonde-hair, blue-eyed kidnappable cuties – then so will they – right up the back passage – before ending up on the blood sacrifice altar of Baphomet like so many other missing children before them.

“Okay, our first recorded false flag job was the Guy Fawkes Gunpowder Plot in 1605 – which is where MI5 got the idea for the 7/7 London tube train bombings in 2005 – but to my mind this string of modern conspiracy theory / official coverups started off with the Metropolitan Plod Squad’s Masonic Brotherhood and the Jack the Ripper whore-snuffing agenda back in 1888 - with the Shitechapel murders investigation entrusted by a certain ranking Freemason of the Quatuor Coronati Lodge #2076, Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Sir Charles Warren - to fellow Mason Chief Inspector Donald Swanson of Scotland Yard to ensure a coverup of the fact the guilty party was none other than their Masonic Craft Brother, Royal Surgeon and Physician Sir William Gull.”

“Old Dr Gull was going at it flat out, like a lizard drinking, diligently eliminating a scandalous trail of bisexual carnal lust and debauchery involving one of Queen Victoria’s horny brood – grandson Prince Eddy, the syphilitic Duke of Clarence, and ensuring his bastard offspring sired through a bunch of lowlife whores never staked a claim to the British throne.”

“I suppose that here many can quite logically draw a parallel to Princess Di’s 1997 murder ordered by His Royal Rudeness Prince Stavros of Edinburgh, to ensure she too didn’t start cluttering the place up with a bunch of bastard sprogs, fathered by some Egyptian Muslim costermonger’s son that might challenge the ginger-mingin royal cuckoo, Prince Harry Hewitt’s claim to the throne should Wills crash his RAF chopper into the side of some Welsh mountainside – or Katie Middleclass shags the lucky sod into an early grave.”

“Then we have the best-selling twin disc edition of the Dr David Kelly murder / assisted suicide inquiry(inquest conspicuously denied) headed by Tony Bliar’s ‘One-Coat Covers All’ whitewash chief, Lord Brian Hutton – available as a ‘buy two-get one free’ box set offer if customers include the best-selling ‘9/11 – the Muslims Did It’ inquiry that only ever interviewed a bunch of sworn anti-Islamic red neck xenophobes and serial liars, and ignored any and all hard evidence concerning Israeli hi-fiving Mossad agents posing as art students and removals men and using a directed energy EMP beam weapon to achieve the molecular dissociation atomising of the WTC Twin Towers into a nano-particle mess of fuming dustification.”

“You can get all those plus Lady Justice Heather Hallett’s 7/7 false flag London tube terrorist bombing inquiry coverup – which includes a provocative personal interview with Visor Consultants terrorist drill leader Mohammed al Patsy and his gang of incompetent stooges, recorded via a News Corporation hacked cellphone conversation after they missed their trains and just prior to them heading off for Canary Wharf to turn whistle-blowers – where they got double-tapped by the security forces to really guarantee their silence.”

“Another of our hot sellers is the 2002 Bali Sari Club micro-nuke false flag bombing job by dipshit CIA and Mossad agents to drag the Aussies into Afghanistan and the scheduled 2003 illegal invasion of Iraq – along with the Sir John Chilcot inquiry coverup box set into the illegal Iraq War – with close-ups of Tony Bliar coming out with a new outlandish porkie every time his lips move – and that dog wanker ‘Thick of It’ Malcolm Tucker clone – Alastair ‘Fuck You’ Campbell and his dodgy ‘weapons of mass distraction’ dossier – another war crime they both walked away from thanks to their Masonic Brotherhood connections.”

“We’ll have copies of the Great Satan’s latest false flag conspiracy available for shipping next week, starring Malala Yousufzai, the Pakistani girl who ‘was not’ shot in the head by Taliban religious extremists due her advocating education for girls and equal rights for women.”

