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Syrian Rebels get Tory Blessing

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Broken Britain’s Foreign Secretary Willy Vague, quoting a fax received from his Rothshite crime syndicate bosses in Jerusalem, informed a press hack from the Warmongers Gazette that Syrian rebel groups might well form a credible, socio-political alternative to the incumbent regime of President Basher Assad – ‘if’ the UK’s Libservative Coalition pushed for the lifting of an EUSSR arms embargo so they could legally supply the squabbling opposition factions with the military technology and firepower required to shoot down helicopter gunships, gain a strategic advantage over the government troops – and slaughter even more ‘collateral damage’ civilians – a sectarian ethnic cleansing act which, then as now, could always be blamed on Assad’s forces.

Prior to a meeting with the rag-arsed rival leaders of the Syrian rebel groups in London last Friday, FS Vague said the UK wanted to officially recognise them as the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces – after months of bitter division now ‘more or less’ united as the de facto legitimate voice of the people – even if the Syrian people themselves didn’t know who the fuck they were.

Vague intends to meet with the NCSROF leaders, headed by President Liwat Manuke Khara and Vice-Presidents Ghaban Neekni Sahrawi and Riad ibn Himar at the Foreign Office in London once they’ve recovered from their previous night’s tour of Soho’s casinos, night clubs, Happy Ending rub n tug massage parlours and east London's Koshka Bratva-run Catamite Delight kiddie sex brothels.

Hmmm, nice one Willy, go ahead, without a single representative from the incumbent Assad government present – and create a socio-political vacuum that will end alike Iraq, with the Balkanisation of the entire country, and an outbreak of Sunni and Shi’ite sectarian strife and killings the order of the day – up to the last man standing - with Turkey making a post-Ottoman land grab for a few choice bits of territory along her southern borders when no fucker’s watching.

Hmmm, order into chaos, a la Libya – here we go again. But as the Joker would say “It’s all part of the plan” – the ZioNazi plan – the Protocols of the Greedy Bastard Elders of Zion agenda. Israeli military hegemony maintained in the Mid-East region. Syria neutered, then Hezbollah via the crushing of Lebanon – then onto the prize – the Islamic Republic of Iran – and this is what the British government has been tasked with yet again – forwarding these geo-political aims for the Rothshite crime syndicate.

Likewise, with the clinically insane PM Bobo Nuttyahoo adopting the concept of the Unitary Executive Theory as a practical policy of government for the rogue regime, then the hallowed principles of the separation of powers, beginning with Church and State - as defined by Montesquieu’s checks and balances credo - executive, legislative, and judiciary - are therefore consigned to the trash can – along with the Geneva Conventions and International Law.

As Tory leader Posh Dave Scameron once informed the Conservative Friends of Israel Club annual luncheon in London (circa 2007) he is an unabashed pro-Zionist – and like his pal Willy Vague an ardent ‘Israel First’ advocate and wholly supports the delinquent ZioNazi state’s right to defend itself – a view which apparently serves to justify the construction of the racist 'separation fences' around the occupied West Bank and besieged Gaza Strip enclave. (Fences - Que? WTF? - 30-foot high Great Apartheid Walls, equipped with sentry towers and manned by the IDF’s homicidal maniacs?)

Scameron claimed then that support of the terrorist state of Israel was in the DNA of Tory Party members – a piece of sycophantic waffle that comes across as a totally moronic statement as Semite DNA is conspicuously lacking from the genes of the Khazar-Ashkenazi Jews of convenience of Israeli PM Bobo Nuttyahoo’s mongrel Euro-Caucasian ilk.

Hmmm, what a pity Posh Dave and Vague are not ‘Britain First’ advocates – or even a pair of fine weather proponents of ‘International Law First’ and simply accept the stark truth that’s sore thumb obvious to the rest of the known Universe – Israel is a mad dog, out-of-control rogue state for whom the niceties of polite society and the rule of law do not apply – especially so now where the downfall of Assad’s Syrian regime is so far behind schedule - (thanks to the stubborn attitude adopted by the Russians and Chinese) – and by connection, the military invasion of Iran and kick starting World War Three.

