Thursday, 22 November 2012

Karzai Ready for Green-on-Blue Face-Off

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The good ole US of A’s ingrate Afghan muppet President - ‘Horrid Hamid’ Karzai - he with the yak’s scrotum headgear - went public earlier this week, voicing dangerous criticisms of his Zionist masters in Washington for their violations of a Memorandum of Understanding judicial agreement and illegally holding a legion of Afghan scallies prisoner against the orders of the Kabul government and law courts.

Liwat ibn Zamel, spokesman for Karzai’s incumbent Kleptocracy Party administration, informed a press hack from the Warmongers Gazette that US troops were detaining 70-odd adult males who were rumoured to have relatives that might be members of the Taliban muhijadeen – and the release of 57 has been mandated by the Afghan courts following their acquittals.
However the US forces, acting on orders from ISAF’s General John-Boy Allen, have still refused to release any of their number, citing them as a danger to the continued security of Western civilisation.

The memorandum ‘Scally Swap’ agreement, signed last March, directed US forces to transfer the suspected Taliban sympathisers to actual Afghan custody within six months – a dodgy deal Uncle Sam has not upheld and refuses to comply with – prompting the pathetic Karzai to order his NATO-trained troops to seize control of the Parwan detention camp, (aka the Bagram Theater Internment Facility) where prisoners - many of whom were incarcerated in a recent round-up of likely scumbags - are held in the top security ‘water sports’ section.

The two countries had signed a fatally-flawed detainee transfer pact last March, giving the Yanks six months to hand over control of all detention facilities and prisoners to the Afghan military in preparation for the scheduled Operation Cut n Run withdrawal by the Great Satan’s 21st Cannon Fodder Regiment and the 18th Body Bag Brigade in 2014.
Although the official handover occurred in September, US officials, in a display of their customary duplicity, have refused to turn over several hundred prisoners they claim are too dangerous to release as they’ll start blabbing to Amnesty International and WickedLeaks about being tortured and abuse of their human rights by American sadists at the Parwan prison.

Mr ibn Zamel claims hundreds of new prisoners are being held incommunicado at Parwan and ISAF military night raids have been snatching in excess of 100 additional hapless Afghans per month.
To justify their breach of the memorandum agreement, US military officials argue that the Kabul government and their not-fit-for-purpose military are still unprepared to take control of the Parwan facility and are insisting that detainees considered too dangerous to be freed continue to be held under ‘administrative detention’ until Hell freezes over – a demand too far in Karzai’s eyes, as unlike in the good ole US of A under the basket case Patriot Act, imprisonment without trial is against Afghan law.

Speaking on Kabul TV’s ever-popular primetime ‘Spot the Stooge’ programme, Karzai declared for anyone interested in listening to his bluster and waffle that “If this infidel dog General Allen does not order his GI soldiers to hand over our citizens who have been found not guilty of terrorist crimes by the Afghan courts - and have been handed down community service order sentences for not paying their cave and hovel taxes - then I will give the Great Satan’s heathen rascals a ‘green-on-blue’ headache that they will not like if they refuse to release our prisoners immediately – if not sooner.”

Thought for the day. 2014’s coming up on us fast – and 11 years gone already, with the US / NATO / ISAF still no further along in their campaign to defeat the Taliban – a bunch of goat herders living in caves that beat the Soviets to a hands-down stalemate – and will do the same with this vile Zionist New World Order. That’s how things work – and have for millennium’s past - in the Graveyard of Empires.

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Karzai's gonna go the same way as Najibullah when the Yanks pull out and the Taliban seize power again.