“That was a one-off snuff job by agent provocateurs on the Third World shithole’s Inter-Services Intelligence payroll and tasked by the agency’s fat old tosser of a DG, Lieutenant-General Zaheer Islam (Master Mason - Kothi Jadugar Lodge, Lahore) with the black propaganda hit aimed to smear the Taliban’s credibility (que?) and make them out to appear even nastier than they really are.”

So pre-order your box set copy of the Met’s Operation Yewtree inquiry - with full details of Scotland Yard’s in-house Masonic Plod Squad’s suppression of evidence incriminating Tory cabinet ministers guilty of kiddie fiddling crimes – and get a free ‘What the Butler Saw’ DVD copy of Westminster’s 2011 elite Vermin in Ermine Felcher’s Club annual dinner – where Lord Peter Scandalson's bent over a leather Chesterfield with a large funnel shoved in his shitter as a selection of hapless hamsters and gerbils are dipped in KY Jelly and ‘coaxed’ through the ‘Stargate’ to venture down the wormhole of Hell.

Thought for the day. The Château des Amerois - Mother of Darkness Castle - is a dungeon-complete mock Gothic edifice in Bouillon, Belgium - built in 1877 for Prince Philipp of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, a great-uncle of Broken Britain’s good Queen Liz and by association of her royal plant whispering eldest son and heir-apparent , the big-eared Dobby – aka Prince Chazzer of Wales.

The castle is known in conspiracy theory circles as a pilgrimage shrine for the Masonic Brotherhood’s Satanist and paedophile aficionados - Bilderberger’s and Bohemian Grove ZioNazi neo-con sodomites - where they conduct their venal Viagra-fuelled Bum-a-Boy BD/SM sex orgies, known by the enigmatic cipher of ‘Pink Ballets’.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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Quinn said...

No shit, what a wicked imagination Rusty has - but what a perfect way to satirise the establishment's sins.

Gilly said...

Like it - had a great laugh n forwarded the url around my whole e-mail address book.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Masonic paedo's - keeping schtum for Tory scum!

Angus said...

Tories, or Labour or the Lib-Dums. They all assume the high moral ground but too many of their number then lie and steal and get tempted into deviant sex games and fall foul of blackmailers - normally working for MI5.
Parliament and the Lords are full of scumbags - and our Holyrood too.

The Mighty Flynn said...

Well, what do we expect when we allow political ponces to run for government office.
Governments are controlled by profit-motivated corporate interests and banks - who in turn own the media.
Oh yes, the media: conprised of 1,500 newspapers, 1100 magazines, 9,000 radio stations, 1,500 TV stations and 2,400 publishers in the Western sphere of influence - owned and controlled by three corporations - all of whose principals are Masonic Brotherhood, pro-ZioNazi Bilderbergers and Bohemian Grove kiddie fiddling sodomites and eugenics proponents.

Gromet the Growler said...

Tory party credibility, along with Labour and the Lib-Dems - and the entire BBC and news media lie in tatters - along with the reputation of the Freemason Brotherhood.
Enough of secret societies, secret family courts, D-Notices, gagging orders, the fascist bully-boy EU and Brussels - and stupid fucking political correctness.

MacDuff of Stobehaven said...

Aye, while we don’t lose sight of the Bryn Estyn and Bryn Alyn – and 44 other Welsh child care homes fingered for sexual abuses - nor Thomas Hamilton of Dunblane massacre notoriety, acting as a Boy Scout master paedo pimp for his elitist Freemason pals - nor the vile Hollie Greig serial rape and sexual abuse of special needs children by an Aberdeen-based pederast ring whose members have avoided investigation and prosecution for their crimes through their Masonic Brotherhood connections – let us also cast a scrutinising eye to the allegations of sexual abuse now being exposed that have taken place at the Coble Haugh Childrens Home at Port Elphinstone in the Royal Burgh of Inverurie, which lies in the Aberdeenshire East constituency of none other than Scotland’s First Minister Alex ‘Three Chins’ Salmond.

The Coble Haugh Children’s Unit is alleged to be yet another of Common Thread’s Caledonian kiddie fiddling brothels catering to the deviant sexual perversions of bonny Scotland’s Masonic Brotherhood.

