Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Soft Touch UK Shelters Muslim Hatemonger

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In yet another pathetic case of a shambolic political asylum clusterfuck, Muslim cleric Ras al Shitbag (real name Mohammed al Ka-Boom) has been freed on bail after the not-fit-for-purpose Special Immigration Appeals Commission Chairman, Mr Justice Armitage-Shanks, adopted a craven, ultra-liberal viewpoint and ruled he might not get a fair trial if deported back to his home country of Jordan to face criminal charges relating to acts of terrorism.

The career hate-monger, who was born in the same place as Jesus (Bethlehem in 'Palestine') but grew up in Jordan, turned up on Broken Britain’s doorstep crying out for sanctuary back in 1993, along with his benefits-scrounging missus and five snotty-nosed sprogs in tow – all travelling on forged United Arab Emirates passports and pleading for political asylum on grounds of religious persecution.

However, due his lack of common sense it transpired the sole purpose of seeking asylum in the UK was to incite both race and secular hatred and violence against the host country that afforded the compassion to provide refuge from persecution - as Mr al Shitbag simply hates our democratic freedoms and Christian mores (but has no problem sponging off the UK’s taxpayer-funded social welfare benefits system).

Obviously not the sharpest pebble on the beach to publicly work against the stability, security and continued well-being of his asylum host, Ras al Shitbag was assessed as being guilty of importing and preaching a violent militant theology that has been totally alien to our Anglo-Saxon culture since we called a halt to tossing captured Viking invaders into the wolf pit, burning witches at the stake, along with tar and feathering - and emasculating - paedophile priests and celebrity DJs – although the latter might well be re-introduced depending on the outcome of the Met’s Operation Yewtree and affiliated Bryn Estyn care home investigations.

To wit, for his indiscretions al Shitbag has spent most of the last 10 years in custody, and was only released from Long Fartin Prison due the moronic SIAC court approving his appeal against deportation after deciding witness evidence obtained by torture might be used at trial in Jordan – another Arab despot-ruled cesspit, who alike their ZioNazi neighbours in Israel, are not exactly renowned for their human rights and wrongs record.

After initially barring the UK government from deporting Ras al Shitbag to Jordan, in May 2012 the European Court of Human Rights finally got their proverbial finger out and ruled that he could be deported on the basis of assurances from Jordan that they’d be nice and not trample on his testicles to force a confession and have him name his Jolly Jihad and Shaheed Semtex Brigade terrorist accomplices.

Arriving back home in Bomb Chucker Hamlets, north-west London, around lunchtime yesterday, a small group of protesters brandishing ‘Get rid of Ras al Shitbag’ placards gathered outside his council benefit-funded five bedroom house on Scumbag Terraces and chanted "Fuck off yer grungy Arab cunt" – to which they copped for the evil eye and a Devil’s horns hand sign.

BNP spokesman Ron Scrote opined to one gutter press hack from the Xenophobes Gazette red top tabloid that “It does me effin’ head in that these do-gooder liberals wonder why Islamophobia is rife when we have cunts like this Ras al Shitbag character callin’ for the downfall of Western civilisation – such as it is.”

“The twat’s a Jordanian – so deport him back ter where he’s wanted on criminal charges – or if it’s considered he’s a threat ter national security then put him on trial here for some fuckin’ thing or the other. And if there’s no prosecutable evidence that’ll pass the CPS’s Full Code Test then how about the Home Office slappin’ the prick wiv a Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures control order for continued detention – or havin’ the Met arrest him again on one of their Big Brother pre-crime charges– cos that legally-questionable angle seems ter work well enough against British subjects wot might just shout somethin’ nasty at a royal weddin’.”

“Really, why the fuck are we bothered if the Jordanian security forces want ter waterboard the scumbag or give him an Abu Ghraib manicure wiv a pair of pliers – or a colonic irrigation enema treat wiv a fire hose ter get him ter grass up his Saracen Scally Gang mates.”

“It’s all a crock of shite, this human rights an' wrongs bunkum an' political correctness as we don’t seem ter have any problem wiv our gunboat diplomacy an’ aggressive foreign military adventurism in Afghanistan an’ Iraq an’ Libya – an’ now wiv this proxy war in Syria – an’ the up-comin’ one in Iran - so why bother or give a flying fuck about deportin’ him back ter Jordan.”

“Hey, no problem, if they don’t like our green and pleasant land (bad weather, taxes, fuel prices) cos they can piss off back ter the Third World dump they hailed from. So fuck this ‘ambiguities in the Jordanian criminal code’ excuse an’ all the ‘amendments required before the courts will grant the deportation order’ bullshit - just shove the ungrateful scabby twat on a plane an’ dispatch him back ter his Mid-East shithole of origin – along wiv his team of bleedin’ heart lawyers. Let the cunt go an’ preach his malice an’ venom elsewhere.”

Thought for the day: Hmmm, hate-mongering manky Muslim clerics can get away with ulterior motive persecution pleas to avoid deportation but the same doesn’t work for the whistle-blowing WickedLeaks founder Julian Blancmange to avoid extradition to Sweden – from where he’ll end up on an extraordinary rendition flight to the Great Satan. Hypocrisy and double-standards rule again.

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