Though for the day. We’re sick to the back teeth of this ‘holier-than-thou’ scripted morality postured by successive pondscum governments whose foreign policy is set by the Shylock banksters in the City of London and Jerusalem.
Vague and Scameron need to turn their ‘humanitarian attentions’ away from Syria and towards the war crimes travesty taking place in the besieged Gaza Strip right now – and do the right thing - demand an emergency UN Security Council meeting to censure the latest escalation of violence and the Israeli Defence Force’s ‘Hitlerian Nazi’ style Blitzkrieg military offensive – (aptly code named Operation Kill Every Fucker) - bent on the extermination of the Palestinian people.

Such a factor is especially critical now the clinically-insane Bobo Nuttyahoo and the equally nutty Knesset are calling for the application of their psychopathic ‘Dahiya Doctrine’ – in which the IDF are tasked with killing every fucker old enough to scream and bleed – and sanctioned by their leaders to bomb and shell the hapless 1,657,155 Palestinian ‘prisoner / victim’ population to extinction and drive them out of Gaza and into Egypt.
Well, they’ve already got them imprisoned – with their 30-odd foot high racist Great Apartheid Wall round the entire land side of the star-crossed Strip – and the Mediterranean on the other – nowhere to go but swim – or die for the marginalised bit of Palestine now left to them due 64 usurping years of Zionist encroachment and land thefts.

Now here’s a point for human rights and wrongs watchers to consider. Under the statutes of the Geneva Convention there is no such thing as proportionate force against civilians, only indiscriminate and disproportionate force, as now used by the Big Bully Israeli military against the civilian population of the Gaza Strip enclave – (besieged in the biggest Nazi style concentration camp on the planet) – and pre-determined in intensity and scope to destroy civilian infrastructure – water, food, electricity, fuel, transport links, communications and cause suffering - amount to war crimes.

With regard to what the Western Zionist lackey media are terming ‘non-combatant collateral damage’ – hundreds of Palestinian civilians have been slaughtered, crippled, maimed or injured since Achmed Jamjari, Hamas's military commander, was murdered last Wednesday in another of the IDF / Shin Beth’s extra-judicial assassination plots – and to make matters worse the war mongering Israel military chiefs have now put 75,000 reservists on stand-by ready to take part in the planned Operation Fish in a Barrel genocidal massacre / ground invasion of the Gaza Strip enclave.

So let’s roll out Nuremberg II to judge the crimes inflicted on the Palestinians during the Shoah – their Holocaust – they have repeatedly suffered since their country was stolen by this gang of shifty shylock kikester terrorists in 1948.

One is tempted to scry the 20/20 hindsight crystal ball and hypothesise what history will make of the likes of these Ashkenazi Jews of convenience who, in a ‘terrorist’ campaign, usurped and stole Palestine from its rightful inhabitants – the Palestinians, in fact – back in 1948 – and now push their ‘current’ Mid-East military hegemony to the limits of expansion to further the forged Protocols of the Greedy Bastard Elders of Zion agenda, using their lapdog warmongering proxy, the good ole US of A, to back up their bully boy stance.

So, we speculate, how will the jurists of the next generation assess the ultra-Zionist leadership of the rogue apartheid state of Israel of today – (before it is devoured in nuclear fire) - these racist scumbags of the ilk of PM Bobo Nuttyahoo and FS Avigdor Lieberman – both rabid, mad dog psychopaths who wish to visit a campaign of Nazi genocide on their Palestinian victims – yet cry ‘anti-Semitism’ and ‘Holohoax denial’ every time some Gentile (the Goyim) dares censure or criticise their human rights and wrongs record.

Perhaps in similar fashion to Tamerlain, Atilla, Ghengis Khan, Caligula, Torquemada, Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Franco, Mao and Pol Pot – control freak madmen, bent on conquest and expansionism - loosed on a hapless world.
Bobo Nuttyahoo’s mother doted on him – just like Stalin’s mum Keke – while friends and associates alike considered him a ‘right vicious little cunt’ – much the same as the world now regards Bobo.

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Well, the so-called united Syrian opposition is already a joke as hard liners on the ground have rejected the Western-backed move and want to establish a fundamentalist Islamic state.