Icke-conoclast said...

Add this bunch of Tories to the list of fudgers and paedo's already mentioned:

Tory MPs:

Sir Stephen McAdden (Southend East)
Richard Body (Holland with Boston)
Sir Ronald Russell (Wembley South)
George Gardiner (Reigate)
William Craig (Belfast East)
Gerald Howarth (Aldershot)
Evelyn King (South Dorset)
John Carlisle (Luton North)
Rhodes Boyson ((Brent North)
Archibald Hamilton (Epsom and Ewell)
Tim Janman (Thurrock)
Peter Bottomley (Worthing West)
Colin Campbell Mitchell (West Aberdeenshire)
Bernard Braine (Castle Point)
James Molyneaux (Lagan Valley)
John Taylor (Strangford)
Neil Hamilton (Tatton)
Robert Taylor (Croydon North West)
Nicholas Winterton (Macclesfield)
Geoffrey Stewart-Smith (Belper)
Patrick Cormack (Cannock)
Anthony Fell (Great Yarmouth)
Robert Boscawen (Wells)
Harold Soref (Ormskirk)
William Benyon (Buckingham)
Roger White (Gravesend)
Peter Rost (South East Derbyshire)
Norman Tebbit (Epping)
Piers Dixon (Truro)
David James (North Dorset)
John Heydon Stokes Oldbury and Halesowen)
Geoffrey Rippon (Hexham)
Julian Amery (Brighton Pavilion)
Ronald Bell QC (South Buckinghamshire)
Harold Gurden (Selly Oak)
Teddy Taylor (Glasgow Cathcart)
John Peyton (Yeovil)
Paul Williams (Sunderland South)
Duncan Sandys (Streatham)
Joseph Hiley (Pudsey)
John Biggs-Davison (Chigwell)
Stephen Hastings (Mid Bedfordshire)
Victor Goodhew (St Albans)
Wilfred Baker (Banffshire)
Jasper More (Ludlow)
Patrick Wall (Haltemprice)
Mark Woodnutt (Isle of Wight)
Sir Jerry Wiggin (Weston-super-Mare

Generalised Tory pondscum:

George Murray, 10th Duke of Atholl
Derek Laud
Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, 5th Marquess of Salisbury
Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, 6th Marquess of Salisbury
Dermot Chichester, 7th Marquess of Donegall
Patrick Maitland, 17th Earl of Lauderdale
Victor Montagu, 10th Earl of Sandwich
Charles Carnegie, 11th Earl of Southesk
John Wodehouse, 4th Earl of Kimberley
George Jellicoe, 2nd Earl Jellicoe
John Whyte-Melville-Skeffington, 13th Viscount Massereene
John Skeffington, 14th Viscount Massereene
Alan Lennox-Boyd, 1st Viscount Boyd of Merton
Merlin Hanbury-Tracy, 7th Baron Sudeley
Jonathan Guinness, 3rd Baron Moyne
Wavell Wakefield, 1st Baron Wakefield of Kendal
General Sir Walter Walker
Sir Adrian FitzGerald
Sir Horace Cutler
Sir James Goldsmith
Sir Victor Raikes,
Commander Anthony Courtney

Anonymous said...

Ha - reading the national Sex Offenders register is just the same as reading a copy of A & C Black's 'Who's Who'.

Julian said...

Rusty's spot on with his reference to the Met's symbolically-titled Operation Yewtree having very sinister Masonic undertones.
So another coverup on the way - politicians long dead fingered and slandered - but the living scum will escape mention.
Same as the Hollie Greig serial rape and sexual abuse of disabled and special needs kids in Aberdeen by a paedo ring of ranking Masons in the judiciary, social services - and the police - hence a whitewash / coverup / no action bullshit situation with the not fit for purpose plods in Grampian - and those who are stricken with moral indignation and do want to pursue such are either transferred or informed its a suicidal career move - and perhaps an assissted suicidal move - as per Hollie's Uncle Roy suffered at their hands.